Trees as a source of pollution

Who would ever have thought that those great big forests we have in New Zealand, the pine plantations are actually massive polluters?

They are actually.

We know the drill. Cities are gray pollution farms and forests are verdant planetary saviors. We also know it’s more complicated than that. Here’s an interesting way a seemingly “green” forest can be a source of pollution.

Approximately 30 percent of forested land in Japan consists of plantations. Some of them are new, well-managed, and environmentally sound. Others are old, and have fallen out of use. The older plantations tend to be cedar and cypress farms, which were first planted over forty years ago, when demand for these kinds of wood were high. It has dropped since then, and the farms aren’t being managed anymore, but the trees are still around.

Like animals, plants have a youth during which they need certain kinds of nutrition. Young trees and plants take up a great deal of nitrogen. One of the major problems for farmers, before commercial fertilizers and crop rotation, was the fact that new-planted crops would suck all the nitrogen out of fields. Each successive generation of crops would leave the soil more and more impoverished until harvests failed and people starved. Growing plants need nitrogen.   Read more »


Bludging Farmers should pay the True Costs of Pollution


So far no farmer or farmer representative has been willing to provide an un-edit post on why farmers should be given a free right to pollute.

To give some economic context to the nitrogen health issue, a high producing Canterbury dairy farm under irrigation leaches 130 kilograms of nitrogen for every hectare, every year.   Read more »


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Solid Nitrogen

Who is to blame for the Milk scandal?

There is a great deal of press regarding the DCD milk scandal…but who is to blame?

Of course it is easy to blame the useless repeaters intent on massive headlines…which of course I did. But the real root of the issue lies with smelly hippies and the green taliban.

They have been intent on demanding our farmers be clean and green…look at this list of Labour and Green luminaries that implored the use of this ‘technology’

The Labour Party:

“We have been gratified by the support we have received for Eco-n from the Government with the very positive visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Jim Anderton.

Mr Anderton’s visit was followed by a visit from Associate Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.”

Ravensdown Annual Report 2006

and;  Read more »