So why all the fuss? An Australian Muslim explains


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In their eagerness to protect Islam the left have abandoned the gay community

Sometimes in life you cannot hold two positions simultaneously, and the left in America are struggling with a situation that forces them to make an uncomfortable decision. In order to protect one group it has given victimhood status to, it must acknowledge that the ideology of another group that it has given victimhood status to is responsible for a massacre. Instead of standing up for gays and focusing on protecting them after the Orlando massacre, the left and some gay activists have chosen to close ranks around Islam and to stay in denial about the reality of the massacre.

Ironically, while gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulosis is told that there are not enough police to protect him from hundreds of actual Muslim death threats at a press conference, police are on the roofs of all the mosques in the same area to protect the Muslim community from violence that has not been threatened and will never eventuate.

The left will not hold Islam accountable in any way, shape or form for the massacre. They prefer to blame their favourite scapegoat and whipping boy, Christianity, despite all evidence to the contrary. Islam is at the top of their victimhood pyramid and there is no way that they are going to hold it accountable.





The Left’s abandonment of the gay community so infuriated one man that he came out of the closet publicly in order to attack some Liberal gay leaders and activists.

Jim Hoft of the widely read Gateway Pundit conservative news blog came out as gay following the Orlando terrorist attacks and immediately started throwing punches at prominent gay activists who he says, just don?t get it.

During a segment on Newsmax TV, Hoft called out gay leaders who blasted Donald Trump, saying he?s the only candidate speaking about radical Islamic terrorism, which calls for the death of gay individuals.

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The most powerful image of solidarity with the gay community I have ever seen


Self-described ?homophobe? Gavin McInnes kissed gay?Breitbart Tech?editor Milo Yiannopoulos live at a press conference?today in Orlando, Florida, as a ?f*** you? to Islam in the wake of last weekend?s deadly terrorist attack on a gay dance club in the city.

His act tells us more than words can say about how angry he feels over the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando.

McInnes has in the past been accused of all manner of thought crimes against the progressive orthodoxy. Salon.com says he has a??sordid history of racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments.? In 2104, Gay Star News wrote that he had been accused of penning ?the most transphobic article ever written? for TakiMag. ?The ousted founder of Vice, now noted for racist, homophobic, and misogynistic comments? was how AlterNet once described him.

None of that alleged ?homophobia? was on display today, when McInnes surprised an audience of Milo fans by grabbing the?gay?Breitbart Tech?editor and kissing him at the latter?s press conference on Gays vs. Islam earlier today.



Interestingly, this other photo of the kiss is very similar to one of the cartoons drawn by the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who were massacred by Islamic terrorists. I am sure it was deliberate and makes the image even more powerful.



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Give Gays Guns


The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have multiple good guys with guns. Often the bad guys with the guns won’t contemplate trying to kill people someplace where there is a high chance of being shot back. You don’t hear of mass murders at gun ranges or gun shops do you?

So, how do you prevent gay people being gunned down in night clubs? Well you arm them, of course.

Within hours of the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Gwendolyn Patton was on the case. She sat down, banged out a press release and posted it on her website. ?This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence,? it read. Swatting away the pleas for gun control she knew would follow in the wake of a high-profile mass shooting, Patton wrote: ?At such a time of tragedy, let us not reach for the low-hanging fruit of blaming the killer?s guns,? she went on. ?A human being did this. The human being?s tools are unimportant when compared to the bleakness of that person?s soul.? She lamented that the revelers mowed down at the Pulse were practically sitting ducks: In Florida, even though gun laws are quite loose, you?re not allowed to carry firearms in a place that serves alcohol. What if there were a designated carrier, she wondered? Someone tasked with remaining sober and toting a gun around a bar? ?It?s sad that we must consider such things,? she concluded, ?but when there are persons out there who mean us harm, we must find ways to protect ourselves within the law.?

It?s a similar argument to the one voiced after all such shootings: shooting in a school? Arm the teacher. Shooting in a movie theater? Arm the theater-goers. What makes Patton?s call to arms a little different is that she is not part of the NRA or the Republican Party. She is a Libertarian at the head of Pink Pistols, which describes itself as ?an international GLBT self-defense organization? and whose slogan is ?Pick on someone your own caliber.? And so: Shooting at a gay nightclub? Arm gay people.

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Sorry John but you are wrong

John Key has blamed Orlando’s killings on a lack of gun control. He’s completely and utterly wrong and buying into the lies being promulgated by Hillary Clinton about FBI watch lists.

Prime Minister John Key says the United States should be asking itself tough questions about gun control after the Orlando shootings rather than leaping into anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Mr Key said he hoped anti-Muslim comments such as those by presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump would not escalate the situation.

“This is the time for the United States to ask itself difficult questions about why there are so many attacks of this nature using weapons.

That’s been a longstanding debate about gun control and the proliferation of guns in the United States, and you certainly wouldn’t want to turn it into an issue about people’s religion or ethnic beliefs.”

Mr Key was not surprised Mr Trump had made comments about Islamic radicalism, saying it had been a big part of Mr Trump’s campaign.

“I don’t think any of us should be very surprised he’s beating that drum today.”

Mr Trump has been criticised for saying he did not want congratulations for being proved right in predicting there would be more such attacks and called for a ban on travel to the US by people from any country that had been implicated in previous attacks on the US.

Mr Key said it was not for him to critique the campaigns.

“This is the biggest attack we’ve seen for some period of time [but] there has been an ongoing series of people mis-using weapons and of these kind of attacks in the United States.”

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Greens go wobbly at the knees at Winston?s speech

Winston Peters’ speech has caused the Greens to get a bunch in their Y-fronts.

Winston Peters has defended using a solemn occasion in Parliament to attack the Government’s immigration policies.

The NZ First leader was taking part in a series of speeches by party leaders who were expressing their condolences over the Orlando shooting that left 49 dead.

But while the other party leaders confined themselves to sorrow and sympathy, Mr Peters warned New Zealanders didn’t know who was coming into their country.

He said border control was lax and vast numbers of immigrants were being allowed in.

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Winston Peters is 100% right over Orlando, shame on all the other leaders

Winston Peters delivered a speech in Parliament?yesterday. He was 100% right in his speech when talking about the blame game over Islamic terrorism, and calls it as such.

He scotches claims about gun control, and the refusal to discuss what the real problem is…and that is Islam.

John Key wussed out. He refused to, or couldn’t, utter the word Islam. Not a mutter, not a murmur. On NewstalkZB on Monday morning he spoke to Mike Hosking and blamed it on a lack of gun control. He didn’t mention that in his speech but failed to even utter the word terrorism. ? Read more »

Orlando Imam – “gays must die” said just days before the Orlando killings

Can we stop calling this a failure of gun control yet?

Or the case of mental disorders?

Or remaining silent on the impact of Islam and the responsibility of their religion of hate.

The video above was made just days before the Orlando killings and the Imam clearly says gays must die.

Just weeks before the Islamic terror attack that left 50 young men dead at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida,?Muslim scholar Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar spoke at thelocal Husseini Islamic Center, calling for the death of homosexuals.

In a rant targeted towards homosexuals and women,?Sekaleshfar said that killing homosexuals was the “compassionate” way to deliver Allah’s justice.?

Death is the sentence. We know. There?s nothing to be embarrassed about this,?Sekaleshfar calmly said in April. “Death is the sentence.”? Read more »

Journalist upset with media for not calling Orlando a gay hate crime

A journalist is upset with media for not calling Orlando a gay hate crime.

Journalist Owen Jones has stormed out of a Sky News interview after the interviewer refused to call a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida an attack on LGBT people.

“At the end of the day this was a homophobic hate crime, as well as terrorism and has to be called out,” Mr Jones said. “As I have to say, on Sky News and lots of news channels, there’s not been many LGBT voices that I’ve heard myself.

“It is one of the worst atrocities committed against LGBT people in the Western world for generations, and it has to be called out as such.”

Host Mark Longhurst argued the incident was an attack on “human beings […] trying to enjoy themselves, whatever their sexuality”.

On Saturday night (local time) gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside gay nightclub Pulse, killing at least 50 people and injuring 53 more.

Mr Jones said the presenters were trying to “deflect” the homophobic motive of the attack, saying Mr Longhurst “could not understand”, as he was not gay.

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Instead of writing pointless letters, our politicians should review our immigration policies

John Key wrote a letter to Barack Obama…how sweet. That won’t bring back 50 dead people killed by a Muslim extremist.

Neither will the liberal media ignoring the fact that this scumbag, a Muslim, who claims he works for ISIS, shoots up a bar full of people and the only thing they can talk about is gun control. There’s a real joke.

Prime Minister John Key has written to US President Barack Obama expressing New Zealand’s condolences for the Orlando massacre victims.

“No innocent person should have to worry about such violence when going about their daily lives, or be persecuted for their beliefs or lifestyle,” he said on Monday.

“Our thoughts are with the victims of the atrocity, their families and friends, and those that responded to the tragic attack.”

Labour leader Andrew Little has also condemned the attack by 29-year-old Omar Mateen, who shot dead 50 people in an Orlando nightclub and wounded at least 53. ? Read more »