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Hackers and Media kill their first victim

As I said in an earlier post, Media exposure of people’s private information that was criminally obtained by Hackers is causing harm to people. Under our new online bullying law I questioned whether or not our MSM are actually breaking the law by causing harm online.

In America it appears that the Media working hand-in-glove with the hackers have caused one of their many victims to take his own life. This, of course, is very relevant to me personally as those behind the hack on Cameron actually discussed driving Cameron to suicide by applying ongoing pressure through the MSM and Social Media using his stolen private correspondence to do so.They wanted him stopped by any means possible.

According to the San Antonio Current, a city employee believed to have been exposed as part of the Ashley Madison account leak has since committed suicide.

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Twitter’s new tools make banning dickheads easier

During the height of the ferals rubbish and Dirty Politics I received thousands of death threats, threats of violence and endless trolling from righteous left twats.

I blocked literally thousands of people. It took a great deal of effort, but the result was I don’t have to listen?anymore to a constant stream of dribbly lefties and their sanctimonious preaching.

Twitter has had a constant problem in how to deal with these online thugs and bullies and have now deployed a suite of tools to help.

Boing Boing summarises the changes:

Messages identified as abusive will not appear on notification timelines, thanks to a new filtering system designed to prevent harassment from being seen by its targets.

Twitter is also tightening its terms of service, banning indirect threats and formalizing its suspension system.

The changes are among the first to show up since CEO Dick Costolo said he was “frankly ashamed of how poorly we?ve dealt with this issue” in a recent interview.

The criterion for detecting abusive messages involve new accounts and the use of language similar to earlier messages flagged as abusive. Such tweets will not be removed–they will simply be blocked automatically from view. ?? Read more »

Twitter trying to deal with online abuse and bullying in Australia

Twitter is moving to ban online abuse and implement systems to control online bullying using their service.

INTERNET giant Twitter has moved to ban online abuse, as the Federal Government called on it to establish an Australian outpost to deal with community concerns.

The development came as still more victims of cyber hate campaigns came forward yesterday, including top surfer Laura Enever and TV personality Nathan Jolliffe.

Three days after?The Daily Telegraph?launched its #StoptheTrolls campaign, a Twitter spokeswoman finally responded to questions yesterday, saying the company was taking the issue of online harassment seriously.

“We take this issue extremely seriously and have recently updated our abuse policy to make targeted abuse against our terms of service,” Twitter spokeswoman Rachel Bremer said.

She did not specify when the policy was updated or what specifically had changed, however Twitter’s rules of engagement now clearly state: “Technical abuse and user abuse is not tolerated on, and will result in permanent suspension.”

Rules also include: “You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others” and “you may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information”.? Read more »

The Huddle


I?was on Larry Williams show, The Huddle,last night, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

  • The Labour Party conference ? now there?s a new man ban. Can?t see that changing things in the polls in a hurry.
  • Then there?s these horrid little oiks going online boasting about their exploits with underage and drunk girls. The cops say they can?t prosecute them because there?s no evidence other than the online bragging. This is? a difficult one, because the cops need hard evidence ? but surely these kids should have been dealt with as soon as this whole thing started.
  • The government lowering the drink driving limit. ? Read more »