New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Unions consider taking government to court over giving farmers a health and safety “get out of jail free” card


Michael Woodhouse’s bill is a dog, and not fit for purpose.

It beggars belief that National is even bringing in this woeful piece of nanny-statism but they are. What is worse though, is Labour and now the unions are fighting hard on this but from different angles.

Labour won’t vote for it because it doesn’t go far enough, and so risk not putting in place the one piece of legislation that might actually improve worker safety. Their hypocrisy is there for all to see.

The unions, however, are far more consistent….they want the law passed, but they want it extended to every business and are prepared to go to court to enforce it.

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions will consider seeking a judicial review of the exclusion of farming from health safety reforms currently going through Parliament, president Helen Kelly says.

The Government changed a bill reforming health and safety law after it was introduced following intense lobbying from the farming sector.    Read more »

CTU loses one of its cash cows

For a long time the CTU and also Business NZ have been tucking the taxpayer for millions via a rort with ACC.

All of that has come to an end however with the government deciding that the millions poured into their coffers isn’t worth it.

Naturally the CTU is crying a river of tears.

As the government attempts to water down core provisions in its new health and safety law, funding to support high risk industry health and safety representative is also about to end.

The CTU has today announced that its Health and Safety Representative Training programme, supported by ACC since 2003, will be ending in its current form this November.

Business New Zealand and private provider Impac Services are also affected by ACC’s decision.

ACC has supported this training since 2003, and over 33,000 Health and Safety Reps have been upskilled by the CTU in this period.   Read more »

Doctor Unions Ramp Up Anti-Govt Rhetoric

You can tell the election is nearing and the left is in trouble when Annette King and her cheerleader Ian Powell of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (their union in plain language) team up on RNZ to pour out co-ordinated criticisms with ridiculous claims of ponzi schemes, another novopay and “ crisis”.

Unions horror of a third term for the Nats has seen the Executive of the Association of Senior Drs (ASMS) under Mr Powell totally abandon any pretence of political independence or impartiality, and insert themselves into the CTU/PSA/ Labour/Green attack machine.

But I don’t think their busy hardworking membership of Senior Doctors quite know this.

Last year, the politically impartial ASMS Union executive leadership hired Lyndon Keene as its researcher. Yes, that’s Lyndon Keene, formerly Annette King’s Press Secretary   Read more »

You can have a tea break when you’ve earned it

What’s the most important issue for the NZEI?

Ensuring kids can get decent teachers and a good education?


The most important thing for them is making sure dud teachers get a tea-break.

NZEI-twitter Read more »

What has The NZ Herald got planned for opposing Charter Schools?

If the senior reporters at the NZ Herald are going to spend a month running hatchet jobs on rest homes then I shudder to imagine what sort of things they are planning to do to perform a hatchet job on the 5 organisations who are starting the first Charter Schools.

I imagine they are speaking extensively with the NZEI, PPTA and the Labour party about how they can create a month worth of “the most shocking stories” they have.

Anytime we see this type of campaigning from the Herald we will now know that the stories are manufactured in collusion with unions, Labour and the Greens.

The NZ Herald is compromised, political and biased…at least we now know what they are up to.

Unions besides themselves over Simon Bridges

Today starts the long convoluted select committee process over Simon Bridges’ Employment Relations Amendment Bill. The unions hate it with a passion and believe that the sky’s about to fall in and it’s some cunning plot to have the rich elite take over the world – all thanks to the Nats.

Chairing the Committee is Hamilton East MP David Bennett. This is his big chance to show he’s not afraid of the unions, and to not allow committee proceedings to be captured by whinging corrupt unions like the EPMU and SFWU.

In fact, this gives him and the other Nat MPs Mike Sabin, Chris Auchinvole, Cam Calder and Simon O’Connor a good opportunity to ask questions to the unions about how they’re ripping off their members.

Along with the EPMU and SFWU it is likely they will be prsented with a submission from The Maritime Union’s Gary Parlsoe who has also flown in to have a massive whinge about facilitation, seems he was happy to tell the Koru lounge this morning in a rather loud voice that he isn’t happy with the facilitator. He also spoke briefly with a EPMU bloke who he roundly criticised to his mates after her left, things could get tense between the unions at the select committee.  Read more »

What a delightful bunch

What steps are teachers taking to improve their methods to get better results for kids?

What are they doing to help the 20% of kids failing under our much vaunted “world class” education system?

What are they doing to to help failing Maori/Pasifika students eft behind by our “world class” education system?

Well, they are attending the CTU women’s conference of course. And they’re very proud of themselves.  Read more »

Speaking of cronies and nepotism

Annette King is currently calling in all her mates.

The ASMS (The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists) is in industrial negotiations; its Spokesman is Executive Director Ian Powell.

In recent times, any skim of the ASMS website reveals it has now become unashamedly pro Labour/Green, and critical of Government. It uses much of Labours favourite language; like King’s claims of “bullying”, and “brain fade”.

Labour’s link became more public last September when the ASMS reported two new appointments to their small National Office.

Mr Steve Hurring, former Labour Minister Benson-Pope’s Political Advisor, and ex-vice President of the Labour Party, husband of Helen Kelly.  Read more »

Have the Unions and Labour Party broken the Party Donation laws?

Have the Unions and Labour Party broken the Party Donation laws?  –Observation by the Owl

Current Labour Campaigns (from NZ Labour website)

  1. Stop the great NZ Sell OFF
  2. Labour champions Living Wage (Press Release 14/2/2013)
  3. Manufacturing Enquiry

Current CTU and Union campaigns (from NZCTU website)

  1. Keep our Assets
  2. Living Wage
  3. Manufacturing Crisis

Here is the rule regarding Party Donations (From Electoral Commission website)  Read more »

Why filing accounts are important – EPMU comes clean, but where did the $6.6M go?

A post by the Owl

Background – for all readers of the Owl know that I am 100% behind members of Unions and my bone of contention always started when Gary Parsloe and Helen Kelly asked me as a taxpayer and ratepayer to support them against the POAL.

I have written that “okay if you want my support I would find out a bit about you” I very innocently looked up MUNZ’s and NZCTU’s information on the incorporated societies website only to find it was either missing, incorrect and members where getting short-changed.

NZCTU has 30 plus affiliated unions and a number of them have just not complied with the law of the land. Once again I question the governance at the top of the NZCTU.

Now after a year the EPMU have ,under instructions from the Registrar, finally filed their full accounts from 2005 and as expected their previous “cut and paste” and “excel accounts” never showed the true story to the public.

Remember this was the same time that Andrew Little was their National Secretary, he remained the head of the union until 2011 as well as maintaining his role as Labour party president from 2009.

Observation from the Owl

One of the big debate from their “cut and paste” set of accounts was a loss on the balance sheet of $6M. We can now reveal why. Please remember a number of CA’s have also blogged on WOBH about their inability to make sense of the original accounts filed.

The NZEBA Limited issued shares of $6.6M to the EPMU then the EPMU wrote off the value of the shares.

Questions the Owl would be asking if I was a member.

  1. Had the NZEBA Limited accrued $6M of losses and then shares issued to cover the debt?
  2. Why issue 6M shares only to write off the value?
  3. How can a simple business of being a “bargaining agent” end up costing $6M?
  4. Why wasn’t the full set of accounts filed correctly with the Registrar from day one especially when the EMPU had full audited accounts in their offices?
  5. Who was running NZEBA Limited?
  6. What was the outcome of the 2005 tax audit?
  7. Why was $1.0M of software investment written off?

As always – all information is freely available in the public domain (in this case a few years late).

The Owl’s assistant also asks:

Why does a Union Subsidise side businesses whose results are hidden from members other than via the consolidated figures.

If I was a member I would want to know about each subsidiary especially ones where $6,000,000 goes. But in the EPMU caser there are four entities in the consolidated result with no separate accounting for each one.

The mixing of entity types does not work well.

In this case we have an incorporated society owning two companies and charitable trust and Journalists Prize fund (normal trust I think).

The point is that it a structure where money could be sucked out of an entity to associated parties without any accountability. This was the prime accounting failure in finance company collapses and how can anyone know it is happening here.