Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden issued a fatwa on wanking

Muslim sensitivity training – South Park (S10E03) from Omar Zydan on Vimeo.

This was too good an opportunity to miss at taking the piss out of Osama bin Laden.

It seems he issued a fatwa on?wanking.

In January, the U.S. government released 49 new documents seized in 2011 from Osama bin Laden?s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Among the items ? the fourth and final batch of bin Laden documents made public since 2012 ? is a letter addressed to a senior colleague in North Africa in which the now-deceased al Qaeda leader raises ?a very special and top secret matter?:

It pertains to the problem of the brothers who are with you in their unfortunate celibacy and lack of availability of wives for them in the conditions that have been imposed on them. We pray to God to release them. I wrote to Shaykh/Doctor ((Ayman)), [al-Zawahiri], and I consulted with Shaykh ((Abu Yahya)) [al-Libbi]. ? Read more »

Corbyn: 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible

Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, especially with his views over 9/11 and other conspiracy theories.

The fool doesn’t even know when to shut up.

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible to allow the West to go to war in Afghanistan.

In comments that will raise questions about his suitability to lead the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame George Bush and Tony Blair for using the September 11 attacks in New York to allow them to go to war.

In a series of further articles, Mr Corbyn also appears to endorse controversial conspiracy theories about a ?New World Order?.

It comes as Mr Corbyn prepares for his first conference as Labour leader.

Mr Corbyn will attempt to use the Brighton conference to unite the party after it threatened to split apart in the wake of his shock election victory.

However, a number of Labour MPs are expected to use the conference to publicly state that the party is unelectable under Mr Corbyn.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images. This photo shows Marcy Borders covered in dust as she takes refuge in an office building after one of the World Trade Center towers collapsed in New York City. Borders was caught outside on the street as the cloud of smoke and dust enveloped the area.

Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images.
This photo shows Marcy Borders covered in dust as she takes refuge in an office building after one of the World Trade Center towers collapsed in New York City. Borders was caught outside on the street as the cloud of smoke and dust enveloped the area.

?The Woman Who was Covered in Dust

Who Didn?t Know What To Do?

Her ghostly image is one of the most enduring from?9/11, though Marcy Borders, then a 28-year-old bank worker, does not even recall it being taken. Around the world, ?the dust lady? was seen as the face of survival and escape from the hell of the Twin Towers. But that was the last thing that Miss Borders felt as the trauma plunged her into a downward spiral of depression, drugs and drink. ?I did not feel like a survivor, I was a victim,? she says. ?I felt like I had lost my life that day.?

Marcy Borders, from New Jersey, had started work just four weeks earlier on the 81st floor of the World Trade Center?s North Tower and was standing at the photocopier at 8.47am when the first hijacked plane smashed into the building a few storeys higher, knocking her off her feet.

She ignored a supervisor?s message to staff to wait for fire marshals and joined the stream of workers fleeing down the stairwell.

Three minutes after she got out of the building, the South Tower fell. ?The smoke caught me and threw me on all fours,?

I breathed in and my mouth was coated. It was so quiet, like everyone in the world was checking to see if they were still alive. I couldn?t see my hand in front of me.

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Terrible news…all those cars destroyed


Terrible news from the UK…a plane has crashed and destroyed heaps of cars. ?? Read more »

Taliban leader dead

The leader of the?Taliban,?Mullah Mohammad Omar, has died…from an “illness”…let’s hope it was lead poisoning.

The Taliban on Thursday confirmed the death of their long missing leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and said they were pulling out of peace talks with the Afghan government.

“The leadership of the Islamic Emirate and the family of Mullah Omar?announce that leader Mullah Omar died due to a sickness,” a statement from the group, using its preferred official name. said.

It denied Pakistan government claims he had died in Karachi, saying he had always stayed in Afghanistan. It called for public mourning.

?The amir al-mumineen (leader of the faithful) was not only a person but a movement, an ideology and a sacred desire,? it said. ?As per the decision of the Islamic Emirat, starting from now mourning and prayers for Mullah Omar will take place everywhere in the mosques by religious scholars, tribal and jihadi figures and people for three days.?

Mullah Omar was officially said to be in favour of the talks, so the reports of his death that have circulated over the last two days – whether true or not – are likely to have been a key factor in the decision not to attend. They were due to resume on Friday in Pakistan. ? Read more »

A good play from the Seppos, sowing fear into Al Qaeda’s ranks

With recent drone strikes hitting top al Qaeda leaders, fear has started to grow inside the organisation that the US has a network of spies operating.

The Daily Beast reports:

U.S. airstrikes on the terror group are sowing paranoia within al Qaeda?s ranks about who among them may spying for the Americans, intelligence officials and terrorism analysts say.

Jihadist social media accounts on Wednesday claimed that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group?s Yemen division, had executed an alleged spy. Humam al-Hamid was blamed for the drone strike last week that killed?AQAP?s top man. The claims that Hamid had tipped off the Americans to the leader?s location couldn?t be independently verified. But U.S. intelligence officials are aware of the allegations and say it shows how attacks on AQAP?which have increased in the last two months?are having a secondary effect: fomenting distrust inside the terror outfit.

?Reports of AQAP?s execution of purported spies suggests unease among the group amid high-profile losses,? a U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast. From the American perspective, that?s a good thing, because it throws the group off balance and makes it harder to plan attacks.

?Such distrust is often difficult to overcome and can create friction at a critical time,? the U.S. official said.

U.S. intelligence officials have long said that AQAP poses the greatest threat to the United States because the group has built bombs that can be placed on airplanes without alerting security systems.

For several weeks now, terrorism analysts have been tracking jihadist suspicions, mainly expressed through social media, that AQAP had been penetrated by spies. These agents, the jihadists fretted, were tipping off the Americans and their allies to the locations of key figures, including the group?s spokesman, who was killed in a drone strike in April. ? Read more »

Another Bad wog has a bad day


Looks like the US has got their intelligence systems operating again.

Another bad wog has copped a drone strike sending him on his fool’s journey to meet his 72 virgins.

One of al-Qaeda?s leading figures, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, has been killed in a US air strike in Yemen.

Wuhayshi was the group?s overall number two and head of its affiliate in Yemen, known as Al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (Aqap). His death was confirmed in an Aqap video in which another senior operative, Khaled Batarfi, said that Wuhayshi, a Yemeni citizen, ?passed away in an American strike which targeted him along with two of his mujahideen brothers, may God rest their souls?. Confirming the death, the White House said his killing was a ?major blow? to Aqap. ? Read more »

Know thine enemy: 81% of Arabs support ISIS

People say that there are good muslims and bad muslims and ISIS are bad ones…but their actions should not be ascribed to the rest.

But what if ISIS has widespread support amongst Arabs in the region?

Al Jazeera has a recent poll which suggests that the barbarity of ISIS is well supported.

Breitbart reports:

In a recent survey conducted by AlJazeera.net, the website for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, respondents overwhelmingly support?the Islamic State terrorist group, with 81% voting ?YES? on whether they approved of ISIS?s conquests in the region.

The poll, which asked in Arabic, ?Do you support the organizing victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?? has generated over 38,000 responses thus far, with only 19% of respondents voting ?NO? to supporting ISIS. ? Read more »

Why does anyone care if Osama bin Laden was armed or not?

Some ratbag journalist is accusing the SEAL Team who shot and killed Osama bin Laden of shooting an unarmed man.?

Meh, so what.

The former Navy SEAL who says he killed Osama bin Laden is slamming a new report that challenges the White House?s account of the mission, calling it ?garbage.?

?The story that I read, the part from [Seymour] Hersh, was full of lies,? Rob O?Neill said onFox News’s “Shepard Smith Reporting.

?It took me a long time to read it because I had to put it down ? I couldn?t read the nonsense.?

Hersh on Sunday published in story in the London Review of Books that says Pakistani intelligence officers played a significant role in the bin Laden operation, despite the White House?s assertion that the mission was undertaken without their knowledge.

The report alleges that key Pakistani military leaders helped American helicopters slip into the country undetected and that a Pakistani security officer led the American soldiers directly to bin Laden without any resistance from guards, who were ordered to flee the compound. ? Read more »

Phil Quin on the left’s irrational rationale for not fighting ISIS

Phil Quin has a thoughtful and robust piece on ISIS, Islam and the left’s?irrational rationale for not fighting these scumbags.

Firstly are they Islamic?

For goodness sake, ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh may or may not conform to an acceptable interpretation of Islamic texts, but it?s clear they think they do???and who am I to argue? Or you, for that matter?

The question about ISIS and its religious roots is not really as serious or important as it first appears. Squabbling over which religious texts to take literally, which to relegate to metaphor, and which to ignore outright, is a feature of all intra-faith discourse. Of course ISIS is deeply marinated in their own version of Islam in ways no more or less ridiculous or arbitrary than any other iteration of religious belief. Muslims who disagree with them say that ISIS are not true Islam in the same way Martin Luther rejected Catholicism?s claims for itself. It?s like people arguing over who should rule Westeros, only a lot less interesting.

The near universal loathing of the military funeral picketing Westboro Baptist Church doesn?t stop its adherents from being both Christian and motivated by their understanding of what being a Christian means. Or???here?s a better example???how about the entire Catholic Bloody Church? I haven?t read the bible, but I?m pretty sure it provides provides greater scriptural justification for Westboro?s ?God Hates Fags? (Leviticus, apparently) than, say, transubstantiation or papal infallibility (nowhere).

ISIS are Islamic…it is in their name for god’s sake…Islamic State.

The more interesting development is how large swaths of the political far-left have become eager and subservient poodles to radical Islamism. At first glance, it is a baffling development???but quite straightforward on reflection. A cursory review of modern history will confirm that the dogmatic left will happily support genocidal maniacs as long as their shared enemy is the United States (oh, and Israel). (And it?s not hard for them to ignore or downplay the religious component of Islamic jihad since Leftists, almost always non believers themselves, just won?t take terrorists at their word;they refuse to accept that terrorists actually believe this shit).

Aside from an inability to take religious belief at face value, Leftists far prefer to shoehorn radical Islam into their conception of human events as a binary conflict between ?the oppressed? (good guys) and ?the oppressor? (bad guys).

(There is another reason???that elements of the Left are bored with Western civilisation and find the destructive nihilism of ISIS exhilarating???but I cannot summon the energy to mount that case).

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