Ngaire Kura Tukiwaho

Surely sterilisation is a valid option

NZ Herald

A child killer has been sent to prison for two years. So far she has managed to kill two of her children, there are 5 survivors…surely this is a case for sterlisation in order to protect other children.

She has been sent to prison for longer than her children lived…but only just.

A mother who admitted killing her baby boy by accidentally suffocating him after a day spent drinking has been sent to prison.

It is the second time one of Ngaire Kura Tukiwaho’s babies has died in her care.

Justice Graham Lang handed down a sentence of two years and one month jail when Tukiwaho appeared in the High Court at Rotorua this morning after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of 2-month-old Tahi Elvis Edwards.

According to a summary of facts, Tukiwaho, who is a mother of five, had been sleeping with the baby in the back seat of a car on January 5, 2011.

When Tukiwaho woke up the baby was blue and not breathing.

It was found Tahi died as a result of probable accidental suffocation associated with an unsafe sleeping environment.

It was the second time one of Tukiwaho’s babies had died and the 30-year-old had received information about the importance of safe sleeping practices following the cot death of the first.

In January 2008, police were called to a property where Tukiwaho was found intoxicated.

Tukiwaho told police she had discovered her son Hoani Benino, who was 1 month old, dead in his cot.