He’s exactly like Malcolm Tucker’s coffee machine

Nick Smith is exactly like Malcolm Tucker’s coffee machine.

Nick Smith has screwed up again.

Last minute negotiations between the Maori Party and the Government are continuing as Environment Minister Nick Smith bids for the party?s support for his landmark Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.

Maori Party Co-Leader, Marama Fox, told POLITIK last night that unless the party gets Smith’s agreement to change a clause in the Bill relating to GE-free regions, the party will withdraw its support for the Bill altogether.

That would be a major embarrassment for the Government over what is one of its legislation show pieces.

Fox appears to be suggesting that Smith renegged on an undertaking he had given the party. ? Read more »

There is a term for this

In war time France I think. Consorting with the enemy or?something?similar…oh wait, It was collaborateur.


Hekia Parata never learns. These same people that she is fawning all ver will be plotting for ways to spread her brains on toast and turn her liver into a nice?P?t?.

There is a perfectly good reason for this

The DomPost takes a swipe at Hekia Parata’s unusual staff turnover, something I have blogged on previously.

Ms Parata has lost several private secretaries and a senior adviser just two months into a two-year secondment.

She also let go her senior private secretary just before Christmas.

Ministerial Services confirmed there had been no other employee disputes or employee exit arrangements from the office.

Ms Turei said she had lodged an Official Information Act request over potential staff exit arrangements in the office because of a worrying number of reports about internal office tensions.

She was concerned at the cost of the minister’s mounting tally of relationship problems.? Read more »

Does Queen Hekia care about white kids too?

Does she? John Key says she cares more than anyone else about Maori kids:

Mr Key also defended his Education Minister, Hekia Parata, saying there had been calls to sack her.

“Over the last two months I’ve had plenty of people telling me I should sack Hekia Parata. I challenge you, name one person who cares more about Maori kids doing well in education in New Zealand that beats Hekia Parata. You won’t name anyone, because she cares almost more than any of us that those young Maori kids succeed and she is succeeding.”

What about asian kids, or is it just Maori kids?? Read more »

Gutless Key backs Hopeless Hekia, never would have tolerated that in the commercial world

John Key has backed Hekia Parata, the woman who single handedly destroyed their poll ratings.

In doing so he has wedded his future to her stuffs up and the Bill English aligned drop kicks who have the reverse midas touch.

Prime Minister John Key says Hekia Parata will retain the education portfolio ahead of a raft of controversial changes to the sector.

Key, speaking in Christchurch ahead of a trip to Antarctica, said Parata would not be affected in his Cabinet reshuffle despite calls from the education sector to end her one year term in the education portfolio.

“The fact that the unions are asking for the resignation of the new Minister of Education under a National Government is nothing new. In fact I can’t name a Minister of Education under National we’ve had that the unions haven’t want to see sacked.”? Read more »

Whaleoil Predictions on Hekia Come True

Tracy Watkins article on Hekia Parata starts with the headline:

Parata loses her poise under pressure

Then it goes on to say:

When Hekia Parata was promoted to the education portfolio, she was pegged by some as a future leader, ruffling a few feathers among her colleagues.

All the ingredients were there – a rags to riches back story, professional success and powerful mentors, including Finance Minister Bill English and Prime Minister John Key, who saw in her an echo of his own rise to the top.

But she also had the all important X-factor – supreme self-assurance, an engaging personality and a guffawing laugh that could fill a room.

As blunders mounted one on top of the other in the education portfolio, however, Ms Parata’s poise deserted her. Hard questions were met with obfuscation and, when under stress, she reached for the bureaucrat’s trick of papering over the cracks with jargon.

The pressure began to tell in other, more personal, ways. Beehive insiders talk about a tense and poisonous atmosphere within her ministerial office, brought on by an increasingly demanding minister, who was out of her depth and casting around for others to blame.

The only part Tracy Watkins left out was that Hekia lobbied hard for the Education portfolio, she elbowed Tolley out of the way believing and selling the PM that she could do a better a job.

Why Hekia being a total disaster as Education Minister surprises anyone is a shock. She is an arrogant, unpleasant bully, and was called out by this blog on November 14th 2010 when Audrey Young, who should know better, wrote a hagiographic article about Hekia.

Fairfax and APN editors should start asking a few questions of their political journalists. They have really dropped the ball on this one. They should ask the following questions:

  • After losing five parliamentary Executive Assistants in the first two years in parliament, do they think Hekia will front the next CTU anti 90 day advertisement?
  • Are they aware that if you lose four EAs in around a year Parliamentary Services remove your right to recruit your own office staff?
  • Do they know why the Maori Affairs select committee had a change of personnel? And was it because Hekia was publicly yelling at Tau Henare, who was actually in the same party as her, for those press gallery reporters who were in some doubt?
  • Have they scrutinised her employment record in her career before she entered parliament?
  • Are they confident she would be able to run a ministerial office, and work with departmental chief executives and staff, or would they need a special golden handshake fund for her department?

Hekia Parata might make a good person to be the MP for Mana, but being one of Bill English?s acolytes and having a rotating door on staff at a rate equal to or better than McCully doesn?t make her a good prospect for cabinet.

There are better choices and ones who would be more effective.

The omnishambles that has been Hekia?s tenure as minister of education was clearly predictable. The questions above should have alerted enough the most bovine journalistic intellect to the problems Hekia would face.

The only real question for John Key is will he let someone he would have instantly fired at Merrill Lynch continue to pull him down in the polls?

What is happening in Hekia’s office?

via the tipline

News in overnight that not only has the Education Secretary quit, but that Hekia has had yet another resignation from her office.

Her latest Senior Private Secretary has departed. This lady has previously worked for Michael Cullen and Rodney Hide so is a capable civil servant.

There is at least one other too that has gone from Hekia’s office that this blog knows about.

With all these personnel changing one thing remains the same.

Is Hekia Parata Nicola Murray?

In the television series The Thick of It, Malcolm Tucker is constantly attacking inept government minister Nicola Murray.

Inexperienced and naive, she begins her tenure poorly with a number of public embarrassments…

Malcolm Tucker also coined the term Omnishambles to describe Nicola Murray. It was also chosen as the word of the year?on 13 November 2012, by the?Oxford English Dictionary.

Hekia Parata was full of promise…touted by Bill English’s mob as a potential leader and thus far she has set about destroying any possibility of that ever?occurring.

Her latest embarrassment is having one of her decisions declared unlawful:

Education Minister Hekia Parata unlawfully tried to close a girls’ special needs school by disregarding warnings they would face greater risks of sexual abuse, a judge has found.

In a reserved judgment in the High Court at Wellington, Justice Robert Dobson said Ms Parata’s order to close Salisbury School, a residential establishment in Nelson, was unlawful because it relied on the possibility of sending some girls to live at Halswell School in Christchurch – a boys’ special needs school.

Ms Parata had argued there was no evidence to suggest handicapped adolescent girls would be more vulnerable if moved together with boys. The plan was to have separate living quarters.

But Justice Dobson said that seeing the risks took “no great leap in logic”.

The school had raised the issue during a meeting with Ms Parata, and a report about the vulnerability of girls at special needs schools had been earlier published for the Education Ministry and police.

“The minister’s decision failed to have regard to available warning signals raised by and on behalf of the [school] trustees about greater levels of risk of abuse in a co-educational setting,” Justice Dobson said.

In the US election Mitt Romney earned the epithet “RomneyShambles“…perhaps it is time now for the same thing to happen to Hekia Parata – the HekiaShambles. She is just like Nicola Murray, all suit and spin…and like the coffee machine mentioned in the video above.

Perhaps when Big Gerry has finished dealing with the Christchurch disaster he could be put in charge of fixing up Hekia?

Hekia could however hold her chin up…because Nicola Murray does go on to lead the opposition in the 4th series of The Thick of It.

Word of the Year – Onmishambles

The word of the year, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is “omnishambles”.

First popularised in “The Thick of It” by menacing spin doctor Malcolm Tucker as a description of Nicola Murray, the hapless Social Affairs Minister.

However, the word has spread widely from its origins in British satire, now used in actual political debates (the slaughter of Chloe Smith by Paxman)

…as well as foreign policy assessments – the “Romneyshambles”, when Mitt Romney went to London prior to the Olympics and offended pretty much everyone with his downbeat assessments of what ended up being one of the best Olympics ever.

Here in New Zealand, we have a couple of omnishambles worth mentioning. From Labour, we have the leader, David Shearer, who would lose himself in an open paddock lit with floodlights. From National, we have Hekia Parata, the Minister of Education who is regularly schooled by the opposition.

To use the remainder of Tucker’s omnishambles quote, the both of them are like that new coffee machine… from bean to cup, they f*!% up.

Queen Hekia and the Pundits

Just about every pundit says that Hekia Parata’s stuff up hasn?t harmed her future prospects.

They are dreaming, and obviously haven’t talked to any electorate MPs who have taken in it in the arse for a terrible sell job on a policy that was then slapped in reverse. Everything they have been saying for the last 13 days defending the stuff up just makes them now look like dickheads, and there is only one person they are going to blame for that.

Pundits should note the National Party caucus elects its leader, and while pundits may favour a member of the liberal elite, the caucus and the voting public don?t.

Bill English tanked Nationals vote, and Hekia is from the English camp. Caucus members have taken note. National?s next leader needs to be more like Tony Abbott and less like Malcolm Turnbull.