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Remember when we used to burn Guys on Guy Fawkes?


5th November Guy Fawkes night New Zealand 2016 Fire pit at the beach

This Guy Fawkes our children dug out a fire pit, collected driftwood and built a fire. They purchased giant marshmallows to toast on sticks and we enjoyed watching other families set off fireworks on the beach as we ate them.

I told them stories about the days before political correctness. Of the giant bonfires and of Guy competitions. I told them about putting your guy in a wheelbarrow to wheel around the neighborhood to show others. I told them about putting fireworks in the guy’s pockets so they would go off when he was placed on the bonfire with the others.

I remember?a very happy afternoon spent ?making my guy. Stuffing his clothes with newspaper. Using my Mum’s old stockings to make his legs and arms.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

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New Zealand must not imitate Canada’s assimilation methods


Obama as a Borg and Resistance Is Futile

It is very important that immigrants assimilate into their new country’s culture. The Borg from the T.V show Star Trek, are seen as evil because they assimilate by force and because assimilation is total. There is no remnant of the original culture left by the time they have finished and they can no longer think for themselves as they have a hive mind. Their catch cry is ” Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.” ?

In Canada, Trudeau’s Liberals are hard at work ensuring that assimilation occurs. They ?have been very successful in their attempts to ensure assimilation between Syrian refugee children and Canadian children. The problem is that the children were given no choice in the matter. They were forced to follow the new culture’s laws. Their families are not happy about it as the new culture’s laws are very different to those of their own country.

As you have been reading this you will have assumed that the families I am talking about are the families of the Syrian refugee children. If you assumed that you are wrong. ?The children that have been forced to assimilate into the ?laws of the new culture are in fact the Canadian children.

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Poms whinging again about Haka

Every time the All Blacks go to the UK the Pommy media proves what every Kiwi knows about bloody Poms, they are whingers.

They are once again moaning about the haka.

Ahead of the All Blacks v England match at Twickenham this weekend, the chief sport writer at Britain’s Daily Telegraph, Oliver Brown, has attacked the Kiwi side’s use of the haka. Far from being a vibrant display of power, it is, he writes, “hidebound by political correctness, such is the terror at executive level of offending the world’s No 1 side”. Brown has form: he caused upset last yearwhen he revealed the motivational mantra on the All Blacks’ team-room wall ahead of an All Blacks-England clash. The Herald reposts his piece on the haka in full below.? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

New Zealand troops and the tank "Jumping Jennie" in a trench at Gommecourt Wood, France, on August 10, 1918. (Henry Armytage Sanders/National Library of New Zealand)

New Zealand troops and the tank “Jumping Jennie” in a trench at Gommecourt Wood, France, on August 10, 1918.
(Henry Armytage Sanders/National Library of New Zealand)

100-year Anniversary Of The Great War

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See, we ain’t so bad after all

Aucklanders are loveable types…according to the Herald on Sunday poll.

Auckland – it’s the city the rest of New Zealand loves to hate. Or at least they used to.

A recent?Herald on Sunday-commissioned poll found around 45 per cent believed Aucklanders held themselves in higher regard than other New Zealanders. But just as many disagreed with the statement – or just didn’t care.

Yes I know it is the Herald on Sunday and so not much stock can be put in the results. I mean who would know if the numbers were typed correctly.

For those unsure of?the?beauty of Auckland enjoy this short video ft. Len Brown:? Read more »

Fed Up with Farmers

Talk about the farmers moaning. Not quite of the magnitude of Fred Dagg?s neighbour who had to turn off his heated swimming pool during the winter and sell off twenty five percent of his racehorses, but they are moaning.

Every time there is too much rain, too little rain, snow, too many rabbits or some pest or exotic disease New Zealand farmers show their english roots and start moaning. These people could easily win an olympic medal for moaning, and this blog bets that they are the first to complain about welfare bludgers sticking their hands out. Get the average farmer started about South Auckland, immigration, or the DPB and you have a cure for insomnia. Somehow though, the rest of us are supposed to bail them out every few years.

I’ve even had bloody sheep farmers trying to push their story of hardship on me to blog about. I told them that the issues are boring,?sheep?are boring, wool is boring. In short unless they paid me a whole lot of cash to care I wouldn’t. It was just another case of freeloading farmers with their hand out wanting someone else to care for them.

All I got back was a moaning rant about how farmers provide “debt-free” foreign exchange and we should all be grateful. I had to point out to the correspondent that few farmers are debt-free, most are in fact mortgaged to the hilt, living, nay, praying for land prices to go up so they can on sell the land to the next generation of snivelling bludgers who will mortgage the land even more, all to Aussie banks. The very first thing that farmers do when they?receive?their misnamed “debt-free” foreign exchange earnings is pay down the debt so they can borrow more. Of course all the time they cry poor, structure?themselves?in such a way as to never pay tax, collect Working For Families and every other welfare payment they can, oh and of course put their hand out when a bit of bad weather comes their way. Farmers are?the?biggest bludgers this country has, they are corporate bludgers.

If we are going to have welfare reform then let’s start with corporate welfare, especially rural corporate welfare.

There is a simple solution, there always is. To stop these bastards sticking their hand out they need to be forced to take out adverse weather insurance. Make it compulsory, in the form of an insurance levy like EQC take from other citizens, and put that money in a fund to give to bludging farmers who get hit by weather conditions and can’t cope.

Arguments against compulsion can simply be met by the answer, ?if you don?t want compulsion stop bludging off the rest of New Zealand’s hard working tax payers.?

Like flies on sh*t

Steve Crow has done it again. Guaranteed massive publicity for his Boobs on Bikes and Erotica Expo.

Rape Prevention Education director Dr Kim McGregor

Rape Prevention Education director Dr Kim McGregor

The organiser of the Boobs on Bikes event is giving away 12,500 vouchers for pornography DVDs in a move that has outraged womens’ rights groups.

Steve Crow, who has several pornography businesses, said he was doing the giveaway at the Boobs on Bikes parade which is due be held in Auckland on Wednesday.

”There is a lot of evidence that ready access to porn actually reduces the incidence of rape and other sexual offences in society so this year I thought why not get behind this evidence and help do something to try and reduce the shocking levels of sexual and violent crime in our country,” he said.

The move has outraged Rape Prevention Education director Dr Kim McGregor who said the sector was working with high numbers of sexual violence cases ”day in day out, year after year. And then we have to try and counter these ridiculous claims”.

What will happen now is that Campbell Live and Close Up will fight it out Monday or Tuesday to have Steve Crow vs. Dr. McGregor about their “conflicting” scientific evidence.

I doubt Steve has any evidence, but he won’t care, he has got what he wanted. Massive publicity.

On Wednesday, rain or shine there will be 100,000 people on Queen Street to look at Boobs on Bikes and you can put those numbers down to the fact that like flies on fresh sh*t people just can’t resist opposing Steve Crow.

All Steve needs now is the Catholic Church and the dungaree wimmin’s groups to come out all mouthy against him. The Catholic Church have their own problems with sex crimes which might keep them quiet, but there is only self control stopping the wimmin’s groups having a bleat.

I fully expect huge outrage and vitriol from Mad Maia shortly. I wonder if she can manage to link abortion on demand with rape and porn. I reckon she won’t be able to hold it in for even 12 hours before letting fly.

Why these drongos don’t just STFU instead of giving Steve Crow oxygen is beyond me…but hey its all fun in the long run.