Intellectual laziness of slogans

The Occupy hippies liked to refer to “the 1%” and that they were “the 99%”. Left wing commentators and bloggers still use these terms despite the demise of the smelly hippies. But why are “the 1%” so evil?

The slogan’s are based on the presumption of an American 1%. But why not the global 1%…well because that would include pretty much all Americans then,a nd a goodly proportion of Kiwis:

If we’re all embedded in a fundamentally unjust, exploitative global economic structure, it’s hard to see why the?American?1% should be especially salient. Why not the global 1%, or the global 10 or 20%, which would include pretty much the whole American population. If it is morally imperative to confiscate exceptional wealth and use it to meet human needs, then it is imperative to confiscate most of the wealth in all wealthy countries, not just the wealth of the wealthiest of the wealthy, and transfer it to the?world‘s poor, not to the relatively well-to-do poor of the wealthiest countries.

If it’s not possible to bring in $600,000 in a year without therefore being guilty of complicity in a exploitative global system, which invalidates one’s moral claim to one’s income, it’s probably not possible to bring in an untainted, secure $60,000 either.

Good points…of course some leftwing troll will come here and start berating the 1%, Before s/he does that they should read the next bit:

?It’s based on the supposition that the domestic 1% is guilty of?something or other?the domestic 10 or 30 or 50% isn’t, and therefore deserves to be a target of scorn in a way the 10 or 30 or 50% does not. But, however you slice it, it’s going to be true that a lot of people in the top 1% got there in pretty much the same way a lot of people in the top 30 or 50% got there. If there’s nothing wrong with a way of making money at the 50th percentile, there’s nothing wrong with it at the 99th. And if there’s something wrong with it at the 99th, there’s something wrong with at the 50th. The unwillingness to identify specific mechanisms of unjust income acquisition, and the insistence on treating income-earners above a arbitrary cut-off point as a unified class deserving special contempt, strike me as symptoms of intellectually laziness and a less than thoroughgoing interest in justice.

Oh the irony

This is so funny…even the hippies divided into a class society.


Army Humour

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Dirty hippies cleared from Wall Street

The NYPD moved overnight and cleared out the dirty hippies from Wall Street:

Police cleared out the New York cradle of the anti-Wall Street protests early on Tuesday in the wake of clampdowns in other US cities, and casting doubt on the future of the two-month global movement.

Hundreds of police moved into Zuccotti Park before dawn, tearing down tents in a surprise strike against the birthplace of Occupy Wall Street, protestors said.

Now we just need Len Brown to honour his election promise to be the Mayor for all of Auckland and reclaim Aotea Square from the smelly hippies camped there.


Time to move the hippies Len

Len Brown has prevaricated enough, it is time the hippies were moved so “all of Auckland” can enjoy Aotea Square:

The occupation of Aotea Square is set to come to a head as the council demands protesters stick to their promised leaving date.

If they don’t leave this month, their presence will clash with Christmas in the Square, which features markets and performances aimed at children.

Auckland Council spokesman Glyn Walters and site security said the occupiers had talked about leaving on November 30: “Whether they’re sticking to that I don’t know,” Walters added.

The council wanted the occupiers out as soon as possible.

“We have been in discussions with the campers from day one aimed at achieving a peaceful and positive end to the situation.”

But Occupy Auckland member and University of Auckland sociology senior lecturer Dr Campbell Jones said the date was “idle speculation”.

“The occupy movement, globally, has no end date so there’s no intention to be leaving the square.”

Here’s the thing, if I decided to go camp in some random park how long do you think I’d be allowed to stay there. Time for the hippies to move on. Go Occupy ?a job or something useful.

Len Brown needs to act, he can’t of course because he is spending ratepayers money visiting tunnels in China.

A message to Occupy

from The Brigade

This photo is meant for the protesters on Wall Street. Not the actual 99% of Americans. I. for one, am not in the 1%?but I don’t blame others. These lazy protesters do not represent America. This user submit is a great representation of how we got to number 1?hard work.


Take note Len Brown

This is how you move on dirty hippies that are stinking up the joint:

Occupy Dunedin have been given their marching orders from the Octagon.

The dozens of residents must cease camping in the area by 8pm tonight, or be trespassed from the area in the “wider interest of the community”.

One resident said a meeting would be held at the site at 7pm to gauge reaction, with several indicating to the?Otago Daily Times?they would not be moved.

Shortly after 3pm Dunedin City Council representatives, including a security guard, visited the site, which has been occupied since October 15, and handed trespass notices.

A statement issued by the council said despite offering an alternative site, that option was rejected by Occupy Dunedin.

“The Octagon is a reserve which the Council administers for the benefit of the public and your occupation is standing in the way of the wider public’s right to use the area,” the statement said.

“Your camping in the Octagon has gone well beyond what is reasonable and now displays a disregard for the lawful entitlement of others to enjoy the Octagon.

“The Council cannot condone continuing breaches of legal requirements such as the camping bylaws.

“In the absence of any gesture on your part to negotiate a mutually agreeable outcome the Council now requires you to cease camping and leave the Octagon.

When will Len Brown act in the interests of ratepayers of Auckland?


Hippie of the Day

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Some people just don’t think through the consequences of their actions.

At Gawker, Brooklyn-based journalist Caitlin Curran explains?how you could quickly go from being part of the downtrodden 99% to being part of the “no, really, unemployed and utterly fucked” contingent: your boss could see a photo of you holding up a sign at a protest and fire you the next day. Ms. Curran is the woman in the photo above, feature in?two previous Boing Boing posts.


Hippie of the Day

Love the tinfoil hat:


It’s gettin’ cold in ‘Merica

I always knew that the OWS hippies would get a rude awakening when winter rolled around:

“Winter is coming,” announced an organizer at Saturday?s Occupy Wall Street General Assembly. “And I am cold.” But it?s worse than that. Organizers admit that the protests may not be able to survive the winter in their current form. As temperatures drop, the bustling mini-community downtown will probably be reduced to a small group of shivering, hard-core occupiers. And when that happens, the 99 percent will start looking less like a movement, and more like a winter survival course.

The occupation has already seen more than a half-dozen cases of hypothermia as nighttime temperatures have dipped into the forties. As relayed by Occupy’s?very own meteorologist, rain is due on Wednesday and there could even be snow this weekend.

“It?s a combination of being wet and cold that starts the hypothermia,” said Ed, a 56-year-old volunteer medic from Maine. “We patrol at night looking for people shivering.”?Even before the weather turned cold, Occupy medics were seeing cases of?trench foot?among those who failed to keep their lower extremities dry. With no power to adopt broader proposals, the occupation?s medical group is doing what it can in terms of preventative care, including “boosting peoples? immune systems.” Translation: orange juice galore. Ed’s bottom line, “We just can?t stay here in the winter.”