Nokia goes American…remember those who said NZ needed a Nokia?


A reader emails:


Remember the Hullaballoo last year involving Gerry Brownlee when he took on the Finns last year? This saw some distinct Opposition chest beating, as it picked on one of their favourite countries (despite Finland’s love of Nuclear power and embrace GM technology).

I bet Gerry will be enjoying a wry smile over news that Nokia has been picked up by Microsoft for way less than Len Brown’s new train set in Auckland will cost. As both will lose money, which one would WO readers most prefer? ?Google, several year’s ago, picked up Ericsson Mobile Motorola Mobility (who had invented the mobile phone), proving you can go from hero to zero very quickly in tech.

Yet this got me thinking about all those ‘experts’ who castigate farming by saying we need to ‘develop a Nokia of our own.’ While the meat industry has its issues, at least its in demand, more so than Nokia’s loss making business, or should i now say, Microsoft Mobile.

Remember what the Finnish ‘comedian’, Tuomas?Enbuske, said after big Gerry corrected Shearers Finnish myth last year?

“We have Kimi Raikkonen … you have sheep. ?We have Linus Torvalds [creator of Linux computer software] … you have sheep. ?We have the Angry Birds game … you have sheep.?We have Alvar Aalto [architect] … you have sheep.?We have Nokia … you have sheep. ?We have Martti Ahtisaari [Nobel winner] … you have sheep. ?Thank you. Greetings from Finland.” ? Read more »

Whaletech: The Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

This is a review provided by the wife of a long term reader of the blog.

Before I begin this I should point out that we are an iPhone family.

Admittedly my two previous phones from the Apple family have been hand me downs from my partner but I have been amazed at how these phones work, the features and apps available have made life easier and I have found myself able to do most of my online work and leisure through the handset rather than having to switch on the computer.

So it was with some scepticism I received the news that I was to be given a new phone to trial and it was not an Apple. Big boots to fill you could say.

My requirements beyond the usual making and receiving phone calls and texting the kids have grown to fit the modern smartphone world with email, taking photos, Facebook and browsing the web becoming an increasing part of my usage.

The first thing that struck me upon opening the box was the wireless charging. Quite how it works is a complete mystery but surely all rechargeable items will be using a similar method soon. You just lay the phone on the charging pad and hey presto! No more knotted wires, no more trying to plug it in. Just put the phone on the pad and away it goes.? Read more »

Still keen on following Finland, David?

? Mashable

David Shearer is a big fan of Finland and of their hi-tech industry (well Nokia really)…he constantly says we should be following what they are doing.

Hmmm…I’m not sure we should. David Shearer put the politician’s hex on Finland the moment he expressed pride and joy in?their?country in just the same way a batsman goes out just when a commentator says they are set for their ton.

Nokia has announced it will close its factories in Finland, Germany and Canada and lay off up to 10,000 workers before the end of 2013.

In this ?sharpening of strategy? Nokia will focus on ?products and experiences that make Lumia smartphones stand out and available to more consumers,? invest in location-based services (Nokia Maps) and improve the competitiveness and profitability of its feature phone business.

On the cutting side, besides closing the R&D facilities in Ulm, Germany, Burnaby, Canada and the manufacturing facility in Salo, Finland (the R&D efforts in Salo will continue), Nokia plans to prioritize its key markets, streamline IT, corporate and support functions and reduce costs in its non-core assets.

?We intend to pursue an even more focused effort on Lumia, continued innovation around our feature phones, while placing increased emphasis on our location-based services. However, we must re-shape our operating model and ensure that we create a structure that can support our competitive ambitions,? said Stephen Elop, Nokia president and CEO.

The announcement comes only four months after Nokia?announced?it will cut 4,000 jobs globally as it shifts device assembly to Asia.


Be more like Finland – and start going backwards

? Sydney Morning Herald

David Shearer thinks we should be more like Finland…there are some appealing aspects to this…the hot chicks…the naked beer runs…and top rifles they make…but it isn’t all good news out of Finland:

Samsung Electronics has ended Nokia’s 14-year leadership of the global mobile phone market in the first quarter of the year, outselling the struggling Finnish handset maker for the first time ever, according to a Reuters poll of analysts.

The poll showed analysts on average expect Samsung to have sold 88 million mobile phones in January through March, surpassing the 83 million which Nokia sold in the quarter.

Nokia had announced the sales total on Wednesday when it warned of losses from the phones business in the first and second quarter. Samsung is due to release quarterly numbers on April 27.

Nokia has struggled for several years in the smartphone race, but its dominance in the lower end of the market has allowed it to keep its rank as the world’s largest mobile maker by volume.

The fall of the Finnish firm has been rapid over the last few months as in a similar poll in January it was still expected to stay far ahead of Samsung.

“After 14 years as the largest global mobile phone maker, getting knocked off the top spot will come as a bitter blow to Nokia,” said Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight, who has followed the industry since the 1990s.

“In contrast it will be greeted with euphoria by Samsung – they’ll be dancing from the boardroom to the factory floor,” Wood said.