NZ Horrid

Tom Sherlock is looking a bit rough

Well, not really.  It’s our daily “see where the NZ Herald’s Stuffed up” game.


The captioned photo is of Aaron Forden.

With Tom Sherlock being an Acting manager, we should perhaps cut the Herald some slack for not having a file pic of him.

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NZ Dairy Farms used to launder terrorist money

At least the fire appliance from Whangarei is getting a break.

Some readers feel that I’ve been petty to highlight the NZ Horrid’s problems.

I suspect today’s example, part of an ongoing lack of quality at the NZ Herald, will silence all but the sycophants.

In an article about financial regulatory controls to combat and control money laundering, the NZ Herald have not just added a picture of cows, they also have a related tag “Dairy industry”.

The complete article has been reproduced below so you too can read it and discover why the NZ Dairy Industry is involved in terrorist money laundering.

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The Horrid by the numbers

the tipline

A reader emails about the NZ Horrid:


I did some anaylsis of the NZ Horrid on Saturday. The first section was 28 pages.

Of that 28 pages by my calculation 15.8 pages were advertising or 56.4% of the first section.

That included 9 full pages ads and just 3 pages had no ads at all on them.

Somewhere in the midst of all that advertising was hopeless written and bias opinion pieces masquerading as “news”.


Caption Contest: You want how much for your trains?

The Horrid has thought that for shits and giggles they would publish photos of facial expressions from speakers at national’s conference…never before has a newspaper shown its political bias in such a manner:

Horrid Maths

According to the front page of today’s Herald, by 2026 New Zealand will have 16% Maori, 16% Asian, 10% Pacific, and 70% Europeans.

Now, admittedly it’s been a while since I did maths, but…


NZ Horrid: 31 May


NZ Horrid – 30 May


NZ Horrid – 29 May


NZ Horrid – 23 May


NZ Horrid – 22 May