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Weasel Words from Dirty Rich Henry

Rich Henry is speaking…rubbish

Getfrank, our online magazine?which originally started as a student?s idea?has experienced rapid growth for four years since its launch. As with many online businesses the journey over the last few years has been an incredible learning experience with things changing on a daily basis.

As you may be aware, Getfrank has recently come under some scrutiny from the NZ Bloggers Union. We have always worked to maintain constructive, solid and positive relationships with our contributors who have provided us permission to publish their articles on Getfrank.

Getfrank greatly appreciates feedback from our contributors and readers of the magazine and as such, we are continually looking at how better we can work to provide content that our readership has come to expect and demand from Getfrank.

To our many supporters and partners, can I express our heartfelt thanks for standing beside us on this journey.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch. We?re always here.


Richard Henry

[email protected]

The arrogance of the man. Pure marketing gooblydegook. If Rich Henry thinks making agreements three years ago and then ignoring the content providers and pocketing money when payments were due providers and thinking that is maintaining “constructive, solid and positive?relationships” then he is very much deluded.

I had to contact Rich Henry, and when I did he basically told me to get stuffed tossing agreements made by his organisation out the window.

Since not a single bit of the content of his site is produced by him he essentially owes content providers around $60,000 for the past couple of years and ongoing residuals of $5,000 per month. Without the content providers content he wouldn’t have been able to say “content that our readership has come to expect and demand from Getfrank.”

Rich Henry and Get Frank plus their?advertisers?and ad booking agents and other business partners are thieves. They take content on false?pretenses?and they sell that same content to advertisers.?Without?the content they would have nothing to sell. They are stealing.

It seems that the NZ Bloggers Union will now have to get a little more serious with Rich Henry and Get Frank….perhaps even Shane Bradley. A little?expos??into the related companies and their relationships to each other seems to be in order.

Getting Rich…Henry

Get Frank and Rich Henry have a revolt on their hands. The Bloggers Union is mobilising.

Cactus Kate responds.

Kiwiblog pulls his content.

Homepaddock shares her story of another content thief.

QuoteUnquote puts the shiv in;

For two or three years now he has been using some NZ bloggers? material, with their permission, on the understanding that when the site started making money from advertising he would split the income 50-50 with said bloggers on a page-view basis. Sadly, he was as trustworthy as a Nigerian widow who would like to give you $US5 million in exchange for your bank account details.

Wonderful Now gives Rich Henry a kicking.

un-PC Lesbian is likewise bemused.

Enforcement Officers spent last night going through the content of Get Frank, so unfortunately he will get a slight spike in traffic. They have identified more than 200 content providers, including Getty Images and professional photographers who have images protected under full copyright on Flickr. All content providers plus advertisers identified so far have been sent the following email.

Dear Content Provider to Get Frank website

On behalf of the NZ Bloggers Union we wish to draw your attention to the following investigation regarding the online mens magazine “Get Frank” of which the site represents you are a contributor to:

Rich Henry is making profits from your work. He has previously either plead poverty that he cannot pay for the content or made representations about paying for the content when and if the site becomes profitable.

As outlined he appeared on TV’s The Apprentice based on the premise he was a young entrepreneur running a successful business. He may very well be but he’s stealing to do so.

Please email Rich at?[email protected] and demand payment for your past and future work, or instruct him to immediately remove all your content.

If you are an advertiser please consider that you are paying Rich to steal off the work of others and act begin to act ethically or else face a blogger boycott and social media anti-branding campaign of your product or service.


NZ Bloggers Union

Rich Henry was described, by someone who would know, as duplicitous and fired from The Apprentice. Now he is being fired by his content providers and advertisers.

Never Fuck with a Blogger (NFWAB) especially if that blogger is me. For Rich Henry this is only going to get worse before it even starts to look like it will get better.

Brand Destruction – Qantas Media Awards

The NZ Bloggers union scores a direct hit with their alter-award system. The Air New Zealand Best Blog awards are so good that 32 bloggers across the spectrum entered, who knows how many entered the rigged Qantas Awards?

How good? Russell Brown and Paul Buchanan are all puss faced because they aren’t either running it, judging it or winning it. Buchanan got upset at a comment from the NZBU about him being a “humourless, dithering unit of wonderment” for questioning who entered them in the competition after a vanity post about how cool they were and which post should they enter.

Buchanan even had a nuclear sized cry on Kiwiblog about it all, while Russell Brown contributed is usual po-faced whiny-assed, self righteous assessment. Buchanan makes huge assumptions about the identity of the NZBU calling it a him, it’s a union, not a person, the way he has reacted you would think it was an Arab woman running it. He also complains that there aren’t any women judges, fucking pinkos, never are happy, the judges are Far Right, Far Left, Centre White pro-Maori, Homo and Industry commentator. The way the pinkos are whining (not the judges) we could easily call them the women judges.

qantas best blog - Google Search

Qantas best blog - Google Search