NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Award

Despicable Me. As predicted the Marlborough Express ignores the issues and attacks me

As predicted yesterday the Marlborough Express has written an attack piece on me. They didn’t even call for comment.

Political skulduggery has again rocked the council chamber in?Marlborough as lawyers are called in to investigate?a?secret recording of a committee meeting leaked?to a right-wing blog.

The leak?to Whale Oil could see heads roll at the council,?as councillors who attended the meeting are made to front up on Monday.

A recording of a tense behind?closed doors discussion about the cash-strapped ASB Theatre was published on the blog site on Friday.

I love they used the word skullduggery. Bonus points for that. ? Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician nomination- Calum Penrose


Calum Penrose is one of the ratbags that voted for the 9.9% rates rise, and listed as a member of the Terrible Ten by the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance.

He is also a coward, ducking a debate at the Papakura Business Association for the candidates?because he thought that he would get called to account by the people of Papakura he had forgotten when busily voting for all Len Brown’s dopey spending plans ? Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician – Pete Rainey III

The only man to win two nominations for NZ?s Dodgiest Local Body Politician so far, Pete Rainey, has won a third. Sources inside the Nelson Mail have been talking to the tipline, about the plan hatched to take the catering and liquor at sports venue events for the Council itself.

This means council contractors will pick up the lucrative contracts from the council, rather than the profits going to the sports organisations. And who should benefit from this the most? The people who already manage to win contracts and subsidies from the council, including Pete Rainey.

The people of Nelson already know that Rainey had to seek retrospective approval from the Auditor General for his various council contracts when he knows full well that elected members must get this approval before they actually receive council money. They know this because he squealed like a stuck pig when the?Nelson Weekly?broke the story.

The amounts are:

2011 $55,051
2012 $47,821
2013 $63,242
2014 $60,926
2015 $62,232
2016 $69,983 ? Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician nomination – Linda Cooper


Linda Cooper wins the first nomination for being a turncoat, and she won?t be the last.

As you can see with this photo Linda Cooper is very, very close to the extremely left wing Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse. So close that Penny persuaded her to vote for the 9.9% rates rises, in a vote that Penny conveniently was absent for.

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance is running a campaign against Cr. Cooper for her voting for the left wing spending policies, which is disappointing as Cr. Cooper was a list only candidate for National in 2011, though so far down the list she had no chance of getting into parliament and siding with the opposition. ? Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician candidate – Phillip Reweti Bear

The Meat Workers Union may not be naming their candidates for local government on their website because they are going to have to admit to supporting at least one candidate who is in with a very, very good chance of beating Bruce Smith for NZ?s Dodgiest Local Government Politician.

This man is Phillip Reweti Bear, a known ratbag.

Over at NZ?s foremost Arts, Lifestyle and Travel blog, David Farrar added a couple of social media posts about Reweti Bear.

unnamed-1 Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician candidate – Bruce Smith

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.21.22 PM

Word from Westland is that Mayoral Candidate Bruce Smith is out to get a bit of utu on the council staff who did not support him and Durham Havill at the Westland Property Company. Both resigned.

Westland District Property Ltd is in turmoil, with a second resignation in as many days.

Director Durham Havill ? the driving force behind the Haast-Hollyford road proposal ? announced his resignation on Friday, a day after the company?s general manager Bruce Smith gave notice.

Both cited a lack of support from the Westland District Council as one of their reasons for throwing in the towel.

Mr Havill, who previously chaired the company, said the lack of support from councillors, especially over the road proposal, as well as proposed changes to the structure of council controlled organisations were not good for business.

He said they had been ?stymied? in every way they tried to make Westland a better place.

Sources inside the Westland Council offices say that the staff have been filing away many rants from both Bruce Smith and Durham Havill, thinking that if Smith becomes mayor there will be massive payouts to all the council staff who he has publicly criticised.

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Candidates

It looks like poor old Helen Kelly might have been spending a bit too much time looking into her bong and not enough time thinking about the role of Local Government.

She is promoting Union candidates for local government, without actually saying how local government can achieve any of these things. Her post at The Standard

That?s why we?re not just standing candidates in AFFCO wards. We?re also encouraging other candidates to sign the?Jobs That Count pledge:

I?ll be there

As an elected member of local government, I take the Jobs that Count pledge to make our towns and cities better places to live and work.

I stand for people.?I will put our families and kids first, so they can live a good, full life ? with warm dry housing and food on the table. ?? Read more »

New Zealand’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician nomination – Moira Irving


Current Taranaki Regional Councillor Moira Irving has been living in Hawkes Bay but stayed on as a Taranaki Regional Councillor despite being in Hawkes Bay. She is now running as a pro-dam candidate in the Napier ward for the Hawkes Bay Regional Council, the anointed successor to the much unlamented retiring councillor Christine Scott.

Moira Irving ran for National in New Plymouth in 2005, and was beaten by Harry Duynhoven. There is no shame in that, as Harry was a popular local member with a long track record of service in New Plymouth. His career may have been less successful since the 2005 election, but the wheels were falling off Labour and he ran into the exceptionally competent and very underrated Jonathan Young in 2008. ? Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician nomination – Roger Blakely


After playing a leading role in fucking up Auckland with a wonky jihad against cars and for making people live in shoe box apartments, Roger Blakely is now attempting to inflict himself on the people of Wellington.

If successful, Blakeley promises to push for cleaner waterways, lower emissions, more economic growth and better public transport ? including a light rail network for Wellington.

What this means is more rates and more silly spending for the ratepayers of Wellington. Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar has been consistently pointing out what a terrible return on investment Light Rail will provide for Wellington. ? Read more »

New Zealand’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician nomination – Richard Hills

Richard Hills – Kaipatiki Local Board and ?former Northcote Labour candidate.

While Richard Hills is not necessarily dodgy but he is obviously a bit too handicapped or special to be a local government representative. He displays this in his Facebook feed.

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