Nova Camp

More registered ratbag teachers, silence from teacher unions

The PPTA has come out strongly against Charter Schools today after the government announcement of the first schools.

“The evidence of just how destructive charter schools will be to our public education system is overwhelming. It beggars belief that we would introduce them here in the face of all the damage they have done to vulnerable students in communities overseas,” McIntosh said.

Charter schools will be fully taxpayer funded profit-making private schools, with limited protections for students, operating in secret without little or no representation by parents and little oversight to ensure taxpayer funds are spent appropriately.

“There has been no transparency, no honesty and no electoral mandate. Handing students over to untrained teachers who don’t have to offer the New Zealand curriculum is a social experiment driven by ideology, not research. It is the Act Party’s desperate attempt to ‘unleash the forces of the market’ in the education sector,” she said.

They haven’t produced any of that evidence they claim exists, and in fact what evidence that has been produced has been shown to be manipulated.

They haven’t issued a press release though about these ratbags…all registered, some retaining their registration…  Read more »

I’ll bet she was registered too, yet another dodgy teacher busted

The teacher unions oppose almost everything, but they especially oppose charter schools on the basis that the teachers won’t have to be registered. Apparently that means that the teachers will be of a lower quality, or put the kids at risk.

I imagine this woman was registered as a high quality and safe teacher, when she committed fraud:

The president of a rowing club at a top Auckland school said it came close to liquidation after a teacher stole $40,000.

Former Takapuna Grammar teacher Nova Camp, 54, was sentenced to seven months and two weeks’ home detention when she appeared at the North Shore District Court today.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to three representative charges of using a document to obtain a pecuniary advantage.  Read more »