Opotiki needs a fluent “Chinese” speaking service station manager

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Immigrants to New Zealand have to do their part

New Zealand immigrants of all races and religions have to do their part by integrating and assimilating into the New Zealand way of life. A person who is a New Zealander first and an immigrant second will fight against anything that threatens the New Zealand way of life because they will feel part of New Zealand society. In Britain, Muslim immigrant communities have not integrated or assimilated but have formed Muslim ghettos. Instead of encouraging Muslims to change their ways the Muslim Council of Britain which is similar to FIANZ is blaming white British people for the situation.

A senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain has said that white British people have a responsibility to integrate more to prevent communities becoming ghettoised.

His comments come in response to an official report warning that many of Britain?s towns and cities have been transformed ?out of all recognition? by mass immigration.

The report, by the government?s community cohesion tsar Dame Louise Casey, warned that parts of British towns had been turned into ghettoes which successive governments have ignored ?for fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic?, and which are creating ?escalating divisions and tensions?.

But Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, has struck back, writing for The Guardian that Casey is wrong to blame Muslim communities. Instead, he said white flight and economic inequality were greater problems ? and that white people ought to do more to tackle them…


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Do you want a home for $100,000 or less?

Are there any affordable homes in New Zealand for $100,000 or less? I let my fingers do the typing and searched Trademe for properties for sale for $100,000 or less.



A 20% deposit on a $100,000 house is $20,000. To pay off a mortgage of $80,000 it will cost you $220.42 a fortnight if you choose a table loan over 30 years.

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Why are Corrections pandering to Maori made up protocols?

Anne Tolley needs to call in the head of Corrections for a please explain after Corrections made arrangements for a locked up criminal to view the body of his gang associated son?killed in a gang related attack in Opotiki.

Maori protocol issues have enveloped moves to take the body of a stabbing victim to a Turangi prison, so his jailed father can farewell him.

Joe Collier was stabbed in a gang-related attack in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, on Sunday. He was to have been transported 141km from Rotorua to arrive at Rangipo Prison at 11am today.

Rangipo was in lockdown to prepare for his arrival, and the Taupo-based Tuwharetoa iwi have “expressed concern” it was not properly consulted about the body being taken on to its land.

Tuwharetoa kaumatua Tuatea Smallman told the Taupo Times this was against protocol, which dictated Tuwharetoa were meant to be told first and to organise the trip.

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Bad day for stinky thieving hippy-crites in Opotiki


A reader emails from Opotiki:

Greenpeace was having a mare of an afternoon in Opotiki today.

1, ? ?A young man in Greenpeace T-shirt with clipboard was following people down the main street who were saying to him ” we need oil”, and “renewable energy has to be subsidised overseas”. ? Read more »

Polluting Farmer gets Nailed

Good job, a polluting farmer has been nailed for pouring crap into a waterway. They are repeat offenders too…either they are congenitally stupid or just wankers.

A Bay of Plenty dairy farm has been fined $74,000 in its second round of convictions for discharging effluent into a waterway within 18 months.

Opotiki company Riverlock Farms Ltd and directors Ian and Geoffrey Brown were found guilty after a two-day defended hearing in Whakatane District Court.

Last year the same company was convicted and fined $40,000 for discharging effluent from an effluent pond and discharging effluent from an irrigator where it could enter a waterway.

On Thursday the company and brothers were found guilty of three charges, including pumping underpass water containing effluent into a tributary of the Waioeka Stream, effluent flowing into the same tributary when an effluent pond overflowed. The third conviction was for failing to comply with a court order to obtain a report about the farms contingency plans for effluent management.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council was alerted to the offending by a member of the public. The offending occurred on October 18 last year – just three months after the company?s previous conviction in the Environment Court in Tauranga. Riverlock Farms is one of the largest farming operations in the Bay of Plenty, milking about 2,500 cows.