Nikki Kaye

Nanny State National getting worse, thanks Nanny State Nikki

National is becoming more and more like the last days of the Helen Clark government.

They are focussing on silly regulatory issues, like kitchen facilities at child care centres.

Early childhood centre managers are questioning a new law that means they will have to pay thousands of dollars to be allowed to cook and?serve food on their premises.

Under the Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015, Early?childhood education (ECE) centres?that serve food prepared by staff had until March 31 to register with their local council or the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). ? Read more »

Labour’s leadership reshuffle “a cosmetic facelift”

It is clear that National have decided to test Jacinda Ardern’s credentials as a Deputy leader of the 2nd largest political party.

Labour’s new deputy leader clashed with Ms Bennett on Newshub’s AM Show on Friday over Ms Kaye’s caustic comments in parliament on Wednesday.

Ms Kaye said Ms Ardern would be good for photo ops but she had a problem remembering anything the MP had done. Read more »

Hooton thinks Nikki Kaye was being mean to Labour’s snowflake Jacinda

Matthew Hooton thinks that Nikki Kaye was being a bit mean to Jacinda Ardern:

NBR political commentator Matthew Hooton says the attack by National MP Nikki Kaye on Labour?s newly-elected deputy leader Jacinda Ardern was a mistake.

The gloves came off during Parliament?s general debate in the House yesterday with National MP Nikki Kaye fronting the attack on her former opponent in the Auckland central seat. ? Read more »

Cat fight goes to round two

Nikki Kaye and Jacinda Ardern are in a cat fight and so far only Nikki has her claws out.

Frankly, I didn’t think she had it in her:

National MP Nikki Kaye has launched an attack on her former opponent in the Auckland Central seat – saying she’s all show and no substance.

“I’ve been in Auckland Central for eight years, I struggle to name anything Jacinda has done”, she said in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms Kaye says Labour Deputy Leader Jacinda Ardern failed Generation X and Y by not supporting a rise in the superannuation age. ? Read more »

Cat fight: Ardern vs Kaye

Nikkie Kaye calls out Jacinda Ardern over superannuation:

Youth Minister Nikki Kaye has taken a swipe at freshly-appointed Labour deputy Jacinda Ardern over her “flip-flopping” on raising the pension age.

Kaye, 37, and Ardern, 36, will both have to wait an extra two years for state superannuation under National’s plan to raise the age of eligibility to 67 by 2040.

The pair?have history after Ardern ran against and lost to Kaye in the largely young professional electorate of Auckland Central in the previous two elections ? their contest was labelled?the “Battle of the Babes”.

Speaking to media on Tuesday morning, Kaye said many of her friends assumed they wouldn’t get anything from the state when they retired and raising the age was the “most honest thing to do”. ? Read more »

Wonder no more: National want Peter Dunne returned as MP for Ohariu

With all the recent speculation about Peter Dunne’s political future, one of the unknowns remained National’s position on Dunne retaining his seat. ? ?Yesterday we got clarity on the issue.

Around $1.1 million will be invested to build two new classrooms at Raroa Normal Intermediate School in Wellington, Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced today.

“The school has an increasing roll so we?re investing in extra classrooms to expand capacity,” says Ms Kaye.

“These new teaching spaces will be modular buildings, which means they meet standards of modern, permanent structures but have the added advantage of being more adaptable.

“This is part of a third round of investments in new classrooms under Budget 2016, which provides $882.5 million for school property, including new classrooms nationwide to meet roll growth,” says Ms Kaye.

And that presser was immediately followed by ? Read more »

Why does the Herald feel it needs to lie to readers?

This was how the NZ Herald pitched a story at readers:

Really? Related? ? Read more »

Face of the Day


Murray Wilson/Fairfax NZ

Cabinet Minister Nikki Kaye has taken leave from her ministerial duties to undergo breast cancer treatment.

In a statement, Kaye said the news was “devastating”.

“On Friday I was told that I have breast cancer. It was devastating news for me and my family,” said the 36-year-old.

“I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family and group of friends who are giving me buckets of love and have been so strong helping me work through this. I also want to acknowledge the PM who has been hugely caring and supportive,” Kaye said.

Kaye is the Minister for ACC, Civil Defence and Youth, but her portfolios have been distributed across other ministers while she focused on her treatment, Prime Minister John Key confirmed.


All this talk of gifting seats to Labour is nonsense and wishful thinking

The Labour-Greens deal has been hammered as a meaningless piece of political theatre, and deservedly so because it achieves nothing. It could achieve something though, if the Greens stop being vote stealers and not run candidates in marginal seats where Labour has a chance of winning. Andrew Little should take a look at the Herald suggestions but not too seriously, and negotiate a deal to see Labour win seats because there is no Green candidate.

?Labour’s leader, Andrew Little, was quick to reserve his party’s options post-election, saying the agreement would end on election day. Is it a non-aggression pact for the election? It could be, they say. They might consider not contesting some seats to give a candidate from one or the other a better chance of winning. But that has not been decided either. Will it mean joint policies? Possibly.

The three seats where the Green candidate gifts the seat to National are Auckland Central, Ohariu & Christchurch Central.

Auckland?Central? Nikki Kaye has a margin of 600 over Jacinda Adern. Denise Roche, the Green candidate, won 2080 votes. Those votes going to Labour could have seen a relatively comfortable victory to Jacinda.

Ohariu? Peter Dunne has a margin of 710 over the highly rated Ginny Andersen. The Green candidate, Tane Woodley, got 2764 votes.

Christchurch Central? This is a?little harder for Labour to win as Nicky Wagner has a majority of 2420 thanks to exceptional work in the electorate over a long period of time, but she was running against a drip, Tony Milne from Labour, and David Moorehouse from the Greens won 2800 votes. Like Ginny Andersen, the Labour candidate, Duncan Web, is extremely highly rated by people outside the Labour Party, mainly for doing the Lords work fighting EQC, so he would have a good chance if the Greens did not run a candidate. ? Read more »

Nikki Kaye gets sledged by Tracey Martin

Nikki Kaye cops a sledging from Tracey Martin on Facebook:

What the hell is going on Nikki Kaye ????

I contacted your offices last year about community funded swimming pools in closed schools being demolished without any notice to the communities?

Do you not think that rural communities deserve to be spoken to about the assets they fund raised for? ? Read more »