How am I feeling?

I thought as it is nearly the end of January I’d give you an update on how I am feeling and what has happened since December 26.

After we returned from our Boxing Day lunch with the outlaws, a day where I spent most of it lying on a couch?taking Panadol for a stonking headache, I went into my office to prepare posts for the blog for the next day.

At about 9 pm I came out to grab a drink and SB called to me and asked what had happened. I said “nothing, why?”She told me to look in the mirror and set about furiously googling stuff.

My face, on the right-hand side, had slumped, and I couldn’t move it. I couldn’t raise my eyebrows, smile, grin, or even grimace. Half of my face was paralysed and it became more apparent when I couldn’t drink out of a glass because it spilt out of my half paralysed mouth.

SB thought I might be having a stroke, to me,?it looked like Bells Palsy, Mum had it many years ago. I still had a bad headache, but after the standard stroke tests, I decided to sleep on it and see how I was in the morning, given if it was Bells palsy then there was nothing I could do anyway. ? Read more »

I need a lie down: Helen Kelly and I agree on something


Politics and my personal feelings about unions aside, people are people, and Helen Kelly’s been dealt the card with cancer on it. ? It’s not my/our way to rejoice in seeing people suffer just because they come from the wrong side of politics.

Outgoing CTU president Helen Kelly is going to ask Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne for an exemption to use cannabis oil as part of her treatment for cancer.

Ms Kelly told TV3’s The Nation program on Saturday that her cancer was progressing despite the chemotherapy and a new immunotherapy drug. Read more »

Brainwashing is a big part of Islam says Danish Psychologist

The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has studied the ideology of Islam and how it affects Muslims. He has concluded it creates monsters/psychopaths.?As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, he had an opportunity study the mentality of Muslims as 70 percent of youth offenders in Denmark have a Muslim background. He was able to compare them with non-Muslim clients from the same age group with a similar social background. He came to the conclusion that Islam and Muslim culture have certain psychological mechanisms that harm people?s development and increase criminal behaviour.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: ? The New England Journal of Medicine

Photo: ? The New England Journal of Medicine

No Wonder She Was In Agony

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: ?Lynn Johnson/National Geographic

Photo: ?Lynn Johnson/National Geographic

Behind The Mask

Revealing the Trauma of War Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Terry Fox

Terry Fox


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Do not try this at home

A couple of blouses prove they are a couple of blouses

via Truth

A couple of Dutch blouses set about trying to prove they can handle the pain of child birth and all they prove is that they are a couple of blouses.

Women are always bitching about the pain of childbirth, and saying that men couldn?t handle it. These guys put it to the test. What do you think, a couple of blouses? Would you have a go yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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Ginger bashing goes back to Greek Mythology

After readers expressed their discomfort with making fun of gingers, it required some more research:



1. Red hair is seen on the heads of only four percent of people. Most of these exist in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, and Australia.

2. There is a belief that redheads are prone to industrial deafness. This actually could be true as the melanocytes are found in the middle ear.

3. A 2002 study found that redhead are harder to sedate than any other people requiring twenty percent more anesthesia. Inadequate doses cause people to wake up during surgery and have increased recall of procedures.

4. In the late 16th century, the fat of a redheaded man was an essential ingredient for poison.

5. The Egyptians regarded the color as so unlucky that they had a ceremony in which they burned red-headed maidens alive to wipe out the tint.

6.?An Irish judge in 2001 fined a man for disorderly conduct stating ?I am a firm believer that hair coloring has an effect on temper and your coloring suggests you have a temper.?

7. Redheads have always been thought untrustworthy. Judas is most always depicted as a redhead displaying the prejudice against red hair.

8. Adolph Hitler reportedly banned the marriages of two redheads as he feared their children would be ?deviant offspring?. ? Read more »

Robin Hood Gone Home

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

A good friend of mine passed away on the 16th. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, but whenever we caught up we were able to share great laughs about our experiences in the past.

I first met Robin when I was a 10 year old going to the first night of a new Scout Troop in Mt Eden. I thought it was cool that our Group Leader was called Robin Hood. Robin helped establish and run Kitchener Scout Group and he was probably the best leader recruiter I met. I was fortunate in my time there to have two excellent leaders one of whom became a very good friend.

Later, after finishing scouts and moving to Hamilton for University and then returninh to Auckland I received a phone call one night from Robin, i hadn’t heard from him in several years yet he had tracked me down. He was starting another Scout Group up and needed a Leader. He actually put the hard word on me and low and behold I couldn’t refuse. No one could refuse Robin, he was that sort of a guy.

Ten years later i was still a Leader and still credited Robin for the reason I became a Leader. I again hadn’t seen him for 10 years but caught up with him at a Jamboree in Hamilton.

I am sorry I didn’t see that much of him recently, but thats how things go. Robin Hood was a fine New Zealander who gave so much more than he received.

Here is the notice from Scouting New Zealand.

We are sad to report that Robin Kenrick Hood passed away o?n the morning of 16 August 2005. Robin passed peacefully in his sleep at home.

Robin was aged 61. He had not been very well for some time but continued to be very active in Scouting as Deputy Area Commissioner in Auckland and administrator for the next National Regatta and a similar role for the National Venture in 2007.

Robin gave service to Scouting over a period of 26 years as a Group Leader and District Commissioner for ten years and as an area leader in the Venturer section for another ten years. He always helped out where needed attending a number of national and international events working in the scout service centre at Motu Moana and chairing the Area finance committee.

Robin leaves a big gap to be filled and will be sadly missed by his many Scouting friends.

We extend our condolences to Robin?s family.