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Reader Content: A lesson in being stonewalled

by Rodney Hide

Whaleoil Readers may remember I have been trying to find out why the Insolvency and Trustee Service has had private investigators asking questions about my activities and movements.

My best mate Hendo is bankrupt — and they are investigating him; after all, everyone else has had a crack — but the Service has no power or authority to be investigating me.

My friends and colleagues have been detained without charge and compelled to give testimony by a Mr Dennis Parsons and a Ms Katherine Keneally from the firm Indepth Forensics Ltd. The two on behalf of the Official Assignee have hovered up information about me, my friends, my family, up to and including the health status of my mother- and father-in-law.

I am anxious to know what they want to know and why.? And why they have never approached me.

I have emailed and rung the Official Assignee Mandy McDonald to no avail. I have been to her Christchurch office to be told by Deputy Official Assignee Robyn Cox that she knows nothing of the investigation and that her staff were present at the interrogations only for the purpose of administering the oath.

She then called a security guard should I return. The security guard was employed for a week. I know because I took him coffee each morning with the promise I would be back the next day.

I have been to my local MP Nicky Wagner.? She secured me the Official Assignee?s assurance that I am not under investigation but this is patently untrue.

I have rung Indepth Forensics only to have them hang up and they refuse to answer my emails. ? Read more »