Bloody NIMBYs work to wreck plans for new RSA

Only the most miserable person would object to the construction of a new RSA, but that is what has happened in Christchurch.

Christchurch war veterans are battling to drink at their new RSA because neighbours believe they could be a “noise nuisance”.

The Returned Services’ Association, due to re-open on Armagh St next month, applied for a liquor on-licence to serve alcohol from 8am to 1am, seven days a week. Proceeds from drink sales would supplement their veterans’ welfare trust.

Several neighbours opposed the application, including two apartment building body corporates.

RSA president Pete Dawson said neighbours had the right to object, but it was frustrating after 95 years of “exemplary” behaviour on the site. About 75 per cent of the RSA’s 1100 members were war veterans. More than 200 were more than 90 years old.? Read more »

Nimbyism alive and well…on Waiheke


NIMBY’s oppose the neater and tidier development of a marina on Waiheke

I see the Horrid?s irony bypass continues to deliver, calling the mega-wealthy John Hawkesby ?an island winery owner and wine reviewer? and backing his David vs Goliath battle to stop progress on Waiheke in the form of a much-needed marina in the most logical place to have it.

Opponents of a 160-berth marina plan for Waiheke Island’s most visited bay are trying to raise $175,000 for a battle in the Environment Court by taking $20 donations and selling T-shirts and tickets to a variety concert.? Read more »