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Gallipoli ballot research throws up some interesting researching

Crozier-casualty Form

Fairfax reports on people looking into war records to support their application to attend the Gallipoli centenary in 2015. I would love to go, but haven’t entered the ballot, even though my great-grandfather served and was wounded at Gallipoli.

Hundreds of New Zealanders have had applications for the Gallipoli ballot rejected – with some finding Grandad wasn’t the war hero they thought.

More than 260 disappointed applicants have had entries to the centenary celebrations in Turkey on April 25, 2015 invalidated by the Defence Force, with the military double-checking all personnel files with Archives New Zealand.

Entries were also rejected for being late, filled out by non-New Zealand citizens, and not containing enough information. Some desperate to get a spot at Anzac Cove tried to sneak in multiple entries.? Read more »