One Direction

One Direction, Steal My Girl, and the anti-Christ

This is must-watch stuff. ?The thing is, he is deadly serious!

And in this context, for once, the anti-Christ is not me. ?What a relief…

Strangely much more entertaining

WhaleTech: Mommy Porn, Batman and Morbidity – Wikipedia Top 10 for 2012

Before you start reading, have a guess to see what you think is the most read article on Wikipedia in 2012. Then check to see if you were right.

10. The Hunger Games (Movie)


In what turned out to be mostly hype, the 2012 rehash of Running Man certainly got tongues wagging. ?Based on a young adult novel by Suzanne Collins, it captured the imagination of the media. ?Perhaps the whole?apocalyptic backdrop appealed to the “world is ending” meme that dominated 2012.

9. Google

It’s not surprising that the behemoth that is Google is getting its fair share of attention. ?Even though a lot is going on, as a company, they don’t “put it out there” like other corporates. ?It appears people have been looking for answers.

8. The Dark Night Rises

It’s a reflection on our society that movies are among the Top 10 most read about topics on Wikipedia. ?This eagerly awaited Batman movie certainly was eagerly awaited. ?Is this interest a reflection of the power of the media? ?Or are we just happy to distract ourselves because we don’t want to think about the tough stuff? ?Interestingly, that leads to:

7. The 2012 Mayan Calendar / World is ending phenomenon

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