Nicky Hagar

Unethical journalist at the Olympics puts gay athletes at risk


As we all know being gay can be dangerous if not life-threatening inside a Muslim majority country. A journalist who works for the Daily Beast ?wrote an article ?that outed some gay athletes, including some from Muslim countries after he set ?a honey trap using Grinder. ?He must’ve gone to the ?same school of journalism as Nicky Hager. ?As Nicky Hager says, privacy is not important if it is in the public interest to know. After all, nothing sells articles and books like prurient public interest in other people’s private business.

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Face of the day


Kim Dotcom PHOTO-File


Today’s face of the day Kim Dotcom loves a good Party.

I wonder if he will be accepting this invitation?



Probably the best summary of Dirty Politics yet

House Of Cards TV Series HD Wallpaper

Paul Thomas writes int he NZ Herald about Dirty Politics.

Millions have been splashed out and a pigsty’s worth of mud slung but what have we actually learned from this election campaign?

? Nicky Hagar knows a thing or two about marketing.

? Cameron Slater isn’t as nice as he looks.

? You can judge a minister by the company she keeps.

? While the Whale Oil cabal give the impression they’ve watched too many episodes of House of Cards, their machinations owe more to Walter Mitty than Frank Underwood.

? Hillary Clinton got the wrong Kiwi politician when she added Helen Clark to the select group – Keith Richards and cockroaches – that would survive nuclear Armageddon. She should have nominated Winston Peters.

? Contrary to Tana Umaga’s famous complaint, some people seem to think we are playing tiddlywinks here.

Fair points. I also like the picture of Frank Underwood in the article, and since we are talking about House of Cards…who is going to play Zoe?

The campaign has also reinforced that just as truth is the first casualty of war, irony is the first casualty of politics.

There was Internet-Mana’s Laila Harre on the TV news complaining about the media manufacturing a news story out of a private email (Hone Harawira foaming at the mouth about the Internet Party’s preoccupation with legalising cannabis).

That was followed by David Cunliffe complaining about the timing of the release of a damning New Zealand Institute of Economic Research assessment of Labour’s capital gains tax arithmetic and accusing Federated Farmers, who commissioned the report, of “playing politics.”

A month ago Cunliffe was hailing Hagar’s carefully timed intervention in the election, predicting it would “shift hundreds of thousands of votes”. One man’s political stunt is another’s welcome contribution to the debate.

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About that dream Nicky…

Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager

Nicky Hagar had a dream before his book was released. In the dream he was having dinner at our house and was talking in the kitchen with Cameron and I. He said he then realised that he was writing a book about Cameron and felt really bad because here he was having dinner with us and having a pleasant conversation despite our political differences.
He used this story during his book launch to make the point that he does not ‘ demonise ‘ people and that this is not a personal attack against Cameron.

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Who are you again? Gilmore to take Nats down where Labour failed

I see the idiot Aaron Gilmore still has not realised that no one cares who he is.

Ex-National MP Aaron Gilmore is considering legal action against the party, following allegations in Nicky Hagar’s latest book.

The book claims John Key’s close aide Jason Ede provided damaging material about Mr Gilmore to blogger Cameron Slater.

Mr Gilmore says it could provide the basis for action over his dumping from the party, and he’s now considering his options.

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Face of the day

Joining the dots

Joining the dots


Nicky Hagar refuses to reveal the Hacker of our website and tells us to join the dots of the stolen e-mails in order to form a conclusion.

Well Nicky, I’ve joined the dots and I’ve come to a conclusion.
Is that statement ambiguous enough?

Face of the day

The Hacker

The Hacker


UPDATE: from David Farrar

I?ve either been hacked or spied on

August 15th, 2014 at 7:40 am by David Farrar

I started reading more fully the Nicky Hager book yesterday, and the footnotes in the book. To my shock I?realised that Hager had info in the book that could not have come from the hacking of Cameron Slater, but could only have come from my computer, my apartment or my?office.

Specifically he refers to copies of two scripts used by my company, Curia Research, this year. There is absolutely no way they could have come from Cameron Slater?s computer systems, as Cameron doesn?t have them. No one has them but me and my office.

Today’s face of the day is the hacker who hacked us and stole personal correspondence to pass on to Nicky Hagar.
Was he paid to do the job? Was it really as Hagar claims motivated by the Feral post or is that just a smoke screen for the real reason?

I don’t believe it was those angry people from the West Coast. They showed their anger by issuing death threats against Cam and gang rape threats against our daughter. They started a HATE Facebook page and attacked via social media.

A Hacker attack suggests another motivation entirely in my opinion.It is no co- incidence that the website was attacked too.
Who would want to silence Cam the most do you think?

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Another Labour Lie exposed

Well, so much for the claims by Cunliffe, Norman & Peters that John Key is about to sell us down the river for the benefit of his wealthy US banking mates without any thoughts for Pharmac or intellectual property…

After 3 years of intense negotiation [about the Trans Pacific Partnership] and with political calls for an agreement by Christmas, New Zealand and the US are still far apart in key areas.

The UK-based WikiLeaks organisation has obtained the crucial “intellectual property” chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and released it exclusively to the Herald and Mexican, Chilean, US and Australian media.

The leaked chapter, marked “TPP Confidential”, was produced and circulated to chief negotiators at the end of negotiations in Brunei in August. Insiders say there has been little progress in two meetings since then.

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Tweet of the Day

On Monday night we saw Nicky Hager stand on stage and have the cheek to whinge about the GCSB invading people’s privacy.

He has made hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling books based on hacked and stolen emails. It is extremely hypocritical of him and his enablers to now claim that their emails are sacrosanct but it is fine for them to go raiding the hard drives of their political opponents in order to score political points.

Matthew Hooton calls him out.