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Slavery in New Zealand, yes really.

Slave ship

Slave ship

New Zealand has a low level of modern slavery but people are still being exploited and changes need to be made, a global survey has found.

“Modern slavery for us is any situation where one person deliberately takes away another person’s liberty for some sort of profit or gain,” Walk Free Foundation global research executive director Fiona David says.

Modern slavery traps 35.8million people

This includes human trafficking, forced labour, forced or servile marriage, and the sale and exploitation of children.

New Zealand is estimated to have 600 people in modern slavery, the fourth lowest prevalence of 167 countries in the Global Slavery Index.

The known cases involved workers in modern slavery with the most widely documented being on fishing charter vessels in New Zealand waters, Ms David told NZ Newswire.

Their situations have included being subjected to violence, sexual abuse, being fed stale bread and fish bait, working 30-hour shifts and even being paid 35 cents an hour.”

New laws clamping down on fishing boat conditions come into force in 2016, which was “really positive”, she said.

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So who in New Zealand are responsible for modern slavery? I did a bit of digging and came up with this…

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Leftie NZ media luvvies are sucking lemons

I’ve been watching with a certain amount of bemusement the usual suspects in the media trying to spin the good news as bad news.

Yesterday?we had an announcement on ACC levies being dropped for all motorists. ?Also, 3 cents per litre of excise tax was coming of fuel. ? To top it off, self employed ACC rates are going to drop in a rare nod to those in the economy that rarely benefit from any legislative change.

Good news all round. ?Or is it?

Not according to this lemon sucker:


It would have been something to ignore, if it wasn’t for other examples.

Also yesterday, we had the -normally neutral- NZ Newswire news service serving up some “neutral” news that had been sucked through a lemon. ? Read more »

This sort of stuff really grinds my gears

Good news! ?National have opened a sanctuary today. ?For whales, even. ?Which makes it a “mandatory” thing to talk about here at Whaleoil. ? However, this is how the good news gets reported by our unbiased media:


You tell me how that is unbiased reporting?

Now, to be honest, I don’t believe in unbiased reporting, but the fact is that people that do the above claim they do!

And the left say the media is biased in favour of the Government.

I can’t see it, myself.


– NZ Newswire <— seriously? ?they are meant to be non-partisan!

Keith Ng on Pants!

? OnPoint

Keith Ng cuts the Herald to shreds:

?Credibility? is kinda ironic, because on that same page, they?stole a picture off Twitter without attribution, said McQuillan worked for Radio NZ (actually the NZ Newswire, and previously for RadioLive), and said she was asked to leave the court by the judge (she was asked to leave the press bench by a?registrar, so she reported from the public gallery). How did they get all this wrong? Because neither Cameron nor the reporter who wrote the news story called McQuillan (though?John Drinnan, to his credit, called her boss) and got the entire story off Twitter instead.

Hey NZ Herald. Before you criticise someone else?s pants for being unprofessional, perhaps you should make sure that your work isn?t.