Barry Hart Guilty

NZ Herald

Barry Hart has a fair bit of niggle coming his way, being found guilty of misconduct is but the start of that niggle:

High-profile defence lawyer Barry Hart has been found guilty of professional misconduct when he overcharged his clients.

The Lawyers and Conveyances Disciplinary Tribunal found Mr Hart’s fee of $35,000 constituted “gross overcharging”.

Mr Hart, 70, is well known in legal circles and has represented high profile criminals such as samurai sword killer Antonie Dixon.

In its decision released today, the tribunal said that while Mr Hart was entitled to charge a high rate for his experience, the figures were more than twice the amount he should have charged.

The five-member tribunal – chaired by Judge Dale Clarkson – found Hart had also failed to tell his clients about his fees.

A two-day hearing into the charge took place at Auckland District Court last month.

Mr Hart did not attend after sending a medical certificate which said he had chest pains, breathing difficulties and fatigue.

Yeah I bet he chest pains, breathing difficulties and fatigue….from hiding all his loot.