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Our new guest poster and commenter Lushington D Brady made this comment on his post yesterday that helps us to understand why Social justice bullies and Left-wingers choose to be outraged and offended so often.

As Theodore Dalrymple says, “Outrage is a substitute for religion: It convinces us that our existence has some kind of meaning or significance beyond itself … therefore we go looking for things to be outraged about as anteaters look for ants. Of all emotions, outrage is not only one of the most pleasurable but also one of the most reliable”.

-Lushington S Brady

Cartoon removed by media organisation because it offends Muslims


WARNING: If you would be offended by viewing a cartoon that mocks ISIS do not click “view more”. If seeing a cartoon that shows an ISIS terrorist praying in the Muslim way offends you please do not look over the break. If satire based on the evolution of man but reversed in order to show an ISIS terrorist as the lowest of the low offends you please do not look over the break.?If making a link between ISIS, the Islamic religion and Islamic prayer offends you please do not read any further.

The following (after the break) editorial cartoon has been removed by the Chicago Tribune due to complaints made by Muslim leaders. Titled ?De-evolution?, the image by Michael Ramirez parodied the iconic ?March of Progress? illustration (below), which shows human evolution as a series of figures evolving from apelike ancestors to modern humans standing erect.

In a letter of complaint to the newspaper,?Ahmed Rehab of the terrorist-linked and Saudi-Arabia-funded group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) said…

?It makes it as if ISIS is just your average, mainstream Muslim who?s prostrating in prayer ?? something we all do ? as opposed to what is unique and problematic about them,??

?The cartoon does a great disservice to Muslims and promotes further Islamophobia,?

What he failed to mention was that the ISIS terrorist was clearly drawn as a terrorist because of his clothing and weapon. He actually has the word ISIS on his back in case there was any doubt as to whom the cartoonist was referring. The praying man was clearly not a moderate Muslim. ISIS terrorists do pray and they consider themselves Muslim even if other Muslims that they slaughter do not. Like it or not, it is relevant to portray one as praying since they justify all their atrocities as being for Allah and they claim that their actions are sanctioned by the Koran and Hadith.

No doubt with the slaughter of the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo in mind, the Chicago Tribune were quick to remove the cartoon from their website.

?We understand the deep concerns about Michael Ramirez? cartoon and have moved quickly to publish responses from Islamic leaders and other readers that reflect those concerns,?

-John McCormick, Editorial Page Editor

In a free country both the cartoon and the letters of complaint would be allowed to stand side by side. America, sadly, is no longer the land of the free. At least, not where the Chicago Tribune are concerned.


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That didn’t take long; London’s Mayor censors women’s bodies


I am sure that this has nothing to do with Islam’s attitudes towards women and everything to do with feminism.

London?s first ever Muslim Mayor is set to ban images of ?unrealistic? scantily clad women from ads on public transport, which could see the city adopt some of the most censorious policies in the Western world.

Sadiq Khan argued for the move by appropriating the language of feminism, claiming?that alluring images of beautiful women could make them ?ashamed of their bodies?.

Ironically, the policy is likely to please both the misogynistic Islamist and prudish, third wave feminist, whose ends appear increasingly similar.

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Left Wing Blog published ‘racist’ cartoon and no one took offence

Photo-The Daily Blog

Anti-Al Nisbet cartoon Image-The Daily Blog

In 2013 when award winning cartoonist Al Nibet’s cartoon was accused of racism and a complaint was made to the Human Rights Commission, a left wing blog in protest published a similar cartoon. In their version both the white and brown faces of the adults dressed up as children in the original cartoon were substituted with white politician’s faces.

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Karl du Fresne on the perpetually offended


Karl du Fresne discusses the perpetually offended and the plethora of new categories of victim.

An Auckland signage company recently erected a Christmas billboard that appeared to mock sex-change celebrity Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner.

Predictably, an outcry followed on social media. The billboard was denounced as ?transphobic?. Some of the signage company?s own clients objected, presumably for fear of being condemned as guilty by association (an understandable concern, given social media?s propensity for lynch-mob vindictiveness).

The signage company duly took the billboard down, apologising for its ?bad judgment?. A donation of $1000 to a support group for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) youth accompanied the mea culpa.

This is an increasingly familiar and predictable pattern.? A company with a reputation for pushing the boundaries draws attention to itself with a provocative promotion.? When Twitter and Facebook subsequently erupt in protest, as they seem programmed to do, a backdown and apology usually follow. We?re assured no offence was intended.

But by then the purpose of the promotion has been served: the company has attracted the attention it sought. Its name now registers with people who hadn?t previously heard of it (such as me, in this instance).

Even if the company takes down its billboard (or cancels its ad campaign, or whatever), that in itself is likely to generate more media coverage. Mission accomplished.

Everyone?s a winner. The company gets a higher public profile (for which $1000 might seem a very modest price) and the objectors enjoy the moral satisfaction of having chalked up another victory against bigotry and oppression.

It?s like a ritual dance in which the steps are choreographed well in advance and executed with practised precision.

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Why does it upset you when I write about chinks, wogs, road maggots and ferals?

Before I get into it, time for a lesson from Pat


You only have to read the leftie blogs wailing about me to realise I’m labelled a racist, a misogynist, and many other -ists by those who don’t agree with me politically.

I may in fact hold the record of the most -ist labels a single person can be described with in this country.

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A perfect example of the politically correct culture of offence.

In our Politically correct culture the Thought police are everywhere. They take offence on our behalf whether or not we are actually offended. The following is a perfect example of how ridiculous this ‘ culture ‘ is. A petition was launched and pressure brought to bear on this woman to apologise, despite the person who she was allegedly racist towards not being offended and in total disagreement that the comment was racist.


Lucy and Maria Aylmer appeared on the Australian morning show last month & outrage over the interview has steadily risen Photo / Screengrab / Channel Seven

An Australian television presenter has apologised after for a comment she made while introducing a pair of British twin sisters on her show who have different skin colours, in which she appeared to congratulate one of them for her fair skin.

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Another example of Herald hypocrisy


After a week of being called out for their hypocrisy, even by Graeme Edgeler, another example has come to light.

A reader emails:

No doubt you folk have already thought of this but here is a link to a?NZ Herald article from 2011 where they are showing a Hell Pizza ad?deliberately designed to offend and bait Christians:

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One is offensive, the other is offensive. What is the difference?

Mainstream media have no problem deciding what is offensive and what isn’t. ?See if you can work it out.

Dancing genitals in Swedish kids' show spark outcry -

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Islam v Christianity – a real life example as it played out at Whaleoil

A few days ago, I ran this Charlie Hebdo cartoon together with one about Muhammad to make the point that, although offensive to some, it wasn’t going to cause “lone wolf” Christians to go on a hostage taking murder rampage.


I am fully aware that cartoon is extremely offensive to some. ? And yet here it is again. ?Why? ? Read more »