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New Zealand Herald impresses with some real news

The New Zealand Herald has impressed me recently with some real news articles that cover aspects of UN resolution 2334 and provide balance to the topic. While we have been discussing the issue for weeks now on Whaleoil it is good to see that one mainstream media organisation at least has made an attempt to do the same. We need more of this kind of news and less of this sort.

Here is a selection of a few interesting excerpts from the various articles that the New Zealand Herald have published so far:


…Whatever you think of Israeli policies and whether you think taking them to the UNSC was the right thing to do or not, coverage of resolution 2334 – which names only Israel for a lack of peace and makes specific demands only of the Jewish state – has been a catalyst for “the oldest hatred”.

Comments like “The gas chamber myth has been totally debunked …” and “Should of wiped them all off the planet 75 years ago and problem solved …”, for example, have been made recently by New Zealanders on Facebook…

Israel’s right to defend its democracy

The Talking Point by Malcolm Eves on Thursday was flawed with inaccuracies.

Israel is not a rogue state but a true democracy.

She is not responsible for the “merciless slaughter” of Palestinians – Palestinian leaders who incite their people against Israel are.

In defending herself, if innocent civilians are deliberately put in the way of the firing line by irresponsible Palestinian leaders (Hamas in Gaza), then the shame is on Palestinian leaders, not Israel…

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Dear Prime Minister

by George

Rugby Union - 2011 World Cup - Opening Ceremony - Eden Park

We thank you for your kind offer of settlement in New Zealand.

We have considered the pros and cons of accepting this offer and have chosen to decline your invitation. I can assure you that we didn’t come to this decision lightly. Initially, we were very excited at the prospect of becoming citizens of, what we were led to believe was, one of the most sought-after locations on Earth. Our excitement motivated us to embark on some research of the country that could potentially become our new home. So, we thought your leading newspaper, the New Zealand Herald, would give us a balanced view of the day-to-day life in your country. What we observed horrified us. Read more »

Journalist guilty of computer crimes for helping hacker


It is a headline I hope to see originating in New Zealand media one day. ? But patience is a virtue.

A federal jury in northern California has found a journalist guilty of computer crimes for helping hackers deface the Los Angeles Times website. Read more »

The Dhimmi NZ Herald publishes an article offensive to Muslims




Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear.

You don’t want to make followers of Islam angry NZ Herald, you won’t like them when they are angry, just ask Charlie Hebdo.

This is what happens when you are ignorant of an ideology. The NZ Herald knows that showing a cartoon of Muhammad is breaking Sharia Law with consequences of violence and death so they don’t do it like the submissive Dhimmis they are but like most apologists there is still so much that they still don’t understand about Islam.

They wrote an article about an Italian in New Zealand who lost his job for saying “Hi Darling ” to a woman who turned out to be his manager. As part of the same article they published a list of what you should do to avoid losing your job in New Zealand and included something that is a a major issue for practising Muslims. Can you guess what it was?

Dos and don’ts of on-the-job communication:

? Don’t be too vocal on any job until you’ve proven yourself to be a good worker.

? Don’t use pet names, particularly not for your boss.

? Do smile and extend a handshake.

? Don’t be too forward or too friendly until you have established a more solid working relationship.

? Do keep calm when conversing with your colleagues and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

  • Corazon Miller A Newspaper

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Panty sniffers


Panty sniffer number one has a thing for American government employees’ underwear. He just can’t get enough of it. The more he sniffs the more he is shocked that skid marks not only exist but in some cases are downright disgusting. He considers that he is doing the American public a service by revealing the details, ( the dirty, smelly details ). He rejects the title ‘Panty Sniffer’ which suggests that he is in some way perverted for having a fixation with other people’s underwear and that he is a criminal for rooting around in other peoples dirty laundry searching for stains and other unsavory marks.

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More Herald hypocrisy


The NZ Herald stated that they stood with Charlie Hebdo, they got their cartoonist to plagiarise another cartoon for their front page and then refused to publish the survivors edition of Charlie Hebdo.

To add insult to injury they claimed a long-standing policy of not insulting religious communities (the policy has only been in place since the Danish cartoon controversy).

Despite all that they continue and have insulted communities, just not the Islamic community. They feel free to insult Buddhists, Christians and others. I have provided numerous examples of their breaches of their own “long-standing policy”.

Readers have identified even more, including insulting images to Hindus.


In the dead tree version of the NZ Herald columnist Dita de Boni used an image of?Kali. The online version omits it, because they pulled it from the website after complaints from the Indian community.

An illustration of the Hindu goddess Kali holding amongst other things a packet of cigarettes published in the New Zealand Herald has caused shock and offence in the Indian community. The Hindu Council of New Zealand has formally brought this to the notice of the Race Relations Commissioner.

The illustration was pulled from the newspaper?s website, but a string of comments refer to it. ?The Goddess Kali image you put up is very offensive to Hindus. This is a national newspaper and you should have given it a thought before you put up an image like that. Would appreciate if you can remove it,? said Sathu in a comment on Herald?s online version of the story, before the cartoon was removed.

Another comment by Jptan reads, ?I was just going to say the same. I?m not Hindu but this image seems like it might cause offense and whoever drew and put it up was a bit ignorant of that fact.?

The illustration accompanies the story which talks about dairy owners expected to become moral police. Indian Associations are of the opinion that the illustration in addition to depicting what Hindus hold sacred in a derogatory fashion; has no connection to the article. ?The illustration of Goddess Kali published in New Zealand Herald cannot be attributed to ignorance and has nothing to do with the article on dairy owners that it was accompanying. It seems to be a malicious desire to cause mischief by the cartoonist and the editor. They hurriedly removed the caricature from their internet version and this indicates they realized they had been caught, but instead of an apology and owning up, they just hoped no one will notice.

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A good summary of the cowardice of the NZ Herald

Yesterday the front cover image for today’s Charlie Hebdo issue was released to the world wide media.

Fairfax, via Stuff published it, so did TVNZ and 3News and other outlets.

The one publication that shirked its responsibilities was the NZ Herald. They have pointedly refused to publish any Charlie Hebdo cartoons, despite reporting on the issue.

One of the best short summaries of the situation at the NZ Herald was posted to Facebook:

The New Zealand Herald appears to have decided not to publish the latest cover page of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo.

This is of course a matter for the Herald and its editorial team. However, as a (reluctant – given that publication’s other shortcomings) reader, I find the decision worrying for the following reasons:

1) the cover is clearly newsworthy in light of recent events;

2) there seem to be only 2 plausible reasons for not publishing it – a) genuine concern that it may cause offence; and/or b) safety concerns (in case some lunatic goes postal); ? Read more »

Say It Outside The House David Parker

David Parker is running his mouth in places he shouldn’t with an outrageous name check and then smear in the House against Cactus Kate, Carrick Graham, Mark Hotchin and myself. ?This has to be a joke?from a man who has integrity so low he ran off with his sick mates missus.

Parker needs to?replace?the Chisholm Report?as his door stop with the best of Chris Knox’s?back catalogue then?put it on his desk and actually read it. ?

He will find that respected Judge Lester Chisholm completely exonerated Mark Hotchin from paying anyone to attack the SFO. ?Parker’s dreaming when he makes baseless allegations from imaginary friends he may have at the SFO.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.50.47 pm

The?only people Justice Chisholm found were paid to undermine the SFO were Mr Feeley’s current?and former staff and those who work for the New Zealand Herald. ?The Herald being involved in two attempts at undermining to the bloggers’ one.

Parker needs to actually read Whaleoil for some factual information.

The non-issue regarding Tony Gapes was covered off there last week.? All this despite it not being a part of the Inquiry. ?Mr Hotchin was not even paying for anyone’s?services at the time of the post in question that Mr Parker ran off and laid a politically based complaint about. ? Read more »

Chisholm Report: The Lies and Smears of Fran O’Sullivan Part II

Following on from Part I is examination of Fran O’Sullivan’s now infamously silly second column about witnesses yet to even be interviewed?titled “We need to know who tried to fit up SFO Boss“?where she writes:

I believe he could start by requiring Odgers, Graham and Slater to say just who paid them for apparently trying to fit up Feeley.

And why they obliged.

Here is what Justice Chisholm said – Mark Hotchin did not pay for anyone to “fit up Feeley”:

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My how the Media worm has turned

My, how the Media worm has turned. The whole time this website was trying to get the message out to the public about Kim Dotcom the media consistently described him in the following ways…

The New Zealand Herald described him like this:

Tycoon could be kicked out of country for failing to disclose conviction.

…troubled internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has found himself kicked off the cloud storage site he founded.

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom will face tougher new bail conditions and make a daily visit to the police for at least the next week.

But the Megaupload founder’s US lawyer, Ira Rothken, has tweeted that both Davison and Simpson Grierson are stepping down from Dotcom’s legal team.

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has lost his appeal

Claims by internet mogul Kim Dotcom of a conspiracy between the United States and New Zealand Governments do not have “an air of reality”, a High Court judge has ruled.

One News described him like this:

The internet entrepreneur is in a High Court battle over an attempt to extradite him to the US to face piracy charges.

Internet entrepreneur and Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom was joined by US journalist Glenn Greenwald at the Auckland Town Hall for the ‘Moment of Truth’ which Dotcom predicted would be a “bombshell” just days ahead of Saturday’s General Election.

T.V 3 described him like this:

Immigration NZ (INZ) says it will consider if there is any “liability” to deport internet millionaire Kim Dotcom, after it was revealed he failed to declare a conviction for dangerous driving when he applied for New Zealand residency.

Now however he is being described like this…

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