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Postie does not want to deliver mail [POLL]

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via RNZ

If you are like me, your immediate reaction to a postie not wanting to deliver mail is an immediate “well fire him/her” then.

But this isn’t that clear cut:

The mail woman, who has only been called Carolyn by her union, has avoided a formal warning but has been given a talking to following a NZ Post investigation into her decision not to deliver the mail.

The Postal Workers Union says NZ Post assumed she had opened the letters, but that she actually became aware of the particular scam after one of her colleagues received one of the letters which ask recipients to send money to claim prizes from “winning scratchies”. Read more »


It’s not Kiwibank up for sale, it’s NZ Post selling down its shareholding

Labour MP Michael Cullen comments on his meeting with the SFO after the Privileges Committee, Parliament, Wellington, New Zealand, Monday, September 22, 2008. Credit:NZPA / Ross Setford

Troubled state-owned New?Zealand Post is?selling 45 per cent of Kiwibank, 25 per cent to the?New Zealand Super Fund and?20 per cent to ACC.The deal values Kiwibank at $1.1 billion, NZ Post chairman Sir Michael Cullen said. Both entities are owned by the New Zealand government.

“There’s no sale of Kiwibank outside Government ownership,” Cullen said, adding that if there had been a sale into private ownership it would have “almost certainly led to a higher price”.

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Surely this was an April Fools joke, sadly it isn’t

Some womble called Paul Charman thinks that NZ Post should be protected.

He argues there should be zero job?losses at NZ Post because one day in the future the Internet might fail and we’ll need to return to sending letters…and the skills will be lost.

Sadly, he is serious and it wasn’t an April Fool joke.

Bill English has signed off on elimination of 500 more jobs at NZ Post – bad mistake.

Alongside efficient electronic communications, every functional country needs an efficient postal service. If something happens to the first, you can get by using the second.

There is a disturbing chance of New Zealand losing internet service during the next few decades and having to fall back on other means of communication. ?? Read more »

Kiwibank not for sale, says Bill English, so why is it being prepped for sale?

NZ Post announced it was cutting 500 jobs from within the postal service’s managers.

The NZ Post board is now looking at separating Kiwibank from its parent company.

Why would it do that? Kiwibank made a $71 million half year profit in the six months to December and is responsible for the bulk of NZ Post’s profits.

Surely NZ Post’s board would want to hold onto those profits? Especially now that Kiwibank has started to pay dividends to NZ Post?

Well, that is one argument. But Kiwibank needs more capital so it can grow and compete harder against the big Australian banks.

If Kiwibank’s balance sheet were to be separated from NZ Post it would be able to borrow money more cheaply offshore to lend in the New Zealand mortgage market.

The bank could also retain its dividends rather than paying a portion to NZ Post.

Perhaps we’re looking at it the wrong way. Maybe the real reason is that there are plans to rationalise NZ Post and taking away its artificial profit crutch from Kiwibank will force it to be self-sufficient.? Read more »


NZ Post manages profit, but the traditional business is crashing

New Zealand Post has announced a six month after tax profit of $110 million. But it has voiced fresh concern about its mail and parcels business.

The net profit was up 10 percent on a year ago, and included the one-off effect of the sale of its Australian subsidiary Converga.

The underlying after tax profit was $74 million, down $12 million on the same period a year earlier.

Chief Executive Brian Roche says the Kiwi Group Holdings, which includes Kiwibank, Kiwi Insurance and Kiwi Wealth is “progressing well” despite a “volatile market”.

But he says the mail and parcels result was “below expectation” and “continues to give rise to concerns as to its ongoing financial performance”.

“The postal services business continues to be challenged by tough market conditions. During the last 12 months letter volume fell by about 60 million units and while we have significantly reduced costs we have not kept pace with the rate of decline. Read more »


Posties get a huge fleet upgrade. Guess who’s not happy?

via RNZ

via RNZ

Did you guess the union?

There are fears new golf carts, which will replace the traditional posties’ bike, will cause mental and physical stress on workers.

The amount spent on a fleet of imported eco-vehicles was $15 million, but John Maynard from the Postal Workers Union says trials of an early model weren’t encouraging.

“The posties found it quite difficult steering in and out to all the letterboxes, so the first hazard we identified is that people are going to get sore shoulders and sore elbows from the heavier steering,” he says. Read more »

NZ Post reacts to shrinking mail volumes – again


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Changes to the way mail is delivered will be rolled out from July, with New Zealand Post confirming cuts to delivery days.

The move follows the on-going decline in posted letters and comes as the company looks to refocus on its growing parcel business.

From July, mail will be delivered every second day in larger towns and cities, rolling out to smaller centres over two years.

Rural deliveries remain largely unchanged.

And Fastpost apparently will still make it through every day, even though your postie will be in the street only every other day. ?(Oh, look! ?I have a bridge I can sell you). Read more »


Is it a “NZ Post” office box, or a “NZ” post office box?


This was new to me too. ? Read more »

Keeping our mail safe?

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This taken last evening, around?7:45pm?outside the Beach Haven post office … One presumes this is the day mail ready to be collected…



Imagine the treasures to be found in there….letters, bill payments, courier packages, Trademe deliveries…

Kiwibank dragging down NZ Post

Kiwibank is dragging down NZ Post and Labour’s plans are to lumber it with a budget and likely to fail insurance company as well. Brian Gaynor at the Herald looks at the parlous state of NZ Post

Why does New Zealand Post continue to flounder while Deutsche Post, the German postal provider, has significantly outperformed the Frankfurt sharemarket in recent years and Royal Mail, the UK mail operator, has just had an extremely successful IPO?

A brief assessment of the three post providers shows that the two European companies have clear e-commerce driven parcel and logistics growth strategies whereas New Zealand Post has been adversely affected by the requirement to contribute substantial capital to Kiwibank, its 100 per cent owned subsidiary.

Around the world postal services are adapting and changing to the new global environment and some very successfully including Deutsche Post and Royal Mil, both successfully listed on the stock exchange and piling on the growth rapidly. Meanwhile in New Zealand.

No one would argue against the importance of parcels but what investments has NZ Post made in this area? What has it done to capture the e-commerce trade?

For example, parcels were mentioned only thirteen times in the group’s 2011 annual report whereas Kiwibank was referred to 197 times.

One of the problems with NZ Post is that Kiwibank is soaking up most of the group’s surplus cash and seems to be squeezing out the traditional postal services. ? Read more »