obesity epidemic

Charge the parents, don’t tax the drinks

I have long held the position that it is fat bastards who should pay for their health concerns as a result of their poor self control. Introduce a Fat bastard Tax not what the health busybodies want which is a tax on all products containing sugar or fat…or whatever ingredient they will hate on next.

In the case of children then tax the parents who let their kids become fat bastards.

Christina Odone blogs at The Telegraph:

“What do we hate? The Nanny state!” might be a suitable marching song for conservatives — until, that is, children’s well-being is compromised. When parents abuse their role as their child’s protectors the state is right to intervene. Which is why the couple in Norfolk, arrested for allowing their son’s weight to reach 15 stone, should face court.

Imagine parents who regularly gave their son heroin; or a bottle of vodka. Anyone observing such behaviour would instinctively call the police to save the child. The same now has to be true of a child whose parents are feeding him too many of the wrong things. We now know that food — junk food, fatty food, sugar, additives – can prove as damaging to a child’s health as heroin or alcohol. Indeed, sugar is so toxic that experts claim it is as bad as tobacco: it leads not only to obesity, but to diabetes too.

Parents who ignore these facts and ply their children with excess food (or just really bad food) are abusing their children as clearly as those who let them take drugs. In the case of the couple in Norfolk, their son suffers from autism: he is all the more at the mercy of his parents’ care. They defend his weight by claiming that it is down to bad genes. Wrong: it’s down to the parents.

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Health troughers shop story to Sunday Star-Times

Plain packaging coming for McDonalds?

Plain packaging coming for McDonalds?

The health troughers are at it again…banging on about obesity and making up numbers to support even more coin pouring into their bloated wallets.

Apparently we are all being crushed by fatties.

Health experts say a lack of government vision and investment means the obesity epidemic is continuing to balloon out of control with no end in sight.

Middlemore Hospital intensive care specialist David Galler said much of his time was now spent dealing with preventable issues which stemmed from obesity. His job did not start out this way.

“There are lots of people walking around this nation and their size isn’t compatible with life. Some people are so big now that we can’t actually diagnose what’s wrong with them. We can only do so much, I can’t turn the world backwards and make a person who is 270kg, 100kg.”

According to the most recent New Zealand Health Survey, 1.2 million New Zealanders are now obese, more than was recorded in the 2012 report. This translates to three in 10 adults and one in nine children.

These rates are significantly higher in poorer areas. Two-thirds of adults and one-third of children are classed as overweight. Galler blamed a lack of leadership and vision at a government level and said obesity was now a bigger health concern than smoking.

“We can keep on putting these things off but we need regulation from the government’s end. It’s an immensely expensive problem for us when we think about obesity being one of the major triggers of type 2 diabetes.”

Galler’s view is backed up by Auckland University professor Boyd Swinburn, who says there is no doubt New Zealand is getting increasingly fatter at an alarming rate.

“We spend $700m a year on obesity through diabetes and heart disease. It’s been going up since the 1980s. To be honest, not much has happened in the last few decades in the way of policy and in the last five or six years there has been very little done.”

Galler said the country was being sold short because of a lack of vision from politicians. “New Zealand kids are fatter than any European kids, we are way behind the United States and Australia.

“For politicians there is no promise of immediate gain. Health spending is going through the roof and there are all sorts of reasons for that … the management of chronic disease is a major factor. It’s our fear of preventing the preventable. We need a much more sophisticated system to prevent disease and keep people well.”

The Morgan Foundation states a 20 per cent tax on soft drinks could save 67 lives per year. The money raised could be used to promote healthy eating and awareness campaigns. The foundation said the government had rejected this plan even though costs to the health system from obesity were pushing $700m.

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Obesity epidemic?

Have you heard of the obesity epidemic? Apparently you can catch obesity, and the people spreading obesity are evil corporate bastards:

It’s official: we’re a nation of idiots who can’t make decisions to save ourselves or take responsibility for our problems.

That’s according to two academics from Otago University, researchers in public health, Dr Gabrielle Jenkin and Penny Field, who specialise in the obesity epidemic.

Interviewed this week by Kathryn Ryan on National Radio, Field tossed off a comment which sent me into deep despair. Obesity, she said, was “not a problem with individual choice and self-discipline, which we’ve proved successfully doesn’t work”.

Instead it’s the fault of “big institutions and the market”.

Actually obesity is caused by fat bastards shoving food into their gob unassisted by anyone but themselves.

Instead of trying stupidly to tax sugar, or fat or something similar just tax the fat bastards. It is annoying when they sit on buses and trains and planes tacking far more space that a thinner person. Just start charging them more. Or allocate special fattie seats that give a worse ride and poorer conditions. That way other people can enjoy  a flight without a smelly fattie copping them in the rids with their massive overhang and elbows.

The reality is that there isn’t an obesity epidemic, there is an epidemic of stupid people stuffing their gobs though.