Organised Crime

Catastrophic career choice number one: Political Cartoonist

Who in their right mind would consider becoming a political cartoonist these days?As Milo Yiannopoulos said in a recent video, political correctness can kill. He was referring to people not speaking up about child sex gangs and  suspicious terrorist activity for fear of being labelled racist.  I am referring to the fact that drawing a cartoon can actually result in death.

When cartoonists are slaughtered for what they draw, the politically correct brigade always support the actions of the murderers.  Being politically correct they are very careful to first say that the slaughter was wrong and terrible but then they always add the word “but” to the sentence.They talk about provocation and use the old, “she was asking for it,” argument.

Charlie Hebdo has already paid the ultimate price for drawing cartoons that hurt some people’s feelings. This time, they are facing legal jihad and this time, it may destroy their magazine for good. Political correctness may not kill in this case but if the court case is successful it could bankrupt Charlie Hebdo.

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A new twist on the mentally ill, lone wolf, meme

Politicians and mainstream media have come up with a new meme to cover sexual assault and rape on a grand scale. The problem for them is that the 1000 male perpetrators on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, who committed the mass sexual assault, were all, “people apparently with a migrant background.” The usual method when trying to say that this has nothing to do with Islam is to say that the Muslim attacker was mentally ill and acting as a lone wolf.

In this new situation the lone wolf, mentally ill distraction is not possible so another ‘ it has nothing to do with Islam’ explanation has been found. Are you ready for it? The reason why all those women were attacked en masse by 1000 men with a migrant background was because of…’ organised crime’.


“This is obviously a new dimension in organised crime” … German Justice Minister Heiko Maas addresses the Cologne assaults. FABRIZIO BENSCH/REUTERS

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WhaleTech: Spam Storm brewing

2342Unsolicited emails, or SPAM, have been flowing past the usually clever anti-SPAM measures of many email systems, including those of Google.

The scary part is that they appear to be accessing the address book.

As incredible as that sounds, similar stories are being reported from other corners of the Internet

Kiwi internet users are complaining of hundreds of spam emails being sent out from servers overnight.

The issue appears to affect yahoo and xtra accounts.

Emails containing spam links have been sent to people on users’ address lists.

ONE News has received dozens of the emails, and people have reported similar problems on message boards and Twitter.

This is a massive push using some very smart email address matching technology.  Early analysis seems to show that they are able to match addresses that are likely to be known to each other.  It then sends you a spam email with about half a dozen addresses in the To field, and with some luck, one of them matches someone you know.

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