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Rejoice! David Cunliffe used the C word

As we have seen, every crisis that Labour has focused attention on has magically fixed itself. ?Sometimes even before Labour decided a crisis was there in the first place.

So it will come as great news to the boat building industry that Labour have declared their plight worth of their attention.

The crisis will be over before you know it

The New Zealand marine industry is sinking thanks to a falsely high dollar and a Government asleep at the wheel, Labour Leader David Cunliffe said today while visiting Oceania Marine in Whangarei.

?The marine industry is in full scale collapse; hundreds of workers have lost their jobs, a few firms are just hanging on. This is an industry in crisis.

You may now cry tears of joy. ?David himself, used the C word. ?Calm down everyone – everything will be fine now.

?Industry players say having the dollar at US87 cents makes the industry uncompetitive.

?Labour’s monetary policy will keep the dollar at more competitive levels using savings and implementing changes to the Reserve Bank Act to focus on exports. This would mean a lower average dollar and less volatility so that business can be more competitive.

?Labour?s Alternative Budget released yesterday confirms our commitment to a competitive boat building industry. Read more »