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Fairfax censorship? This is the song they withdrew

This song, from Day Above Ground, called ‘Asian Girlz’, is making all the news all over the world and has more than one million views on Youtube in just 3 days.

Fairfax even had a story about it yesterday…but have now taken the story down. Why is that? Are they censoring news?

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Why public transport sucks, big donnybrook on Perth Bus

This is why you won’t catch me on public transport…feral scum. This donnybrook is making news in Australia.

Warning NSFW: Language

It started with racial abuse then continued with a tirade of explicit language and threatening gestures,?and ended in an all-out brawl.

The shocking footage, taken by a passenger on a Transperth bus, shows a verbal altercation that spiralled into a violent punch-up between two women.

It appears the incident was sparked after one of the woman confronted the other over racial comments made toward another passenger.

Within minutes the argument became physical and a fight broke out.

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Cool Video from Amanda Palmer, NSFW

? Boing Boing

This stop motion video from Amanda “Fucking” Palmer is cool…though be warned it is NSFW (Nudity). It would have taken ages to film it…she outlines how long on her blog:

NSFW – What will Parsloe do now?

Seriously NSFW:

A news report of the worlds most epic sex shop fire in Kings Cross, Sydney…. Yes this video is real, this person IS NOT an actor!

What on earth is Garry Parsloe and the rest of the Maritime Union executive going to do now?

Dear Kyle Chapman

Kyle Chapman is a sad, pathetic, inbred, scum-sucking, circle-jerking loser. We shouldn’t show outrage at him and his 5 friends who want to march up Queen Street. They should just be pointed at and mocked.

WARNING: This video is NSFW (Not Safe for Work)