Len’s looney toons spending gets worse

Len’s looney council really have lost it.

They are having a huge spend and push to increase public transport usage and then squander ratepayer money on helping losers get a drivers licence.

Wouldn’t giving them a free bus pass be a better fit with their ideology?

Auckland ratepayers and charities have stepped in to help students at two low-income South Auckland schools pay for their learner driver’s licences.

The Youth Connections scheme, funded by the council with the Tindall Foundation and Auckland Airport Community Trust, has given $5000 each towards learner licence training and tests at Mangere and Otahuhu Colleges.

The gesture came after “youth connector” Briar Tuialii found that not having a licence was a major barrier to South Auckland young people finding work. “The majority don’t have a licence by the time they hit 18-19 and are looking for employment,” she said. “By then it’s too late because of the length of time it takes for the graduated licence system.”  Read more »

Just phone me on 24. That’s right, 24


And here is a bitter sweet shot of the Cathedral during better times  Read more »

Sometimes being a fatty pays off


The only time that being a fatty pays off:

A violent weekend confrontation between two groups of men led to one man being stabbed and the discovery of more than $20,000 worth of cocaine.

But police say the stabbed man was not badly hurt because his fat stomach stopped the weapon penetrating any organs and doing serious damage.

A police spokeswoman said the incident began when three men drinking at a Mangere house at 11am on Sunday went to an Otahuhu house to confront its occupants who had accused them of stealing.

When one of the three was attacked by several of the occupants, his two friends left to collect weapons including a machete, golf club and spade to help their friend.

However, on their way back to the house they were stopped by police who discovered the weapons. Both were arrested and charged with possession of offensive weapons.

Police then went to the Otahuhu house, where they found the man had been stabbed in the side of this stomach.

Officers searched the house and found 47 grams of cocaine worth $21,150 as well as smaller quantities of methamphetamine and cannabis.

Sounds like a typical lazy Sunday evening in Mangere