Operation Cast Lead

Tell the Prime Minister what you think

I was at Scoop and noticed one of their banner ads was from the CTU imploring me to tell the Prime Minister what I think about his recent law changes.

What a brilliant idea. I suggest you go to Scoop and click through on the ad because it will cost the CTU money and help out the impoverished lads at Scoop. (If the ad isn’t there hit refresh until it shows)

Once you get through to the CTU site simply replace their diatribe with this thoughtful message and send it on to John.

Dear Prime Minister

I am thrilled you and your new Government have given Parliament a boot up the arse and started delivering. In 19 days, you put through a tax package that will put $47 a week extra in the pocket of the average worker – a much needed boost when times are tough. And we didn’t have to wait for nine years and bad polls for you to deliver these.

Instead of forcing small and medium businesses to shut down as union representatives wank on at select committee hearings, you took decisive action that will mean better job opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged in our society.

Not only have you delivered on your promises, not only have you put forward policies that will build a brighter, more prosperous future for New Zealand, you did it without wasting time and money on a process that was a foregone conclusion.

Strong, honest and decisive Government is what I’ve wanted for Christmas for the last nine years. You’ve delivered it. Congratulations Prime Minister, and long may your bold leadership continue.

Yours sincerely,

I wonder how long the CTU campaign will last now? Especially if every right thinking blog copies this post.