Labour and union scumbags lie in report against privately run NHS hospital

It is looking like a massive scandal is erupting in the UK where one of the first privately run NHS facilities in the UK have been stitched up in a report where there were more than 200 factual inaccuracies and cost the contract operator their contract.

The main perpetrators appear to be a union boss and a Labour candidate.

Shocking new evidence has emerged that the first privately run NHS hospital was the victim of a seriously flawed inspection by the health watchdog, containing more than 200 errors.

A damning report by the Care Quality Commission last month rated Hinchingbrooke, in Cambridgeshire, ?inadequate? and gave it the lowest ever score for patient care.

The hospital has now been placed in special measures and Circle, the private firm that had been running it, has pulled out of its contract. At the time, there were suspicions that the CQC?s rating was influenced by Labour party activists and trade union members who opposed the involvement of private firms in the NHS.

And last night new information came to light showing the report contained at least 215 errors. These included inaccurate figures on A&E waiting times, staffing levels, cancer care, medical blunders, falls and bedsores.

All had been overstated or exaggerated and implied that the standards of care and overall performance was far worse than in reality. ? Read more »

This is why we need a FBT

This is why we need ?Fat Bastards Tax, that taxes the fat bastard not the fat or the sugar.

I’ll just bet fat bastards will soon start demanding the NZ government funds this new drug.

A treatment of injections that can help people lost a stone more than they normally would by dieting or exercising more has been approved by health watchdogs.

Liraglutide, which has been described by doctors as life-changing, could be available on prescription in months.

Slimmers typically lose almost a stone more than they would by simply watching how many calories they consume and doing more exercise.

Trials showed that some severely obese patients lost so much weight they were able to abandon their wheelchairs and walk normally for the first time in years.

Liraglutide also lowers blood pressure, raises good cholesterol and prevents diabetes.According to its makers, Novo Nordisk of Denmark, the drug even produces a ‘feel-good factor’, making dieting a pleasure.But some experts have already warned it does not provide a long-term solution to the growing problem of obesity in Britain.

Novo Nordisk will apply for it to be prescribed on the NHS after Friday?s ruling by the European drugs regulator that it is safe and effective.

There are fears however that Nice ? Britain?s drugs rationing body ? will judge it too expensive for routine use on the NHS.

Liraglutide costs from ?2.25 a day, which is roughly double the price of Orlistat, the only other prescription diet drug.

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Photo Of The Day

Sick: New evidence revealed that Savile abused the dead and stole their glass eyes and turned them into rings like these pictured on his hands. His victims were aged between five and 75

Sick: New evidence revealed that Savile abused the dead and stole their glass eyes and turned them into rings like these pictured on his hands. His victims were aged between five and 75


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Bigger boobs on the taxpayer; guilt forces her into prostitution to pay it back

We have enjoyed a reasonable level of sanity in New Zealand over the last 6 years. ?I’m talking about the sort of sanity that doesn’t make unemployed young women with small breasts think that the tax payer owes her a free bigger chest. ?I reported on this folly last year:

Since then, she has made a real mess of it. ?Check this out ?? Read more »

World?s ex-fattest man poses in nude [POLL]

I’m going to take the unusual step of putting it all after the break, so you are in control of what you’ll do to your retinae:

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Homeopathy is quackery, so the Poms get their government to fund it

Homeopathy is pure unadulterated 400X rubbish. It staggers me that they have never been prosecuted for fraud. Meanwhile in the UK the NHS funds this quackery.

The use of homoeopathy by the NHS has been described as ?mad? by a former government scientific adviser who retired from his post last week.

Professor Sir John Beddington criticised the Government for ignoring his advice against the use of homoeopathic remedies by GPs and NHS run hospitals.

Sir John, who retired as chief scientific adviser to the Government on April 1, expressed frustration that ministers had continued to allow taxpayers money to be used to fund such treatments despite them having ?no scientific basis?.

Homeopathy, which uses highly diluted extracts from plants, herbs and minerals to treat diseases, costs the NHS between ?4 million and ?12 million a year.? Read more »

Wonder if they do this here?

Page07_04_1700078aCan you get new boobs on WINZ?

You can in?the?UK via NHS…?referred?to as New Hooters Service.

One recipient of a free boob job has thanked British taxpayers by posing nude.

NHS boob-job girl Josie Cunningham posed for her first topless shoot yesterday, telling taxpayers: ?I couldn?t have done it without you.?

The wannabe model excitedly flaunted her 36DD bust, which was boosted after she wept to her GP about being a 32A.

She said after stripping to just a thong and heels: ?My first studio shoot was fantastic.

?I could never have felt so confident about showing off my body if it wasn?t for the support I?ve had from the NHS. I?d have collapsed in tears a couple of months ago if I?d had to go topless in front of a photographer ? but now I can?t wait to do more.?

But thrilled Josie says she has been ?inundated? with modelling work since The Sun revealed on Tuesday how she got her ?4,800 cosmetic surgery free on the NHS.

She said: ?I?ve had loads of offers already and reckon I can really make a career out of this.

?I know people are saying that I don?t deserve my new boobs but they have changed my life and made me happier ? so why shouldn?t I show them off??


Sneaky Socialists undermine reforms from within

Any time any government anywhere tries public sector reform they meet a wall of resistance from the tenured bureaucracy…even when that bureaucracy is smashed and defeated they start on rear-guard actions and even?guerrilla?actions in order to handicap and white-ant policy.

They care little for democracy…thinking they know best. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health and education sectors.

According to the socialists, the only people qualified to comment on public?policy?in health and education are conveniently those who suck from the systems in need of reform, and the unions who give them sustenance.

In our politics today, hardliners who lost recent battles over social reforms designed to bring more choice and competition into schools, health and welfare services are regrouping for a new wave of local-level disruption. The casualties will be ordinary people?s aspirations.

Ideologues on the Right, who lost the argument for more zealous reforms, now only complain from largely ignored sidelines. The hard Left, however, which vehemently opposes change to how our public services operate, is shifting its attack. Its activists are mobilising to infiltrate the very public bodies being set up to deliver the reforms they oppose, aiming to undermine them from within.

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There is a huge fuss in the UK about the NHS refusing treatment to fatties and smokers:

The NHS has been accused of trying to save money by blocking access to surgery for smokers and obese patients as new figures show how they are routinely being denied treatments.

Data shows that more than a quarter of Primary Care Trusts in England have brought in new restrictions based on patients? lifestyle criteria in the last year.

It reveals that people are being denied IVF treatment, breast reductions and fat-loss operations based on their weight and whether they smoke.

In the case of one trust, NHS Hertfordshire, a controversial ban imposed last year on knee and hip operations for anyone with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 as well as smokers, has been extended to cover all routine surgery.

The new Hertfordshire policy, introduced in January, makes exceptions only for neurology, cardiac and cancer operations.

Freedom of Information responses from 91 PCTs, obtained by doctors? magazine Pulse, show 25 have brought in new restrictions on treating obese patients or smokers since April 2011.

Good, this is called consequences to actions. No one forces you to smoke or stuff food in your gob to excess, it is only right that precious health resources should be given to ?people who don’t deliberately poison themselves or eat themselves into oblivion.