Nick my story, use my video, take that! NFWAB

So the NZ Herald editor admitted in his chat session last week that they monitor blog sites to get tips….so their “decent journalists trained and skilled” can do real stories.


Looks like they monitor my site…they have lifted my Bill O’Reilly story and video…let’s see if this learns them. Read more »

Hey John Chapman, is this utu?

Two years ago I gave John Chapman a poke in the eye, something until now I had forgotten.

He had offered one of his precious prints for sale on TradeMe, reserve price (wait for it…) $250, proceeds to his beloved Labour Party. Carmel Sepuloni described John Chapman like this:

John Chapman is a staunch Labour supporter and is one of our good friends in Waitakere:)
Given his support for Labour and generous nature, he?s kindly put up one of his prints for sale on trademe ? proceeds raised will go towards the Mana campaign.

The print sat there and sat there and did not receive a single bid, a result that got a deserved snort of amusement from this and other blogs.

And so John has sat and stewed and simmered.? And now the revenge dish is good and cold, he thinks he can put the arm on me for $250.

Sorry John, nobody wanted to give you $250 for one of your prints?two years ago, and you’re not getting it now.

An email from a photographer

On the day after my mother died I?received?this email:

?Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 6:43 PM

From:John Chapman <[email protected]>
To: Cameron Slater
Cc: Rob Webber <[email protected]>, John Chapman <[email protected]>

Dear Mr Slater,

It has been drawn to my attention that you have published one of my images from the June 2012 TVNZ7 Funeral March on your Whale oil blog. The picture in question shows Labour MP Clare Curran in conversation with Kim Dotcom. My permission was not sought for publication nor a fee paid. As the author and copyright holder of the image I reserve the right to both charge a fee for usage and to decide how and when that image is used.

Accordingly I enclose an invoice for breach of my copyright and a screenshot taken today 29.09.12 demonstrating usage by you. In addition I must insist that the image is taken down from your website within 24 hour of receiving this email and that no further usage of my copyright material takes place. Failure to do so will result in an increased fee. A failure to settle the amount owing within 30 days will result in court action to recover the amount owing plus any costs incurred in enforcing collection.


John Chapman

I was in no mood that day to brook nonsense so basically told him to get stuffed. It is fair to say that I didn’t cover myself in glory with my reply. Then yesterday I received another email.

Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 1:42 PM

From: John Chapman <[email protected]>
To: Whaleoil
Cc: Rob Webber <[email protected]>


Dear Mr Slater,

Thank you for your response dated 29.09.12. I am sorry to hear of you loss – not being a reader of your blog nor one of your friends on Facebook I was unaware of your mother’s passing. Not wishing to intrude on your grief further I felt it appropriate to leave the matter rest for two weeks so as not bring further distraction in what must be a very difficult time for you. That said you will recall from my previous correspondence, I requested that you take down the image in question within 24 hours. You responded by saying you would replace it with, my and I quote “fuckwitted letter.” That does not appear to have happened and as you will see from the enclosed screenshot the image is still up on your Whaleoil site. I also indicated that further charges would be made if the image was not taken down. Accordingly I’m enclosing an invoice for a further $250.00 to cover the cost of additional reproduction fees since the 29.09.12.

Once again as copyright holder I must insist the image is taken down within 24 hours. Should you again fail to do so I will be issuing a further invoice for reproduction fees for the image in question. I stated in my earlier correspondence that I would be taking proceedings for recovery should settlement not be forthcoming within 30 days. That period now has less than 14 days to run. Should you choose not to settle I will make good my notice of action.

Lastly, in your previous correspondence you made a number of threats to my person which I have put down to your grief over your mother’s passing. However any further threats of violence from you will be reported to the police as a matter of course. As you may be aware I have been a photojournalist now for over 35 years and have found myself covering conflicts in places such as Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq. As you can imagine given my past experiences, being called an “unctuous twat” isn’t going to dissuade me from pursuing the theft of my images in the courts should it prove necessary..


John Chapman

Now this is the same John Chapman who covers his Facebook page in all manner of left wing cant, and various other left wing causes, and is friends with Labour and Green MPs. His is demonstrably leftwing in attitude and leftwing in belief. ?He is friends with David Cunliffe, Cathy Casey, the flea lawyer from the Wairarapa and former Labour candidate Michael Bott, friends also with Lynn Prentice…make no mistake this is politically motivated and coincides with a personal approach from an MP the same day which is very coincidental.

I did point out to Mr John Chapman that being an abusive and aggressive arse wasn’t a winning proposition. Considering his friends though there is little doubt that is just a?political?ploy.

However, in the interests of settling this matter I am prepared to enter into a revenue sharing proposition. $250 seems a bit over the top, but I understand that he is concerned that I may be making money off of his photography while he misses out.

This image was originally published in July 2012 on my blog. In the interests of transparency here is a screenshot from my stats package, showing the views of that post.

As you can see a total of 929 views of the post have been made. In July there were?673,998 views of my blog and I also was paid $251.31 from Adsense. Again in the interests of transparency I show the screenshot from Adsense below:

Therefore a “view” in July, which is when most people viewed the post, is worth $0.000372.

The 929 total views on that post are worth $0.3463. It seems fair though to pass on all the revenue from the views of the post since it relied on Mr John Chapman’s work…all be it in a satirical and arguably fair use manner.

It also seems fair to round up too, so I will pay the entire revenue of $0.35 to Mr John Chapman.

I don’t really want to waste $0.70 on a stamp, plus I can’t find my cheque book, so I have paid Mr John Chapman direct. That should settle things. NFWAB.

Who Can This Be?

Yes you still have a problem



An email from a fool

I received this email last night:

Name: Sarah Farquhar


Message: RE: your blog slamming Sarah Farquhar. It’s not hard-hitting – its nasty. Please delete it. I’m not hard to find to check what my opinion is. Have you never had a bit of what you have said reported and not the rest? The rest of my sentence to the reporter was … and other countries have later starting ages and kids do academically very well too. In fact the research suggests 6 yrs to be about the best starting age. Though take a look at the Netherlands report released by Every Child Counts – Every Child Counts. I have not advocated for 4yrs as school starting age.

See my article which looks at both the pros and the cons of starting school before 5 yrs.

The post she refers to is the one I wrote about the double speak of Phil Palfrey from the Principals? Federation. It barely mentioned Sarah Farquhar and it certainly wasn’t nasty or slamming…this post however is a slamming.

If she had asked politely rather than demanding then she would have got a whole lot further. Instead like most education “professionals” she decided to treat me like some sort of petulant school child. Putting please at the start of the paragraph rather than burying it after a demand for action really isn’t going to work with me.

Given that she is in the education sector it perhaps isn’t a surprise to me that she would take such an attitude. Fortunately I live in the real world not some sort of namby-pamby cotton-wool education cloud cuckoo land, and as a consequence I can do and say pretty much what I please with in the bounds of the law. Writing a post, a rather mild one at that, about her silly idea to send kids to school earlier is hardly the crime of the century and certainly not one that requires the post to be deleted.

My post was more about Phil Palfrey rather than her. She really needs to chill out.

She should consider herself lucky that she didn’t get a slamming like this guy did…then she would have something to have a sook over. If I didn’t delete his post I sure as hell aren’t going to delete hers. I’ll bet she hasn’t made the same demands of Stuff who published her comments in the first place.

Generally I’m not that interested in so called education professionals…I find them as odious as the children they profess to teach. And furthermore I’ll bet a dollar to a knob of goat poo that she is a union member too…a double strike out in my book.

If you want to find a more reasonable approach I suggest the best way to deal with me is….I’ll give you a clue…not by by making demands.


An email from a reliable but anonymous source, Ctd

??the Tip Line


Is it true that indeed Trevor Mallard’s cycle group is more a collective of women he pathetically induces into training his aged body with the hope of blagging a root

When caught around town by people wondering what on earth he is doing with women younger than his children, he lamely ?introduces these poor unfortunate lycra clad women as his “cycle friends” and winks at passers by hoping they think he is getting his leg over and out?

Your friendly, reliable anonymous source.


An email from a reliable but anonymous source, Ctd

??the Tip Line


Apparently while conducting an affair of the heart at the taxpayers expense in Taupo Trevor Mallard was the lowest, basest cur imaginable. At the same time he was tupping his one and only in Taupo he was riding with a riding group in Wellington, and in clear conflict with his sports portfolio he was riding one of his fellow riders as well. Her employment at a state funded sports organisation causes me to point out that Trevor Mallard may well have a conflict of interest, as well as being a dirty dog.

Your friendly anonymous and reliable source.


An email from a reliable but anonymous source, Ctd

??the Tip Line


When Trevor Mallard was commuting to Taupo on the tax payer to commit an affair of the heart, or was that an affair of the groin, he was unable to quite provide enough affection. So his paramour was forced to look else where when Trev was in Wellington, to keep warm and night and to keep in training for her trysts with Trevor.

This became problematic for the Crown limo drivers in arranging to drop off the expectant Trevor on his return to ensure his paramour was home in her bed and not in someone elses.

Your friendly anonymous and reliable source.



A threat from union bullies

via email this morning

Name: kereru

Email:[email protected]

Message: u leave cecil walker alone u bastard do u get off on this
kind of stuff tell u what anymore comments about my bros personal life
an u r going to get utu i aint fuken jokn etha its not hard to find
out were u r so back off


I’m not sure this union bully realises who he is dealing with.

What sort of a tough guy uses a stupid wood pigeon for a pseudonym?

No wonder these blouses want to spend time shopping with the missus.


UPDATE:?Removed the photo, apparently that isn’t the guy who threatened me…but I am on the trail of him.


Blaming the Victim

I just had a phone call from the sister of the Turangi Child Rapist, Raurangi Marino.

She was complaining about me publishing this photo of her little brother.

Apparently it shows the porr wee dear in a bad light. I asked her what FTP means…following my usual course of action of only asking questions that I already know the answer. She conformed that it means “Fuck The Police”. I asked her how she thought that my publishing a photo showed him in a bad light when he is the one who scrawled on a mirror “FTP”.

No answer.

Then she started into a lecture about how her wee brother was hard done by. How the police fitted him up and he was only wasted and fell onto the little girl. How it was all a fit up by the girls mother.

It sickened me. What a bunch of losers. Explaining away hours of surgery to repair the damage that this shit-bag did to a 5 year old on “just being wasted”.

This family is disfunctional. They are justifying crimes and excusing abhorrent behaviour.

The last thing she said is that I breached her poor wee brother’s privacy by posting photos he put on Facebook….on his open and public page. I told her to get fucked, that I won’t ever take down the photos and they could whinge all they liked to the Privacy Commissioner.

She told me she would before she hung up. I can’t hardly wait.

Since they like to use acronymns, here is one for them NFWAB.

UPDATE: I didn’t put the whole story of the phone call in, mainly because it sickened me so much. But since some people have taken it upon themselves to stick up for the family I will now tell you the additional details that I withheld initially.

The sister told me that as far as they were concerned no rape?occurred?because there was no semen found and the evidence said so. She repeatedly told me that the mother over-reacted and her brother was just wasted and fell in the window and then fell on top of the little girl…but no rape happened because there was no semen. She ignored my comments about 5 hours of surgery to repair the damage of a 16 year old pissed person just “falling” on the little girl.

The sister maintained repeatedly that this was all blown out of proportion and her brother was just wasted.

They are simply excusing Raurangi Marino’s awful behaviour and excusing the behaviour of their own family. Quite simply they are feral scum.