Otago University

The free speech showdown at Otago University

University Thought Police

A student at Otago University?has claimed that he was harassed?by Campus Watch. An article in the University magazine Critic described the student as an “Alt-right activist” and stated that the magazine was?“perfectly happy to let them fight it out”

Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle said that he had put up a number of posters that promoted videos made by Lauren Southern. Apparently, students who didn’t like Lauren Southern’s opinions, graffitied tore down or covered up the posters.

Eventually, Malcolm decided to video a fellow student who was busy defacing one of his posters and it turned into an?interview with two people who had both been involved in trying to censor him.

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Australian and New Zealand defences are being tested by terrorists

Bomb scare at Victoria University PHOTO-3 News

Bomb scare at Victoria University
PHOTO-3 News

It is my firm belief that our defences and security were being tested by Islamic terrorists last week despite the MSM making no link whatsoever to terrorism. Currently the terrorists are gathering intel on how we deal with a threat. Additionally they are starting the first phase of terror by issuing threats designed to scare the population. In the future there will be no warnings just an attack.These are not the acts of a lone prankster as they were clearly co-ordinated. Last week we had Massey University ?evacuated because of a threatening message.

It was the third threat against New Zealand universities in the last two days following an online post threatening a mass shooting at Otago University in Dunedin on Monday and a bomb threat at Victoria University in Wellington on Wednesday.


Meanwhile at the same time that Kiwi police were dealing with these threats, their Aussie counterparts were equally as busy.

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Staff cull on the horizon for New Zealand’s largest troughing university


An unprecedented review of more than 2000 general staff at the University of Otago has sparked ”huge concern” among its employees, the Tertiary Education Union says.

”The immediate reactions have been concern and surprise from [union] members,” TEU organiser Shaun Scott said.

University human resources director Kevin Seales said vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne announced to staff last week support services across the university would be reviewed.

”This is the first time that a review of this kind has been conducted at Otago,” he said.

Only the first time, ever, that Otago Uni has had a look at how fat it has grown? ?How top heavy it has become? ? If that doesn’t tell you something… ?any organisation that’s made it to 2015 without having to review its staffing as part of a cost review has simply been running on too much fat. ? Read more »


Karl du Fresne slams Otago troughers

The more I read the work of Karl du Fresne the more he reinforces the view he?s a good bloke and says it how it is.

In his piece published today ?The rise of the moral crusaders of academia? he reinforces the view that Otago University is fast becoming the home of the nanny state idealists.

He says:

?But I have to accept that my romantic view of Otago is hopelessly outdated.

Because far from being a place associated with useful, functional things like stoves, houses and trousers, Otago has ironically become a name synonymous with the 21st century phenomenon of academic busybody-ism.

Unlike the business enterprises of those early entrepreneurs, this is not a field of activity intended to ease people’s lives or make a raw, young country more liveable.

On the contrary, it sets out to frighten and discomfort New Zealanders with an almost constant campaign of shrill hectoring and haranguing.

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Two old troughing fools


If you?ve ever wondered why people get upset over troughers, sometimes you only have to look at what they do to keep their noses in the trough.

Take these two old troughers Nick Wilson (top left) and George Thompson (bottom left) from the Department of Troughers, Otago University, who have spent years troughing it up on the taxpayer.

Their latest piece of research, if you can really call it that, now means they never really have to leave their comfy, sheep skin covered chairs. In a letter to the NZ Medical Journal they explain how. ?? Read more »

Troughers hate supermarkets – Because they won’t work with them


Another post from the so-called ?Public Health Expert? blog by the troughers at the University of Otago, this time called ?the allure of a Virtual Supermarket for public health nutrition research?.

Academics have never had much luck working with people in the real world, so instead they?ve gone and created a virtual supermarket? to ensure they don?t actually have to to speak to anyone.

Maybe the best place to start answering this question is the original reason as why we built the Virtual Supermarket: to test food pricing strategies. Most people will have heard of this public health intervention in the form of fat tax, sugar tax, soft drink tax or similar policy. The idea behind these taxes is simple and goes back to one of the fundamentals of economic theory ? if you increase the price of a good, demand will decrease and vice versa. So, if we want people to eat less unhealthy foods, we increase the price, ?problem solved?.

If only it was that simple.

Apart from any practical concerns, the effectiveness of food taxes is highly uncertain. The biggest issue being so-called cross price elasticity effects. Let me explain ? if you increase the price of sugary drinks, we expect people will buy less sugary drinks. But, maybe, people like their sugary drinks so much that they keep buying them, leaving them with less money to spend on other foods (no money left for broccoli!). The same applies to subsidies. If you make fruit and vegetables cheaper, people might buy more of them. But, chances are, they spend the money they saved from the cheap produce on other (unhealthier) products (I can have chocolate after I eat my broccoli).

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Fiji doesn’t care , why do the media pretend they do

Radio New Zealand is trying to beat up the so-called spying story by trotting out academics who are simply guessing.

Otago University lecturer Iati Iati said Fiji had made it clear it wanted New Zealand out of the Forum however it was unlikely to succeed in that, given New Zealand’s clout in the region.

Dr Iati, who specialises in New Zealand foreign policy in the Pacific, said the spying revelations were likely to aggravate tensions in the region.

“I don’t know whether Fiji already knew New Zealand was spying on them, I would be surprised if it didn’t.

“But the fact that it has come out publicly, it gives Fiji just another reason to validify some of its positions in relation to New Zealand’s role in the region,” he said.

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Face of the day

Jean Mary Sandel

Jean Mary Sandel

There are so many unknown treasures in New Zealand and this amazing lady is one of them. Her wiki page is barely one line yet she was a pioneer and ahead of her time. She died at such a young age too, after achieving? so much. Women like this are my heroines as this is what a real feminist looks like. Someone who goes toe to toe as an equal despite the odds and despite the difficulties. It is because of women like her that my daughter knows that if she wants it badly enough she can aspire to achieve it.

Jean Mary Sandel was a notable medical practitioner. Born in Kaipi, Gisborne on Boxing Day, 1916 she was the only child of Mary (nee Gow) and Arthur Sandel, who was a licensed surveyor.

Her name lives on as the name given to the Jean Sandel Retirement Village, in Barrett Road, New Plymouth…
…Jean’s family moved to Taumarunui, from where she attended New Plymouth Girls’ High School as a boarder – one of about 27. There she made her mark as an outstanding student and leader, named Dux in 1932 and 1933.

She was the first girl in Taranaki to be awarded the Royal Life Saving Society’s Diploma. She was also a life-saving coach. At the matriculation exams in 1933 she did so well she won a junior scholarship. Writing was also a strength, as she was placed first in the essay competition at the Hawera Show.

Despite her academic prowess, Jean wasn’t totally happy at school. “The expectations of me were too high,” she explained.

In 1934, Jean Sandel began studies at the Medical School at Otago University aided by a national scholarship, and she finally graduated MB ChB in 1939.

Yet, she admitted to Reverend Tom Woods, the minister at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, and his wife Patricia, she found her medical studies, “a struggle” – mostly due a certain male chauvinistic attitude towards women studying to become doctors at that time.

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Hey @NZHerald, mind fixing this mess?

At at 1 pm today on your website front page:


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Cry me a River


While most people were out enjoying the sun, there?s a few troughers all upset over a new board game.

And guess where these troughers are from? oh that?s right, the bastion of trougherland Otago University?s Wellington health promotion and policy research unit.

Moira Smith, who is very interested in research in the area of policy development, popped up on WOBH?s Trougher Radar in 2013 when she, alongside ex Ministry of Health trougher Louise Signal wanted to ban McDonald?s vouchers for kids and give them a stick of celery instead as a prize for player of the day.

Moira Smith is also very keen on advertising and marketing restrictions and for zoning by-laws around schools for products she doesn?t like.

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