Nicolas Sarkozy

They may march backwards but sometimes they are cunning

The cheese eating surrender monkeys might be the world champions at marching backwards but their politicians?are sometimes very cunning.

Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday crashed out of the race to elect a Right-wing nominee for next year’s presidential election in France, after Fran?ois Fillon, a Thatcherite with a Welsh wife, came a spectacular first ahead of Alain Jupp?.

The race to pick a nominee for the Republicans party has sparked huge interest as the winner is likely to meet – and defeat – Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-EU, anti-immigrant Front National, in the definitive presidential run-off next May.

The ballot was open to anyone willing to pay ?2 who professes agreement with the values of the centre-Right.

In a surprise outcome, Mr Fillon was on course to finish far out in front in round one.

With almost 9,000 out of 10,000 polling stations counted, Mr Fillon was on 44.1 per cent, Mr Jupp? on 28.2 per cent and Mr Sarkozy well behind on 21 per cent. ?? Read more »

A Frog who probably won’t march backwards

The anger from voters shown in the?US is just the tip of the iceberg. In Europe, there is likely to be a bigger backlash against the sopping wet liberals who are putting nations at risk.

Marine le Pen is likely to received a big boost, despite media saying otherwise.

What might be the knock-on effect in Europe of Donald Trump?s victory? The next big democracy to vote after America is France, which holds its presidential election next spring. Could Marine Le Pen, leader of the populist National Front (FN), be elected president?

Before the American result, the question seemed absurd. Polls have suggested for months that she would do well enough to secure one of the two second-round places at voting next April. This in itself would be a victory of sorts, repeating the achievement of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in 2002. But no polls have indicated that she could beat the centre-right candidate likely to face her.

Now, the unthinkable has become conceivable. There was no disguising the delight in Paris at the FN headquarters. A jubilant Ms Le Pen, who had argued that a Trump victory would be good for France, congratulated the American president-elect and praised the ?free? American people. ?It’s not the end of the world,? she declared, ?but the end of a world.? Her lieutenant and party strategist, Florian Philippot, summed up the mood at the FN: ?Their world is collapsing; ours is being built.? Even Mr Le Pen, who has fallen out with his daughter, tweeted: ?Today the United States, tomorrow France!? ? Read more »

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Mayors smarter than John Key

I have no problem with New Zealand taking in genuine refugees. ?

If we have a process in place where we take persecuted Christians that would be a great start. ??

Now all we have to do is wait for Key to wise up and realise he?s gone from the frying pan into the fire, and the only way left out of it is to follow suit.

The French government has condemned two mayors who say they would only take in Christian refugees, as the country prepares to receive the first group of about 24,000 migrants.

“You don’t sort [refugees] on the basis of religion. The right to asylum is a universal right,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Tuesday evening (local time), hours before about 200 were expected to arrive from Germany.

Under pressure to respond to Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War II, President Francois Hollande announced on Monday that France would take in 24,000 people over two years. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day



World leaders Take Heat for Paris Photo Op During March That Some Say Is Deceiving

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Op-ed “Unity through Diversity Equals Cultural Death”


By Olivia Pierson

Cultural pluralism is as old as the hills ? or at least as old as the Babylonian Empire on whose riverbank shores even the captive Jews were tolerated to sit and weep. Multiculturalism, on the other hand, is a 20th Century bastardization of tolerance, which the United Nations invented to socially engineer Western democracies to cope with overwhelming immigration, mostly from Third World slave-pens. The pious and politically correct preachers of ?diversity? and ?equality? raised multiculturalism in the West to the status of a new religion, as if the world needed yet another one of those.

With the truth emerging after murderous events in Paris, can there still be any doubt that multiculturalism has epically failed in the West? In the last five years Angela Merkel has admitted its failure; so have Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron. But how has it failed so?

Multiculturalism is a modern liberal tenet which states that all cultures are equal regardless of the diverse practices of each culture.? This should not be confused with cultural pluralism which holds that all citizens, no matter what culture they hail from, are equal before the laws of the land ?the one host culture.? The host culture is necessarily dominant, hence being the yearly recipient of hundreds of thousands of immigrants bidding farewell to their homelands. ? Read more »

Little Frog rooster scored own goal on tax changes

This is what happens when you let socialists near the levers of power.

David Cunliffe’s mad cap ideas would likely go the same way as Francois Hollande’s daft taxation plans.

For a flabby Left-winger often mockingly referred to as a caramel pudding, Fran?ois Hollande has a pretty mean right foot.

His rivals on the football pitch have likened the French President to a mixture of Colombian playmaker Carlos ?The Kid? Valderrama, sans his blond perm, and Paul Gascoigne, without the drink problem.

Yet, in politics, the embattled Socialist has captained a team scoring a string of spectacular fiscal own goals. Faced with the threat of a pitch invasion by disgruntled fans, the panic-stricken government has this week enacted two humiliating tax climbdowns.

The rot began on Sunday when Bernard Cazeneuve, the budget minister, announced the government was shelving a 15.5pc charge on home loan, employee and equity savings plans that would have applied to savings all the way back to 1997.

The Elys?e had been confident the law would pass because Mr Hollande?s predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, had raised the tax rate on such savings from 11.5pc to 15pc in his last two years without getting into hot water. ? Read more »

Little French Rooster in a spot of bother for allegedly ripping off an rich old granny

Sarko is in a spot of bother and it isn’t looking good for the dodgy little cheese eating surrender monkey:

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy fought back hard on Friday through his lawyer and his political allies after he was formally placed under investigation on charges of exploiting the frailty of France?s richest woman to secure financing for his 2007 campaign.

The announcement late Thursday night by the investigative judge in the case created political shock waves, because it appeared to undermine the possibility of Mr. Sarkozy?s return to political life after narrowly losing the presidency, and with it his immunity from prosecution, last May.? Read more »

Maybe Shearer should get a mistress

It was worth 4% to Paddy Pantsdown:

Of course, there was one bad day with The Sun providing the devastating headline ‘Paddy Pantsdown’, but the story soon died. Ashdown’s ratings went up and the Liberal Democrats rose four per cent in the opinion polls. It had been a nightmare for Ashdown but it became a positive for the party.

Most politicians it would negatively impact them, but not in this case and it never has hurt other European leaders like Silvio Berlusconi or the various little French roosters like Sarkozy and Hollande.? Read more »

Dodgy cheese eating surrender monkeys

Looks like the French have stopped covering up their when politicians are serial rooters.

Francois Hollande “shared” his mistress Valerie Trierweiler with a minister from Nicolas Sarkozy’s government in a Jules et Jim-style relationship, a new biography on France’s first lady claims.

La Frondeuse?(The Troublemaker), claims that Miss Trierweiler, 47, had an affair with Patrick Devedjian, 68, a former economic recovery minister, in the early 2000s, but that the Socialist Mr Hollande, 58, muscled in when the Right-winger failed to commit himself further to the relationship.

There followed a period “a bit like?Jules et?Jim,” said the co-author Christophe Jakubyszyn, a close friend of the first lady, referring to the 1962 Fran?ois Truffaut film in which Jeanne Moreau is in a love triangle with two men and all three live in the same house.

“Patrick Devedjian hesitated so much that Val?rie Trierweiler allowed herself to be courted by a second man of another political persuasion: Fran?ois Hollande,” he said.

“Little by little, the relationship with Hollande took precedence over the other, notably after an ultimatum in 2003 which Devedjian failed to respect. But he suffered a lot from the break-up. It was a bit like?Jules etJim. Both men still have a lot of respect for each other,” he said.

All three had other partners at the time.

Sounds like we should all move to France

? The Telegraph

They may like midget politicians but their women put out heaps.

Samantha Brick, the journalist who decried women for being jealous of her “lovely looks”, has taken a swipe at French women including the new first lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler.

Miss Brick, who was publicly ridiculed for her article in April entitled Why women hate me for being beautiful, claimed to have an “insight into the sinister machinations” of the minds of French women.

According to Miss Brick, the ladies of France, who are often celebrated as sophisticated and fashionable, are actually adulterous misogynists.

The columnist for the Daily Mail is married to French native Pascal, and has lived in the country for four years.

In her latest article, she described her experience of French women: “I find them hostile and predatory, ever eager to humiliate their rivals and never batting a beautifully made-up eyelid about falling into bed with someone else?s man.

“To them an adulterous affair is a feather in their cap, or merely another scalp. You see, French women don?t really like other women.”

She used Miss Trierweiler, the partner of the new President Francois Hollande, has an example, under the headline: “Think I’m in love with myself? I’m a shrinking violet next to man-stealing French women”.

“She?d brazenly stolen another woman?s man ? the new President Francois Hollande ? from under the nose of his unsuspecting partner and, in doing so, set herself a place at the top table of international politics,” she claimed.

Miss Brick went on to describe Miss Trierweiler as failing to give “even a cursory nod to the ‘sisterhood'” for posing in “glamorous attire” next to the outgoing wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni.