NRA Political Victory Fund

Never mess with the NRA


The NRA is simply the best campaigning organisation in the world.

I joined the NRA for two reasons, first because they protect firearms owners, and secondly because I wanted to see how they campaign.

And when I say they are the best I mean it. They recently scored a more than 91% success rate in the mid-term elections in the US.

The biggest winner from the 2014-midterm elections is the NRA, which scored an astounding 91.2 percent win rate, according to the NRA.? Read more »

Strange Endorsement

The NRA has endorsed Mitt Romney for president:

I’m proud to announce today that your NRA Political Victory Fund is endorsing?Mitt Romney?and?Paul Ryan?for President and Vice President of the United States.

Mitt Romney came to our annual NRA Leadership Forum earlier this year. He looked you, me and every one of our fellow NRA members straight in the eye and pledged to uphold and defend our Second Amendment freedoms.

Mitt Romney will appoint pro-Second Amendment judges to the Supreme Court…defend our sovereign Right to Keep and Bear Arms from the U.N. gun ban treaty…and protect our fundamental right to use a firearm in self-defense!

On the other hand, Barack Obama has spent his entire career trying to take away your freedom to own, use, and carry a firearm.

These guys are deluded, Obama has sold more guns than any other bloke ever.