Boom! Take that traitor

Excuse me while I just ROTFLMAO:

Russia is considering sending Edward Snowden back to the United States as a ‘gift’ to President Donald Trump, according to a US Intelligence report.

Trump has called the whistleblower a ‘spy’ and a ‘traitor’ who deserves to be executed.

A Snowden handover is an attempt for Russia President Vladimir Putin?to ‘curry favor’ with Trump, a senior US official with knowledge of sensitive Russian intelligence information told NBC News on Friday.

Snowden?s ACLU lawyer, Ben Wizner, said he was unaware of any plan to extradite his client.

‘Team Snowden has received no such signals and has no new reason for concern’, Wizner said.

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Where is Snowden now?

It appears that Edward Snowden, the traitor, has disappeared again.

Foreign Policy reports that he has checked out of the hotel he has been incarcerated at. Given he doesn’t have a passport this is probably not a good development for Snowden.

For exactly a month, NSA leaker Edward Snowden has sat holed up in a Moscow airport, caught in the purgatory of its so-called “transit zone.” Now, he’s gone.

Or at least that’s what RIA-Novosti is reporting. “If I’m not mistaken he is not here,” a hotel employee?told?the state-run news agency.

If Snowden has in fact left the Sheremetyevo airport, his departure would mark an appropriate end to the media spectacle that has played out inside its terminals. As Snowden has fed documents to his preferred media outlets and the world marveled at the true capabilities of the NSA, the man behind those revelations has stayed almost entirely out of the spotlight. He?provided?one interview to the?Guardian?at an early stage in his saga, and, then, promptly disappeared.? Read more »

Snowden is a spy and a traitor, not a whistleblower

The leftwing, media and other tards like the fat german all jumped onto Edward Snowden’s little bandwagon, but evidence has now emerged that the little toe-rag was in fact a spy and ?traitor, not the whistle-blower he made out himself to be.

The Chinese would have learned about all this when the US presented evidence to extradite him and decided they would be better off rid of him, they have now palmed the problem off to the Russians.

Edward Snowden will be finding out that they aren’t so flash as hosts either. He can look forward to stop for a very long time in Leavenworth when he eventually turns up back in the US.

Edward Snowden took up a position at a US government defence contractor specifically to gather evidence on Washington’s surveillance programs, he has told the South China Morning Post.

He joined Booz Allen Hamilton to collect proof about the US National Security Agency’s secret programs with the aim of releasing the details to the media, he said in the interview on June 12 which has been published on Tuesday.? Read more »

A new Godwin’s Law?

We all know what Godwin’s law is…leftists usually are the first to break it, but now it is thought there is a new Godwin’s law.

Samuel Johnson once said that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Patriotism, and bad analogies.

For the uninitiated,?Godwin’s Law?is one of the cardinal rules of the Internet. Coined in 1990 by Internet law expert Mike Godwin, the principle — confirmed by countless contentious comment threads across the web — is that the longer an online discussion persists, the greater the odds become that someone will make a comparison to Nazis or Adolf Hitler, to the point of near-inevitability. Nothing ends a debate faster than the hyperbolic unsupported counterfactual: “You know who else did [INSERT SUBJECT OF ARGUMENT HERE]? Hitler!”

We get this all the time…usually from teachers unions…they used it against Anne Tolley and are yet to deploy it against Hekia Parata…only a matter of time though.

But Hitler and the Nazis aren’t the only recurring straw men used to end debates. Over the past 12 years, it’s become clear that the longer a national security debate persists, the more likely it becomes that someone will try to end it by suggesting something — some policy, some person, some technology — “could have prevented 9/11.”? Read more »

Tin Foil Hat Brigade over reacts

Over the weekend the tin foil hat brigade went all nuts over Prism, a system that apparently the NSA can use to spy on people, including New Zealanders.

Predictably Kim Dotcon’s PR maestro and embedded journalist David Fisher had to write something about it all on behalf of his large German friend.

Mr Dotcom, who faces extradition to the US on charges of copyright violation, said he believed the GCSB sifted through Prism data with his details prior to the arrest. “It certainly did involve Prism. GCSB relies heavily on US spy technology. The Five Eyes have one brain and it sits in the US.”

Papers released in the Dotcom court case support the links to the Five Eyes network but crucially have the name of the intelligence system doing the actual spying deleted. The papers were released after it emerged the GCSB illegally spied on Mr Dotcom in the lead-up to the unlawful raid in which he was arrested.

Documents show analysts tasked with organising the spying marked it as associated with the Five Eyes network. One document, classifying it as “Secret”, listed the five member nations and stated: “Please enter into [name of system redacted] and mark as priority.” The accompanying list is called “Selectors of Interest” and details a long string of information similar to that used in Prism. It includes cellphone numbers, driver licence details, email addresses, passport numbers, internet protocol and real world addresses.

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WhaleTech: Who is surprised at this, really?

via Boing Boing

via Boing Boing

Turns out the spies are hard wired into your email, Skype and other conversations. ?All to keep the world safe from the nasty people, of course.

A leaked NSA slide-deck claims that NSA has “direct access” to servers at Google, Apple, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, and many others.

The Guardian and The Washington Post have both been leaked a 41-slide NSA presentation on a program called PRISM, which — according to the slides — gives the spy agency (part of the US military) “direct access” to the servers of the biggest Internet companies in America, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo and Skype. The papers have released three slides (reproduced above). The presentation dates from April 2013, and is marked “top secret with no distribution to foreign allies” and is claimed to be part of training material for new spies.

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