Why NZEI is completely wrong about these two schools

The Primary school teacher’s union NZEI? is actively opposing South Auckland Middle school and Middle school West Auckland transitioning to schools of special character by ignorantly claiming that they are not different.

The Designated Character statements for both schools are below. Both schools are confident that NZEI and other critics will be totally unable to point out a single school in New Zealand that has the same collective features.

What is really upsetting about the opposition from the teacher’s union is that they are hypocrites as they said publicly that they would support the transition?but in private (with very little knowledge and zero engagement), they are actively opposing the schools’ transition. Quote:

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Ruthless education union wants partnership schools hung, drawn and quartered

Hung, drawn and quartered (cut into four pieces)

The New Zealand?Education Institute which is the union for primary and intermediate schools has revealed itself to be like a merciless, cold-blooded killer. It is not enough for the union that two highly successful partnership schools have been ruthlessly ‘hung’ by Hitman Hipkins, they also want them drawn and quartered as well! Why do they feel the urge to keep stabbing the cold dead corpse of these Auckland partnership schools and why do they want their bodies burned so that they cannot be reborn as schools of special character?

Radio New Zealand?reports?Quote:

Two Auckland charter schools should not be allowed to join the state system because they are little different to other schools in their area, the Educational Institute says.

In a submission to the Education Ministry, the primary teachers’ union said it strongly opposed the Villa Education Trust’s application to turn its schools in South Auckland and west Auckland into designated character schools.

The schools are among 11 that would shut at the end of the year unless the government allowed them to join the state system.

The NZEI submission said granting the schools designated character status would make it difficult for the Ministry of Education to maintain an effective network of schools in the two areas.

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Who really needs to change their culture, do some soul-searching?

A self-described Teachers’ Union apparatchik talks about the?culture of police and military and how it needs to change:

I find it strange that he never acknowledges the abuse of young people by their own and the cover-ups that go on within the education sector, mostly by people represented by the union. ? Read more »


Another confused teacher’s union leader

The NZEI have a new leader, Lynda Stuart. She admits to having been a part of an education system for the last 30 years that has generated massive inequalities for Maori and Pasifika children. Her first point of confusion is she advocates for the State – one size fits all – methodology:

“Policies such as national standards and charter schools have no place in a country which values diversity and the personalisation of a child’s learning journey.”

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Who is in charge of education?

Education is in a shambles, that is if you believe the news media and the Labour party.

Labour wants to rid us of charter schools yet this is what the media have said about the education system in just the past week.

Illegal in school payments:

Teachers may have been granted “illegal” long service leave payments to go on overseas holidays in a case uncovered after the Ministry of Education stepped in at one south Auckland school.

A number of financial irregularities were uncovered at Papatoetoe Intermediate School, including funds that could have been used to support student learning being spent elsewhere.

Meanwhile pupils’ National Standards results lagged at up to 70 per cent ‘well below’ in reading, writing and maths.

It’s one of nine schools that are currently under the control of appointments directed by Education Minister Hekia Parata.

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Teacher Unions attempt to win hearts and minds with a Bus tour

Bus tours can be great and my favourite dangerous faggot Milo, knows how to do one in style.

I suspect however that the teachers’ bus tour will be more hippy commune style than gangster chic.

. hippy bus 93 .

. hippy bus 93 .

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When will we finally be honest enough to declare a Shit Parenting Crisis?

The NZEI is agitating for the government take action on supposed homelessness.

The NZEI is today backing calls for a national strategy to end homelessness amid mounting evidence that thousands of children who lack a warm safe home are also being denied their right to an education.

It is compulsory to attend school…what is the NZEI going to do about truancy?

The Labour, Green and M?ori Parties today released their report into solutions to homelessness, following a cross-party inquiry which heard from hundreds of submitters.

“The homelessness crisis affecting thousands of New Zealand children is also an educational crisis,” says Jan Tinetti, Principal of Merivale School in Tauranga and NZEI Executive member. ? Read more »

But they were all registered, surely?

I wonder what the NZEI is going to say about their registered teachers and their chosen form of punishment?

What will Chris Hipkins say about these union members and registered teachers?

Children were repeatedly locked in a darkened, cell-like room at a primary school as punishment for bad behaviour.

Education officials launched an investigation at Miramar Central School in Wellington after a behaviour therapist found a 11-year-old disabled boy alone and distraught in the cupboard-sized room, with no way to get out.

The boy, who is autistic with the mental age of a toddler, was one of at least 10 children – mainstream and special needs – put in the “time out” room within the past year, largely without parent knowledge or consent.

While the use of the room was not illegal, it was “outmoded”, the investigation found.

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Teacher unions rear up against Government’s latest bulk funding plan

The members of NZEI Te Riu Roa and PPTA have delivered a resounding rejection of the Government?s latest funding proposal, with more than 99% voting against it in meetings around the country, and calling for further action.

Teachers and support staff believe the “global funding” proposal is effectively a return to the failed bulk funding experiment of the 1990s and could result in fewer teachers and larger class sizes, to the detriment of children?s education.

Most kindergartens, primary and secondary schools were represented at the meetings.

There were three parts to the vote:

1. That this meeting rejects the Global Budget bulk funding model because it undermines the equity and quality of our education system. 99 percent vote in favour

2. That this meeting call on the government to instruct the ministry to work collaboratively with the sector to develop a funding system that recognises the real costs of delivering an equitable quality education to all learners. 99 percent vote in favour

3. That the unions continue to work together with their communities to campaign for better funding for education. 99 percent vote in favour Read more »


ACT: Turf out bad teachers by offering early retirement or retraining

bad teacher

Free Press writes

Teacher Unions? Odd Position
Teachers will strike this week, forcing parents all over the country to make alternative arrangements.? Their concern?? That principals and boards of trustees will be given more flexibility in how they use their funding.? They believe this will lead to fewer teachers being employed, but why would that be?
How it Plays out in Partnership Schools
ACT?s Partnership Schools have total flexibility in their funding.? They have generally used this flexibility to economise on material things and employ more teachers.? It is not clear why the teacher unions believe state schools would use flexibility to employ fewer teachers, unless? Read more »