Owen Paterson

Greenpeace is an “evil organisation” – Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace


One of the founders of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, has been at war with Greenpeace since he left in 1986.

He now says that Greenpeace has become anti-human and an “evil organisation”.

Greenpeace has been branded an ‘evil organisation’ which has ‘lost concern for humans’ in an astonishing attack by its own co-founder.

Ecologist Dr Patrick Moore, who quit Greenpeace in 1986, has launched a scathing criticism of the activist group, which he insisted?has lost its humanitarian roots. ? Read more »

The Greens are going to hate this guy

The Greens hate almost everyone, but they are going to hate Owen Paterson even more after he insulted Morris dancers.

He has already incurred the wrath of badger lovers, environmentalists and opponents of GM foods. However, Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, discovered that he has a new enemy ? Morris dancers.

Mr Paterson earlier this month said that he would apply a ?Morris dancing filter? to ensure that European Union money would not be spent on inappropriate schemes under the reformed Common Agricultural Policy.

His comments have angered the Treacle Eater Clog troupe of Morris dancers who have now demanded an apology from the Cabinet Minister for making ?derogatory? comments about their hobby.? Read more »

Green ratbags kill people in the third world

The green tailban oppose progress in almost everything, they deny science in all but climate change scenarios. Their attitude is killing people in the third world.

Environmental groups that oppose GM crops being used in Africa and Asia are ‘wicked’ and could potentially condemn millions of children to an early death, Owen Paterson has warned.

The Environment Secretary said organisations fighting against GM technology such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were ?casting a dark shadow over attempts to feed the world?.? Read more »

Dodgy wind farm ratbags

Wind farms are hideous things. Quite apart from the visual pollution, the environmental impact of mining for the rare earth metals to build them is also massive. Then there is the bird killing.

People like David Farrar squeal with delight over these things because they think they provide free energy…but they don’t. They are usually highly subsidised, of little actual benefit and when the politicians get stung all hell breaks loose.

An official study of the impact of wind farms and renewable energy on the countryside is being suppressed by the Department of Energy, Coalition sources have disclosed to The Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper has learnt that a new Government row over wind farms is blocking a report that could provide official confirmation that the controversial turbines can harm rural areas.

Sources have said that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) ? run by Ed Davey, a Liberal Democrat ? wants to stop Owen Paterson, the Conservative Environment Secretary, publishing a major report that he has commissioned on renewable energy and the rural economy.? Read more »

Greenies are killing children

English: The german Professor Peter Beyer, inv...

The german Professor Peter Beyer, inventer of the golden rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sounds outrageous, and something the left-wing normally accuse conservatives of, but int his case, the green taliban and their anti-everything approach is actually killing children.

Genetically-modified crops will ?improve human health?, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has said, as he warned that people ?thwarting? their production are putting lives at risk.

Mr Paterson said that GM offers ?wonderful opportunities? that could benefit human health and the environment.

He said GM production in the UK would mean less spraying of pesticides and less intensive farming.

Mr Paterson also said that an expansion of GM crops could lead to the creation of more nature reserves because it would allow more intensive farming, therefore freeing up ?space for biodiversity, nature and wilderness?.

Mr Paterson is battling to persuade officials in the European Union to lift current rules which only allow one type of maize to be grown in the UK. ? ? Read more »

Wind farms are a ‘complete scam’ – UK Environment Secretary

Green Energy?  Why is it that Greens don't believe in visual polution?

Green Energy? Why is it that Greens don’t believe in visual pollution?

Don’t expect to see the Green Taliban talking about their precious windmills like that, but in the UK Tory politicians have the courage to expose the fact the Green King is wearing no clothes:

Wind farms have been branded a ?complete scam? by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, reigniting coalition battle over green power.

As the government unveiled new powers for local residents to block turbines blighting their villages, Mr Paterson condemned many planned schemes as ?deeply unpopular? and causing ?huge unhappiness? across the country.

Read more »

David Cameron cops one in the chook over gay marriage

The Poms are clearly not as enlightened as us Kiwis. David Cameron facing a defeat in the House of Commons over gay marriage.

David Cameron is facing the prospect of another defeat in the Commons over his plans to legalise gay marriage.

More than 100 Conservatives are said to be ready to back a ?wrecking? amendment to the same-sex marriage Bill that could cost the Treasury ?4 billion.

If enough Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs also support the amendment ? which would open up civil partnerships to heterosexual couples for the first time ? then Mr Cameron’s plans will be in jeopardy.

The amendment, proposed by Tim Loughton, a former Tory minister who opposes same-sex marriage, will be backed by many Labour MPs, opposition sources said.

The Liberal Democrats are known to support such a reform.? Read more »

A good pommy bastard

There are some good pommy bastards out there. UK Food Minister Owen Paterson is one of them:

Genetically modified food should be grown and sold widely in Britain and consumer opposition to the technology is a ?complete nonsense?, the Cabinet minister in charge of food and farming has said.

Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, made the remarks as ministers prepare to relax controls on the cultivation of GM crops, which he said had ?real environmental benefits?.

Some senior Government figures privately believe that the technology ? which can increase crop yields and prevent disease ? is essential in assuring Britain?s future food security and to avoid dependency on imports.

Any move to allow the use of GM crops could be highly controversial, but Mr Paterson dismissed critics of the technology as ?humbugs? and said that the case for GM food now needed to be made ?emphatically?.


Sounds like a top bloke

The Green Taliban are attacking George Osborne, from the evidence supplied so far it looks like he is a top bloke:

The peer, a Government minister until September?s reshuffle, was secretly videoed by green campaigners suggesting that Mr Osborne was behind the about-turn.

Eco-campaigners have been alarmed by an apparent policy shift, with sceptic Tory ministers like Environment secretary Owen Paterson and energy minister John Hayes appointed to key positions in the Government.

In a seven-minute long?video?posted by Greenpeace on the internet on Wednesday, Lord Howell said that it was Mr Osborne, not Prime Minister David Cameron, who was behind the changes.

He said: ?The Prime Minister is not familiar with these issues, does not understand them. Osborne is of course getting this message and is putting pressure on.?

Lord Howell, the father of Mr Osborne?s wife Frances, was a foreign office minister until September?s reshuffle and is an adviser to foreign secretary William Hague.

The peer also was recorded suggesting that Britain was relying too heavily on Qatar in the Middle East for liquid gas supplies.

He said: ?Qatar is a great place and it?s full of skyscrapers and rich people. But it’s also rather near to a lot of Jihadists … If Qatar was just to ? it?s about the size of Guildford – go into chaos, we would be up s— creek we really would.?

Transforming Britain with Fracking

David Cameron’s government is upsetting the hippies in Britain:

Owen Paterson is far from a household name, but the significance of his appointment as Environment Secretary has not been lost on the green lobby groups. As far as they?re concerned, this is war. They are already denouncing him as a ?prominent hater of wind turbines? and overall climate change sceptic.

Sounds like a top bloke.

In the boom years, a green surcharge on a heating bill seemed like a small price to pay for environmental progress. But with living standards facing their worst squeeze for 80 years, and at least 20,000 pensioners dying of the cold each year, the cost of such green subsidies is now becoming intolerable. Especially since, as Paterson will know, their beneficiaries are often the rich ? to an extent that even appals the gentry. ?When we toffs meet up, all we talk about is government grants,? one landowner tells me. ?I was even offered a grant for my folly. It?s all about who is getting what subsidy for which hydro plant.?

Over recent years, a class of landowning welfare junkies has been created ? and the old environmental consensus left them immune from scrutiny. Many are impeccably connected (one has the Prime Minister as a son-in-law), and can take their money directly from Brussels. But there is still much an Environment Secretary can do to cut that cost.

Subsidies are like welfare. Welfare is like crack, junkies become addicted far too easily.

Perhaps the greatest single opportunity facing him, however, is shale gas exploitation. Geologists have known for decades about gas trapped in shale and other rock formations, but only in the past 20 years has technology existed that allows it to be captured. In America, hydraulic fracturing, or ?fracking?, has transformed the energy supply. Shale now provides a third of its gas, up from 2 per cent a decade ago. British companies now pay four times as much for gas as their American counterparts ? not something that global chemical companies can ignore when deciding where to build a new factory. Docks built to import gas into America are now exporting it.

This has been nothing short of an energy revolution, and it could well happen here. When 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas deposits were discovered in Lancashire last year ? enough to power Britain for 65 years ? it was without doubt the biggest energy find since North Sea oil in the Sixties. It says much about the hysterical nature of the British climate change debate, however, that this was almost entirely ignored.

The hippies oppose all progress.

Shale emits half as much carbon dioxide as coal, and is far cheaper to produce. The biggest deposits are in China, so passing fracking technology on to the Chinese could do more to reduce global carbon emissions than any airport runway ban. Yet the environmentalists have greeted shale with either complete silence, or outright hostility.

In economic terms, too, shale is a godsend for Cameron, just as North Sea oil was for Thatcher: it could well make Blackpool into the Dallas of the north, creating 5,000 jobs in an area that desperately needs them. But this gift horse is being sent packing, as if the Prime Minister wants to be left alone with his economic misery. Even as Northern Ireland Secretary, Paterson was saying in Cabinet that this was lunacy. Then, he was a lone voice. Now, he is in charge of the policy.

Britain might get somewhere now.

Part of the problem in developing shale is that the Environment Agency has inserted itself into the licensing process. It is taking between six and nine months to process drilling applications that should take a fortnight, at most. However, the quango answers to Paterson. He can not only nudge it along, but publish ? and trumpet ? the studies showing that fracking is both safe and viable. Early earth tremors, deep underground, have been judged to pose no safety risk.

Paterson?s will be a lonely battle, because shale lacks anything resembling a proper lobbying group to make its case. It is up against three powerful enemies: Big Oil, Big Green and Big Government. Indeed, had it not come along, Britain?s wind farm industry would have been in line for ?130 billion in subsidy over the coming years. Little wonder that its allies are so angry, both at shale and at Mr Paterson?s appointment.

Always good upsetting hippies.