North Island

North of where?

After spending a week telling us we’re going to get slammed by two cyclones, the Media Party are now telling us that it won’t be happening.

But they do say this…

A cyclone swirling in the Pacific north of Aotearoa has been upgraded to severe.

WeatherWatch this morning said Cyclone Winston had ramped up to Category 4, which would increase the chances of more dangerous beach conditions for parts of the North Island.

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Looks like El Nino is coming. Watch the Green Taliban wax lyrical it is global warming

I just want to get this on record, so that every time the Green Taliban and it?s enablers complain about warm dry conditions, I can point back to this and show them they?re still no better than last year?s Luddites.

An El Nino hitting New Zealand this summer is now “extremely likely”, climate scientists say.

The National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA) today issued its climate outlook for the next three months, reporting that it was “virtually certain” – with a 97 per cent chance – that the ocean-driven El Nino would continue through to October.

Further, it was “extremely likely” – with a likelihood of above 90 per cent – that the El Nino would persist into the summer of 2015/16.

Over the next three months, above-normal pressure was forecast over and to the south of Australia, while below normal pressure was expected well to the northeast of New Zealand. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Google Earth. A long swirled wake was spotted on Google Earth in Oke Bay, part of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Photo: Google Earth.
A long swirled wake was spotted on Google Earth in Oke Bay, part of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Too big to be a shark and too fast for a whale…

So what is the mystery creature captured by Google Earth off the coast of New Zealand?

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Photo Of The Day

Photograph by NASA : [12 December 2006]

Photograph by NASA : [12 December 2006]

Going for a (Space)?Walk

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Cunliffe vs the truth…again

David Cunliffe’s truthiness issue seems to be getting worse. Today he tweets about the regions:

However the facts are quite different

Provincial regions across the country have led New Zealand?s economic recovery from the Global Financial Crisis according to new Statistics New Zealand numbers released today, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says.

Bay Of Plenty, Gisborne and Hawke?s Bay in the North Island, and Nelson/Tasman, Canterbury, Otago, and Southland, have experienced growth above the national average of the five year period from 2008 to 2013, while Auckland, the West Coast, and Waikato have been just under the average. Meanwhile Taranaki continues to generate the highest GDP per capita by some margin.? Read more »

Map of the Day

Map of the Day




State Highway 1

2047km in length (1106km North Island, 941km South Island)

Starts at Cape Reinga, Ends at Bluff

Map of the Day



Predominant industries of the North Island

Apparently we are Rednecks if we don’t like Maori names

People objecting to the renaming of the two main islands with Maori names have been labelled rednecks:

Cultural commentators hope for a reasoned debate on a move to recognise alternative names for both the North and South Islands – but one says it’s likely to bring out pedants and rednecks.

The Geographic Board is publicly consulting on proposals to assign official alternative names to the two main islands – Te Ika a Maui for the North and Te Waipounamu for the South. The first refers to demi-god Maui’s act of fishing up the North Island while the second is a reference to that island’s greenstone.

Ngai Tahu’s Tahu Potiki said Te Waipounamu was the most commonly used term by Maori in the South although there were other names such as Te Waahipounamu, Arapawa, Mahunui, Te Waka a Aoraki, Te Waka a Maui.

“It’ll bring all the pedants out of the bloody provinces is all. It’ll probably draw out a few rednecks as well but I think it’s a nice idea.”

It’s alright to be redneck.

Shearer enthusiastic about Maori island names

David Shearer it seems a big fan of Maori names.

Not surprising since he believes in Taniwha too…?

Labour’s leader has no issue with Maori names being being used for the North and South Islands.

The New Zealand Geographic Board has started public consultation on officially assigning Te Ika-a-Maui for the North Island and Te Waipounamu for the South.? Read more »