Owen Jones

Even lefty snowflakes can’t take it any more

Twitter is an awful place, infested with snowflakes, bullies, nasty people and politicians.

It has become so bad that some lefty snowflakes are jacking it in…like Owen Jones, a Guardian journalist.

Guardian columnist Owen Jones has announced he is going to largely quit using social media because it has become ?completely and utterly depressing?. ? Read more »


Journalist upset with media for not calling Orlando a gay hate crime

A journalist is upset with media for not calling Orlando a gay hate crime.

Journalist Owen Jones has stormed out of a Sky News interview after the interviewer refused to call a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida an attack on LGBT people.

“At the end of the day this was a homophobic hate crime, as well as terrorism and has to be called out,” Mr Jones said. “As I have to say, on Sky News and lots of news channels, there’s not been many LGBT voices that I’ve heard myself.

“It is one of the worst atrocities committed against LGBT people in the Western world for generations, and it has to be called out as such.”

Host Mark Longhurst argued the incident was an attack on “human beings […] trying to enjoy themselves, whatever their sexuality”.

On Saturday night (local time) gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside gay nightclub Pulse, killing at least 50 people and injuring 53 more.

Mr Jones said the presenters were trying to “deflect” the homophobic motive of the attack, saying Mr Longhurst “could not understand”, as he was not gay.

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Sledge of the Day

James Delingpole is one of the best writers in the Anglosphere today.

His intolerance for the rubbish science of global warming is well known as is his intolerance towards socialists and nanny-statists.

He has a way with words and an intellect that demolishes the most battle hardened?leftist and right now he has lined up Owen Jones, the current darling of the left-wing media in the UK.

This has got to be one of the best sledges ever:

All I will say is this. Next time you see Jones on TV – especially when he’s up against me – fluently rehearsing a selection of apparently well-researched factoids in support of his argument, I do hope you’ll take the trouble to check whether it’s his lips you can see moving, or whether it’s only his arse cheeks.

Which was delivered in his emphatic destruction of Owen Jones and his lies to the media.? Read more »

Even with massive oil riches to fund it, socialism always fails

Venezuela is poised on the brink. I blogged on Saturday about the carnage unfolding on the streets, and David Farrar blogged about the shutdown of the internet in an attempt to silence news and dissent.

It won’t work. News will leak out. It already is.

How are things coming along in Venezuela, that paradise of democratic socialism? You must remember Venezuela. That’s the country that Diane Abbott?said was showing “a better way”, which Owen Jones told us had proven that?“you can lead a progressive, popular government that says no to neo-liberalism”? The apple in the eye of Marx, the last hope for humanity in a world of fat cat banksters and austerity Scrooges. The Copacobana of the international revolution. Viva!

How is Venezuela doing? Well, tens of thousands of protesters are in the streets, the army’s been sent to crush revolt, an opposition leader has been arrested and supporters of the government just shot dead a former beauty queen. It’s going to hell in a handcart, that’s how it’s doing.

After Hugo Chavez died he was replaced by Nicolas Maduro, a man of considerably less talent who bears a striking resemblance to an obese Burt Reynolds. A Venezuelan friend explains that Chavez’s titanic personality held his revolution together, reconciling its various contradictions with his charismatic nationalism. By contrast, “Maduro has let the worst people take over” ? surrendering authority to radical mobs and corrupt officials in a bid to keep them all on side.?The result? Bad economic management, inflation at 56 per cent, rising unemployment, food shortages, shocking levels of crime and an increasing reliance on government control of the press.

The Left always insisted under Chavez that some meddling in the media was necessary because it was otherwise controlled by dark, foreign forces (read: people who disagreed with Chavez).?But Maduro is now threatening to expel CNN, which is about the fairest and most balanced news source on the planet. CNN’s crime was to report on the recent protests that have engulfed the capital. And good for CNN. Coverage on what’s happening in Venezuela has been eclipsed by events in Ukraine, so for those who don’t know?here’s what’s happening on the ground.

– On February 12, the opposition held a massive rally that resulted in bloodshed. Three people were killed, including two opposition protesters and one pro-government activist. The National Guard was dispatched to prevent further rallies.
– Violence quickly spread out across the country. Some 3,000 troops were sent to pacify the city of San Cristobal, where the government also cut off transport links and the internet.
– Opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, was forced to hand himself over to the National Guard on charges of inciting violence.
– The President blamed America for starting the conflict and has expelled US officials.
– Local TV stations have gone into lockdown and simply aren’t reporting the fighting. Venezuelans are relying on social media, which includes some false reporting. The opposition lack a single national TV outlet to be heard on.? Read more »

The Ugliest Political Emotion – Pity

No, not envy…which is the chosen weapon of the left usually…now they are using a more despicable weapon…pity.

Brendan O’Neill at The Telegraph explains.

One of my abiding memories from childhood is of the time my dad told the local priest to sling his hook. A newbie in our parish in a rough-ish part of north-west London, the priest was knocking on the doors of the most churchgoing families and introducing himself. Standing imperiously in our living room, he asked my dad where he was from in Ireland. “Connemara”, my dad replied. Whereupon the priest put on his best sad face and said: “Aah ? from one rough part of the world to another, oh dear.” My dad ? a lifelong despiser of pity ? told him to get out. “We don’t need people like that feeling sorry for us”, he told me and my brothers, “especially when there’s nothing to be sorry for!” The priest was all enthusiastic smiles and handshakes when we arrived at Mass the following Sunday.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I have always hated pity. In my view, there’s no uglier emotion in the pantheon of political feelings than pity, especially for “the poor”, whom it treats as an agency-lacking blob that must be cooed over and cared for by better-informed sections of society. The high-handed manner in which that priest expressed his feelings of sorrow for us ? even though we had a nice house, an actual minibus (you need one when you have a family of eight), a TV and so on ? taught me at a very early age that pity is a most selfish emotion. It’s not about helping the pitied but rather about making the pitier himself feel puffed up, through allowing him to make a big, public display of his ability to feel bad for the less well-off. As the old saying goes, “Friends help; others pity”. ? Read more »

How many working class blokes are left in the Labour party?

It looks like the Labour party in the UK is a mirror image of New Zealand. They are out of touch with their roots, following identity politics and ignoring the working masses.

Now they just treat the working masses as photo opportunities and mouth meaningless platitudes to them as they seek to ban the blokes from standing.

Normally when a white, middle-class, well-educated Brit wants to rub shoulders with a noble savage, he heads off to Kenya to gawk at the Masai dutifully dancing for his chin-stroking entertainment, or he spends a couple of weeks in Palestine to watch brown people picking olives under the yoke of Israeli intimidation. Not Owen Jones. The Independent?s Left-wing columnist has found an altogether cheaper way to mix with earthy, ?authentic? tribes: by hopping on a train to Durham and spending a few hours in the company of that grizzled, largely defeated caste of people known as Miners.

At the weekend Mr Jones spoke at the?Durham Miners? Gala, and the whole thing revealed how anthropological the modern radical Left has become, the extent to which youthful Leftists now treat working-class people as exotic creatures in a political zoo to be photographed and patted. The gala was embarrassingly described by that high priest of chattering-class values, Giles Fraser, as being all about??the banners, the bands and the beer?, a means for former mining communities ?colourfully to proclaim [their] nobility?. They?re the salt of the earth, these rough-handed northerners, and no mistake! According to a Sky News report, Mr Jones??spoke for the people?. What people? The London-based media professionals he hobnobs with? ? Read more »

Why the Guardian robot was baffled

I blogged earlier about the “Guardian Robot” that was terribly confused by Generation Y embracing conservatism and Thatcherism. Toby Young at the Telegraph helps the poor wee diddums understand.

Harris blames “Thatcherism” for the proletariat’s false consciousness ? and the fact that Labour hasn’t been a proper socialist party since Tony Blair ditched Clause IV. The “up-by-your-boot-straps Conservatism of Norman Tebbit and Margaret Thatcher” (yah, boo, sucks) went “largely unchallenged during the New Labour years” and is now accepted by millions of young people as “a simple matter of fact”. Echoes here of red daiper baby Owen Jones, whom Harris singles out (alongside public schoolgirl Laurie Penny) as a beacon of hope amidst all the gloom. Owen thinks “the rightwing media” is to blame for brainwashing the lumpen proles. If only the poor sods read the Guardian or the Independent, then they’d know THE TRUTH which is that the millionaire-Tory-Bullingdon-Boys-ruling-class have a vested interest in?keeping them down.

Hmmm. Call me a capitalist running dog, but I can think of another explanation for Generation Y’s lack of enthusiasm for the values of John Harris, Owen Jones and public schoolgirl Laurie Penny.

Maybe ? just maybe ? the reason 18-34-year-olds aren’t wild about the consequences of Labour’s open-door immigration policy is because they noticed that?nine out of ten jobs created under the last government went to foreign-born workers. ? Read more »