O.J. Simpson

What is the first thing Oscar Pistorius did after shooting the love of his life? Guess

via The Guardian

Reeva Steenkamp – via The Guardian

Allison Pearson from The Telegraph writes

If you have just accidentally shot dead the woman you love, what do you do? Is it:
a) Dial 111 and summon an ambulance.

b) Call your girlfriend’s parents and beg forgiveness.

c) Go to a church and pray hard.

d) Hire a leading PR firm to manage your reputation.

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Dodging the Serve

Cactus Kate

Cactus compares Trevor Mallard to O.J. Simpson…and not in a good way:

Some people I know have played the game of dodging the civil serve. It can go on for months and you are well within your rights to do it and really there is no point other than adding to the psyche sport. Mallard I reckon is clever enough to drag it on for a month if he really wants to.

He is relying on the “OJ” effect, in so far that after a period of time you actually want OJ to escape as the whole process has become so hilarious.

But being neither an adored sports star or black, Mallard is probably not going to gain the same level of public sympathy.

Yes Trevor, we are laughing at you, not with you.