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Harden up cupcakes – Good enough for the troops, good enough for you

The Media party are all having a wail about having to shit in a bucket on?the?flight up to Fiji.

The Media party decided to travel for free with the PM up to his visit in Fiji.?Clearly they were more focussed on scoring a free trip to Fiji without realising that the PM was flying directly to Suva and landing at Nausori airport. For those who have never flown into Nausori it is rather agricultural to say the least. It is in fact a regional airport with a runway length of just 1868m. To put that in perspective Wellington airport is 2081m and considered rather short for commercial flights.

Normal commercial airliners operated from NZ like?the Boeing?737 or the A320 could all land there but they would be struggling to take off again with their require runway length for takeoff being several football field longer than Nausori. So it was a C-130 Hercules that was flown from NZ to Suva, because even the small Boeing 757 operated by the Air Force can’t go into Nausori.

Now I don’t know about you dear readers but I’ve been in?the?back of a C-130 Hercules…and comfort is not what it was built for. It is a military transport plane. That said the facilities are good enough for our troops but obviously not good enough for the pampered bottoms of our luvvies in the ?Media party.

Red Tracy is upset about the toilet facilities on a Hercules:

I’m balanced on one leg with my pants down and all that stands between me and a plane full of diplomats,?military personnel, journalists and the prime minister’s delegation is a tarpaulin hanging from the roof.

These are the “facilities” on board the Air Force Hercules, prime minister John Key’s other “VIP plane” during international travel.

The loo is a bucket and I’ve just lost the toilet roll down the side. ? Read more »

Queens Honours for training Iraqis? Pull the other one

If you believe this story then I have a bridge I can sell you.

There is no way that our soldiers in a camp with thousands of armed soldiers from many different nations are at all worried about a few goat shaggers in black get up knowing who they are.

Fear of Islamic jihadists has forced the New Zealand Defence Force to keep its military heroes secret for a second year running.

Two soldiers have received a Distinguished Service Decoration in the latest Queen’s Birthday Honours list, but have been announced only as soldiers?C and J.

The soldiers were working to help train members of the Iraq army.

A Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet spokesperson said the identities had been withheld for security reasons.

In April of last year the army said all personnel serving in Iraq would have their identities kept secret. ? Read more »

NZ Army to replace Steyr with AR15 variant from LMT

LMT rifle

The era of the Steyr AUG in the NZ Army is over with the selection LMT as the preferred tenderer for the replacement programme.

A Request for Tender for the provision of contemporary individual weapons, necessary training, and associated support to the NZDF closed on 12 November 2014. Following the evaluation of the tender responses, the companies listed below were selected for the trials programme phase of the evaluation, which was undertaken between 2 March and 1 June 2015.

The following companies were selected for the Individual Weapon trials phase:

  • Beretta New Zealand Limited
  • ?esk? zbrojovka a.s.
  • Colt Canada Corporation
  • XTEK Limited (Sig Sauer)
  • Heckler & Kock GmbH
  • Lewis Machine & Tools Co Inc

Following the trials programme phase of the evaluation of tenders, the Ministry has selected Lewis Machine & Tool Co Inc of the USA as preferred Tenderer. Subject to the Ministry undertaking a Due Dilligence activity and negotiation of a contract package, New Zealand Government approval will be sought to proceed to award of a contract.

LMT already supply the Designated Marksman Rifle, a 7.62mm AR platform rifle, selected in 2012.

This is a good development as the AR platform is far more versatile that the Steyr AUG platform and the NZ Army armourers will be very familiar with the capabilities of the rifle. The Aussies though have continued with their developments with a move toward the EF88/F90 variant.

The new rifle is expected to be introduced into service by 2016-17. LMT offer choices in gas/direct or piston impingement on the bolt carrier…piston would be my preference.

No specification details of the exact LMT rifle are available yet.


There was once a time when media understood operational security

The media are hankering after the identities of Kiwi troops being deployed to Iraq.

One can only assume that they want to put these soldiers and their families in even more danger. Instead they turn it into a story about the NZDF being secretive.

The media disgusts me.

The Government is keeping a tight lid on the identities of the soldiers being deployed to Iraq to ensure the safety of both them and their families from what it calls a barbaric terrorist group with “broad tentacles”.

The New Zealand Defence Force’s reconnaissance team has already arrived in Iraq and next month Kiwi troops were expected to be deployed to train Iraqi soldiers in the fight against Islamic State (IS).

While the threat to soldiers and their families shouldn’t be a worry on a “daily basis”, Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee told TVNZ’s Q+A it was enough of a concern to warrant protecting the identities of all those being deployed. Read more »

The Gurkhas are here!


Personnel from 1RGR arrive into Christchurch airport en-route to Tekapo Military Training Area.

Perhaps the most feared soldiers in the world and credited for being the reason the Argies finally capitulated at Port Stanley, the Gurkhas are in NZ for some training.

More than 140 soldiers from 1 Royal Gurkha Regiment (1RGR) have arrived in the South Island for the military exercise Pacific Kukri 2014,?a biennial exercise hosted by the NZ Army.

The main body of personnel from 1RGR arrived through Christchurch airport last week and have since departed to begin their training in Tekapo.? Read more »

General Keating wrote a letter

A letter to the editor of the Dominion Post to be precise.

I am responding to the article by Karl du Fresne (Opinion, Feb 21) in which he questions why any woman might want to join the New Zealand Defence Force.

The answer is, for the same reasons that people like Mr du Fresne seek to join the club of cynical old curmudgeons – it’s a calling. Military women, like their male counterparts, wish to play an active role in the vital task of defending New Zealand’s values, interests, culture and way of life.

Military women serve with pride, and I have no doubt that we need more women in the Defence Force, not fewer. ? Read more »

Jock Anderson on defamation

Jock Anderson writes at NBR about the result of the defamation case between Jon Stephenson and the NZ Army.

Lawyers say the one constant about defamation is that it is a two-edged sword.

Defamation trials do not always deliver a clear-cut result for one side or the other.

Zealous freelance reporter Jon Stephenson might do well to reflect on that as he ponders his next step in a public skirmish with defence force head Lieutenant-General Rhys Jones.

A hung jury was unable to agree this week on whether General Jones defamed Mr Stephenson by challenging whether the reporter went to a base in Afghanistan and spoke to a commander he claimed he did in his subsequent stories.

Before being discharged, the jury told the trial judge they were unlikely to even reach a nine-to-three majority verdict.

Jurors were clearly split on whether Mr Stephenson was defamed, or, if he was, how much money ? if any ? he should get.

Mr Stephenson, who says the case was not about the money, wanted $500,000 damages.

General Jones?s lawyer Hugh Rennie QC suggested an appropriate sum ? if any ??was $10. ? Read more »

New Army Camo [VIDEO + IMAGES]

The NZ Army has started deployment of its new?Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniforms (MCUs).


The NZ Army has taken on a new look with an updated uniform and the first soldiers to get to enjoy the new clothing and wear the Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniforms (MCUs) is New Zealand 1st?Brigade.? Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Gilmore is S.A.S.


Could this be Aaron Gilmore (left, obscured) or is that in him in the background?

News came in over night from my deep cover military sources.? Read more »


Thanks and Well Done

Our NZDF boys and girls have completed their mission in Bamiyan and are returning home.

Photo: NZDF

Photo: NZDF

The?New Zealand?flag has been lowered for the final time at Kiwibase in Bamiyan marking the official close of the Provincial Reconstruction Team and this country’s 10-year involvement with it.

The?United States?and Malaysian flag, representing other nations in the PRT, were also lowered leaving the Afghan flag flying alone.? Read more »