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Salami tactics in Germany

Salami tactics

I have some contacts in Germany that I recently e-mailed when trying to confirm the truth of something I had been told by another source. I had been told that the German government and media are covering up one of the aspects of the Muslim migrant gang rapes of German women and girls that are regularly occurring. I was told that the gang rapes not only included a brutal rape but also a brutal beating after the rape. This in some cases has become public knowledge but my source told me that many of the women were also being mutilated and that that fact was being covered up.

Neither of my contacts was able to verify what I had been told but they both had some interesting things to tell me.

Contact One:

so.. regarding your question: no, I have not heard anything about “mutilate”. Yes, there are a lot of rapes and sexual assaults.. so I stopped counting. I guess, if you really watch out for stuff like that, you’ll find some new horror-news nearly every few days.. and of course government policy and mainstream media are trying to cover up all that stuff as good as they can, like for example Silvester in the city Frankfurt.. with up to 900 (!) aggressive Arabs looking out for trouble. humiliating women.. searching for fights.. well. yes.. shit like that happens for sure.. but mutilating?.. certainly not unimaginable.. but?I don’t know..

Contact Two:

I do not know anything about mutilations. So I will not state if this is true, or if this is wrong. What I can say for sure is that the media AND the officials were downplaying A LOT of what happened in Cologne on New Years Eve 2015/2016. It?s what we call salami tactics.

To give you an example. The first official police report was that New Year’s eve has been, except for some usual minor disturbances, absolutely peaceful.

An initial press release described the evening as ?relaxed? before stories of the chaos emerged in local media, and Mr Albers later admitted the ?statement was incorrect?.

Salami slice one: New Year Eve was peaceful, ” relaxed”

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