Once Were Warriors

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Once were warriors

Good god… this is just unbelievable

A 16-year-old girl was blinded in one eye after her partner bashed her and then smashed a glass into her eye.

Shane Arron Kanara pleaded guilty in the Hamilton District Court on Monday to assaulting the girl and forcing her to hide in a wardrobe when police turned up to arrest him.

Kanara admitted five charges including wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and assault with intent to injure.

The victim not only lost the use of her right eye after her eye socket was broken and eyelid torn, but also has partial loss of vision in her left eye after her cornea was ruptured.

She is to have further operations on her left eye.

The court heard that the pair left Rotorua on October 3 to stay with Kanara’s family in Huntly, in the victim’s first trip away from her own family.

Kanara began drinking alcohol and an argument erupted about 10pm.

Kanara was annoyed at something the victim was eating and grabbed it off her and threw it away.

When the victim went to recover it Kanara grabbed her from behind and she fell backwards.

She went to bed and pulled the blankets over her head.

Kanara pulled them back off and began yelling at her.

She kicked out at Kanara, who reacted by punching her in the face several times, while he held her head with one hand.

The victim began crying and asking for her mother as she couldn’t see properly due to her eyes being swollen and bleeding.

Kanara became infuriated and picked up a beer glass and smashed it into her face.

The victim felt severe pain in her eyes and tried to open her eyes but couldn’t see.

What a bloody hero.  What a man.   What a piece of filth.   Read more »

Giving the wahine the bash still a national sport for Maori

Maori women are more likely to become assault victims than other New Zealanders, police data shows.

Recorded crime victim statistics, recently released by police, showed about one in five assault victims in the last four months was a Maori woman. Yet they make up just 7 per cent of the population.

A family member, such as a partner, ex-partner, parent or sibling, was the most likely person to carry out the assault.

The figures, previously only available to police and some policy makers, show the various permutations of crime and its victims.

For Europeans, Asians and Indians, men were more likely to be assaulted than women, but for Pacific Islanders and Maori, women were more likely to be victims.

Family violence rates for Pacific Islanders were almost double those of Europeans and Asians. Maori were not far behind.

That Maori women were over-represented in crime victimhood statistics was not surprising, Victim Support chief executive Kevin Tso said.

“It’s very indicative of the stats we’ve seen and the work we actually engage in,” he said.

Trends were not always easy to determine, but the victimisation of Maori women had emerged in other research, including the recently released Glenn Inquiry.

It was something Victim Support dealt with every day.

“This topic . . . goes to the core of our New Zealand demographic and cultural issues in our society,” Tso said.

Regional figures showed race-based victimisation was widespread.

Once were Warriors.
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Waikato Times joins in Pimping the Poor

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A reader notes that the Waikato Times has joined in pimping the poor.

I tried to make a comment on this article stating that we don’t have “slums” in Hamilton and that these people should travel to Africa, India, South America etc to find out what a real slum looks like. I also suggested that they could tidy up their lawns and do some basic maintenance and their houses would look quite nice.

I thought you’d be interested – there have been a lot of these articles crying poverty coming from the Waikato Times lately – even as Hamilton is booming, growing fast, and clearly one of the most successful cities in NZ at the moment.

I am so tired of all the whining in our media about how awful NZ is.

We top the world rankings in so many different lists about quality of life/best places to live/least corrupt governments etc. I wish our media would find something else to talk about besides doom and gloom.

And what do you know…the Waikato Times shows us a house with not one, but two Sky dishes.

They then proceed to outline how all these people living in subsidised housing are apparently living in a slum.

One photo even has nice polished floor boards…some slum eh?

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Luvvie bludgers looking to bludge some more

What is it with the movie industry?

Always with their hands out for more taxpayer dosh to subsidise their already incredibly subsidised bludging lifestyle.

The film-makers behind Once Were Warriors are asking the public for half a million dollars to get another movie off the ground – and will reward investors with a stake in the production.

The team behind the classic Kiwi movie – including director Lee Tamahori and producer Robin Scholes – will also helm The Patriarch, with actor Temuera Morrison taking a starring role.

The adaptation of Witi Ihimaera’s 1994 book Bulibasha: King of the Gypsies is due to begin pre-production here in December, Scholes said.

It will be Tamahori’s first New Zealand film since Once Were Warriors.    Read more »

David Benson-Pope now abusing Dads


Some people really should stay out of public office. Disgraced former MP David Benson-Pope is back at it again (and his wowser mates in Council).

This time it’s over the Dunedin City Council’s decision to reject Elmgrove School’s efforts to have a tent at their school fair where dads can have a quiet drink with other the other dads.

Oh the horror of horrors. Thanks to the obnoxiously puritanical views of South Dunedin Medical Officer of Health Keith Reid, well known and liked Elmgrove School Principal Jenny McDonald has had to tell her pupils’ parents that they can’t be treated as sensible adults.   Read more »

My First Te Reo – Pono


1. (stative) be true, valid, honest.
2. (noun) truth, non-fiction.

Modern usage:

Pāpā has been pono.

He has told Missy the truth.   Read more »

Once were warriors…

…Now child killers.

Deborah Coddington shows us what Maori should be focussing on instead of constantly looking backwards inventing grievances:

Then we have those who don’t deserve to be called mummy. On Monday police charged Matthew Ellery with the murder of Ngaruawahia baby Serenity Jay Scott-Dinnington, found last April with appalling injuries. Ellery was Serenity’s mother’s boyfriend.

Why do these women let these mongrels into their lives? If these mothers were animals they’d fight to protect their babies from these predators.

In Once Were Warriors Jake the Muss was this country’s hero, when it should have been Beth, with her line: “You’ll never hurt my babies again, Jake.”

Unfortunately there aren’t too many Beth Heke’s around it seems.