No Shame

Sad Shag Lenny Brown

Two more songs and videos about Auckland’s embarrassment of a mayor.

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Kerre McIvor on the ‘shameless embarrassment’ that is Len Brown

Bromhead cartoon from HoS

Bromhead cartoon from HoS

Kerre McIvor is fed up with Len Brown too.

Is there anyone left supporting him except Brian Rudman.

I would be quite happy if I never had to read another story about Len Brown and his contrition and his misunderstanding of the way council protocol works ever again.

I didn’t care about his pathetic affair (although I could have done without reading the sordid details).

But you did read them, didn’t you Kerre?

I was ambivalent about the hotel upgrades – people get upgraded all the time when there are spare seats and rooms – and besides, there’s no way to get rid of him unless he resigns and, let’s face it, he’s not going to get a gig like this again, is he? ? Read more »

McCarten on Brown, no friends left now

Len Brown has no friends left.

Matt McCarten, who can normally be relied upon for a last ditch defence, has instead thrown Len Brown under the bus.

Everyone’s piling in on our hapless mayor.

The political attacks from his enemies and public callings for him to resign, including from the powerful?NZ Herald, will be stressful for him.

But the poundings from the daily incoming missiles are insignificant compared to the trauma of seeing the humiliation and hurt his wife and daughters are suffering because of his conduct. Their idol has stained them with a stench that will linger forever.

That is the real reason Len Brown looks like the walking dead.

What Brown did destroyed his reputation. He may resign after he has had the summer to ponder his options. But I suspect he won’t.

No Shame Lenny Brown.

Until this week Brown’s crime has been mainly about moral hypocrisy by using his wholesome family image to help his career for years while being privately the opposite. Without doubt, if any council employees had used council property or work time for trysts, they would have been fired with the mayor’s blessing.

This week the findings of the investigation take things to another level. His conduct crossed from his personal misbehaviour to the professional compromise of the office of mayor.

At first glance the report finding of non-disclosure of hotel room upgrading was a little pedantic. However, he knew hotels would automatically upgrade him to VIP status for nothing. Obviously he considered it a perk he chose not to declare. But staying at SkyCity hotels with undeclared freebies at the same time the “convention centre for pokies” deal was being done is inappropriate for several serious reasons.

Wait until Matt McCarten finds out the the real truth behind the upgrades.

Brown won’t get another term, regardless of what happens. So he should forget about himself and spend his energy doing big meaningful things for the people who put him there. That’s the mayor’s pathway to redemption.

Otherwise he may as well resign now and put himself, his family and us out of our misery.

Len Brown only ever thinks of himself. He is a classic narcissist.

The supreme arrogance, vanity and psychopathy of Mayor Len Brown

Len Brown

Len Brown refuses to stand down for his poor judgment, his misuse of council property, resources and staff, not to mention his abuse of his position and power as Mayor.

He thinks this can all be swept under the carpet and we will all forget. He claims he made a mistake…a mistake he made constantly over two years but a mistake nonetheless.

Well let me recount the tale of this visit to a local shopping centre near where I live. There is a gym, a barber, a couple of convenience stores, a Subway, a Coffee Club, a couple of law firms, a few restaurants, a pizza hop and a takeaways…it is a small suburban shopping centre on a main thoroughfare in a growing area.? Read more »

No Shame Brown, now blames work for affair

Len Brown really has no shame.

Look at what he is now saying:

Mr Brown says most councillors recognise the affair is a private matter for him, and he will be committing more time to his family during this term.

“Much of what I’ve been through reflects the fact that I need a better work-life balance and I’ll be genuinely looking for that. I’ve had to admit that I’m a workaholic. So all of those things mean that for my family I need to find time.”

The mayor made no reference in his inauguration speech to the controversy over the past fortnight since admitting that he had had a two-year affair with a member of a council advisory panel.? Read more »

No Shame Brown sworn in to jeers from protestors

No Shame Len Brown was sworn in last night amid jeers from protestors.

He also shamelessly paraded his wife and professed his love for her.

He did that via text message to Bevan Chuang on Christmas once too…so not sure what that all means.

Len Brown was tonight officially sworn in as Auckland’s mayor for a second term, as cries from protesters interrupted his opening speech.

Yells of “shame” and “you sold our people out” rang out as ?Brown spoke to the inaugural meeting of the new council in the Auckland Town Hall.? Read more »

No Shame, Ctd

Some people have absolutely no shame, they are the lowest of the low, they are also stupid:

A rest-home worker waited until his elderly victims were in the bathroom before stealing jewellery worth thousands of dollars.

Juan Paulo Castro Villanueva, 26, stole dozens of pieces while he was a caregiver for two elderly women in poor health at Shona McFarlane retirement village in Avalon.

They included a nine-carat gold ring worth $3500, a necklace worth $1400 and a gold ring valued at $495.

More than $10,000 worth of jewellery was stolen from one of the women. Pieces valued at $4900 remain unrecovered.

Villanueva, who pleaded guilty to two charges of theft in Lower Hutt District Court on Friday, made 13 trips to local secondhand dealers Cash Converters and The Tool Box to offload the jewellery.

He provided his driver’s licence as identification. This later helped police to track him down, after one of the elderly women reported some jewellery stolen.

Villanueva admitted his crimes, but said he could not remember how many pieces he took.


Winston, Petard, Hoist

I choked on my cornflakes when I heard this from Winston Peters this morning.

The man has no shame:

So that would include letting you know about big?‘anonymous’?donations for your legal bills? The bundles of travel vouchers? Did they tell him about where those came from?

No Shame, Ctd

Some people have no shame:

A live-in caregiver who stole $35,510 from her widowed Napier employer accepted a $2500 severance payment and dinner with her victim’s family when she resigned in April, knowing the game was almost up.

The trusting and rewarding generosity of Valerie Deakin and family was revealed on Friday by her daughter-in-law, Rachel Deakin, after a judge in Napier District Court sentenced 64-year-old Kay Frances Coull to nine months’ community detention, and ordered minimum reparation of $25 a week.

At that rate, 87-year-old Mrs Deakin will be a centenarian before the debt is paid in full.

Rachel Deakin said the breach of trust by a woman who had worked for her mother-in-law for almost five years before the year-long spate of 88 bank card thefts was discovered, was “pretty gutting” to all of the family.

What is more shameful is the lenient and gutless way the court has dealt with?punishment?and reparations.

The Standard fess up to Labour party funding

Wonders never cease.

Today the folk at The Standard have announced that they will reveal who they all are and admit to being funded by the Labour Party and EPMU.

Tane, de facto leader and Union activist said “In the interests of transparency we at The Standard will reveal our true identities. We supported the Electoral Finance Act and so it would be the right thing to do to renounce our anonymity and where our funding comes from.”

In other news the anonymous bloggers at Kiwiblogblog have admitted that they have hard to reconcile sexual fantasies about David P. Farrar.

Ickystinky said “It’s hard to admit, but I think it some sort of penis envy, I mean DPF always has stories and pictures about hot chicks he has laid and I can’t even pull my mother”