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Ta Moko cartoon: Whaleoil reader is offended [guest post]


I’m seriously offended, and as offence can only be taken, not given, I decided to sit and think about it.

I’m offended over the reaction from the Ta Moko cartoons depicting a little Maori boy beaten with visible bruising. Not the cartoon itself, it?s quite factual, and I maintain if it was depicting a little Pakeha boy, or an Asian boy, or even a Jewish boy, it would be okay, or those communities would accept it and move on even though statistically, they are 4 times less to be the subject of family violence than a Maori, or 3 times less than a PI child.

Naida Glavish is a prominent Maori woman, and holds a lot of Mana within Maori, she COULD be an effective change agent, if she stood up and championed change instead of taking offence. Or, could she be offended mainly as she has been the subject of things in Whaleoil previously? My belief is she really needs to sit down and look at the real problem, that the main group of people or communities committing these violent offences are still in DENIAL, and instead of accepting there is an issue and doing something about it, she and many like her run out and decide to take a fence. Surround themselves with a shield, ignore, bury their heads and claim there is nothing wrong, and don?t you dare single out my community/culture, that?s racist. I wonder how many of the abused children, the ones who were killed, do they think its racist, was their abuse and murder racist? ??

I?m also offended by the Human Rights (Wrongs) commission, they are simply adding fuel to the fire, instead of coming out with the truth the rest of NZers already know and understand, and what is a massive thorn in NZ?s side on the international stage, they often side with the offended, and give them another reason to ignore the stats, the violence and the abuse of children. By siding with the perpetually offended, they are enabling the very abuse and violence that is so deeply rooted in those communities and cultures. ???

When you break it down, the role of the Human Rights Commission is to set and to keep standards for ALL Kiwis, all means ALL, not just the leaders or the offended from certain communities or cultures, so I ask the Human Rights Commission, who stood up for the following children?s human rights, and who will stand up for the other kids who are being violently abused, murdered, deprived, and so on, who will stand up for their human rights, as currently, their parents and caregivers and collective communities are not, they seem to have adopted a silence on domestic violence, and especially of violence against children: Read more »



Why is it, that when children get hurt in New Zealand, we can never find an adult that will take responsibility?


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Parole Board rescinds parole for NZ’s worst mum

These sorts of decisions are few and far between. ?Rebecca Quillam reports

The mother of tortured Rotorua three-year-old Nia Glassie has had her parole revoked by the Parole Board.

Lisa Michelle Kuka was granted parole last month because the board said she no longer posed an undue risk to the community. ? Read more »

Poster child for state sterilisation?

What’s the point of allowing someone the “human right” of child birth, but then not the right to look after it?

The state has seized the newborn baby of one of New Zealand’s most notorious convicted child abusers – the second time in two years it has removed a newborn from her care.

One right-wing lobby group says Oriwa Kemp, jailed for cruelty to Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie, should be offered money to be sterilised, but a former Women’s Refuge head says she has a right to have children and Government agencies have failed her.

Kemp says handing over her daughter just a couple of hours after she was born in North Shore Hospital last week was traumatic and she was being discriminated against because of her past.

Kemp was 18 when she was sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment for cruelty to Nia, 3, who died in 2007.

She gave Nia cold baths, hit her when she cried and was present when the toddler was swung on a clothes line and placed in a clothes dryer.

It is an interesting point of view. ?Taking the baby away before harm has come to it. ?Surely that is against her human rights?

Why are we so touchy about violating her human rights by not sterilising her, but we’re ok to steal a baby from her before any harm has come to it. ? Read more »

Coroner says monitor solo mothers

Some common sense coming through.

Rotorua Coroner Wallace Bain is calling for compulsory spot checks of all children from birth to the age of 5 to ensure they are safe and to avoid a repeat of the “horrific” death of toddler Nia Glassie.

The Rotorua 3-year-old died on August 3, 2007.

The coroner determined the toddler died from cerebral infarction against a background of “extreme violence”.

Dr Bain is also calling for all solo parents on a benefit to be monitored and overseen to ensure the safety of children in their care.

“We must urgently return to the “good-old-days” where every child was seen regularly by the Plunket Nurse,” he said.

Dr Bain has released his findings into Nia’s death. She died after being abused and ill-treated by members of her extended family who were looking after her while her mother worked.

About time someone stood up and challenged governments to start to do something about the appalling slaughter of the young at the hands of?their?”care-givers”.

Paula Bennett and National have already started the process with their changes to benefits, they should take these?recommendations?on board pronto.

Now queue the wailing of the left wing?labeling?this is as more beneficiary bashing.

The Three Stooges

Check out these three stooges. Sainsbury cons the Clown of Campbells Bay, Browneye Bob and Aortic Len into the indignity of eating on national television.

Chomp, chomp, chomp, mmm the buns aren’t delicious but having the camera focus on this lot making fools of themselves certainly is.

What a bunch of weirdoes. Just nowhere in the same league as John Banks.