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Calling your boss a rat probably won’t work in your pay negotiations

Unions are scumbags, and bully boys. They’ve taken to blockading shops, and picketing and now calling bosses rats.

You have to wonder why they want to work in a place where they consider their boss is a rat.

First Union members have picketed Porirua?Pak ‘n Save, calling for pay parity with other supermarket workers.

A line of about 25 picketers stood on Parumoana St outside the store on Saturday beside a giant inflatable rodent, holding a message for owner Ivan Jones to not “be a rat”.

Organiser?Richie Morris said union staff took the action after about three weeks of collective negotiation with management.

He said the average wage for staff at Porirua was $16.20, negotiated in 2014 by the union, and the offer from management would see it rise to $16.52 at the end of the proposed two year contract.

Morris said after the two years, staff would still be paid less than current rates for?other union?Pak ‘n Save staff at the likes of Kilbirnie’s store.?He said members at Kilbirnie?Pak?’n Save?were on about $17 an?hour. ?? Read more »

Face of the day

Today’s face of the day Justin Ashton is remarkable. He has been pushing Pak n Save supermarket trolleys on the Kapiti coast for 15 years straight without taking even one day off sick.His personal saying is, ” Share the smile.” he calls himself a Trolleyologist. We could all learn a thing or two from him about making the most of a job and doing it to the best of our ability.

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Wowsers want to stop supermarket from selling alcohol while down the road you can buy it at any time

Wowsers are wanting to stop a supermarket from selling alcohol while down the road you can buy it at any time.

Do Wellingtonians really need to be able to buy alcohol after 10pm?

That question was posed on Monday at the first half of a liquor licence hearing for Pak ‘n Save Kilbirnie, where there were also suggestions the supermarket should take some responsibility for alcohol-related incidents in the suburb.

Police and the Regional Medical Officer of Health are both putting the heat on Pak ‘n Save to peg back the number of hours it sells alcohol, which is currently between 7am and 11pm.

Police want the hours cut-off at 10pm. But Pak ‘n Save argues that would be unfair given the Countdown supermarket across the road and near-by off-licences would not be subject to the same restrictions.

In his opening submissions, Pak ‘n Save lawyer Iain Thain?also foreshadowed the supermarket’s objection to a suggestion it should not be allowed to sell alcohol between 7am and midday either. ?? Read more »

This time it’s not Countdown in the news – It’s Pak ‘n Save


Regular readers will know Countdown has copped a fair amount of flack over the past year as a result of the Commerce Commission?s investigation into more than 90 complaints about the supermarket giant?s behaviour with Kiwi suppliers.

But today Countdown boss Steve Donohue can have a rest? it?s his Kiwi based competitor Foodstuffs that gets some good old-fashioned Whaleoil sunlight.

Foodstuffs owned and operated Pak ?n Save Northlands supermarket thought it was a good idea to run a promotion pushing 1.5l bottles of soft drink at 9c each.

Seriously, 9c for a 1.5l bottle of soft drink.

Maybe Foodstuffs bosses and their PR team have been sitting there enjoying seeing Countdown getting the attention, thinking they?re the good guys. But how quickly things can change. ? Read more »

IMPORTANT: Update on Pak ‘n Save


Whaleoil has been under a well organised and sustained attack. ?We’ve had a Denial of Service attack, which shut the blog down for a number of days. ?We have had some of our emails and Facebook chats hacked. ?We’ve been under a commercial attack where advertisers have been approached with a very one-sided story, and based on that, withdrawn their advertising from Whaleoil.

Yesterday, I ran an update on this situation, reporting that of all the advertisers that has made public statement about blocking their advertisements from Whaleoil, only Foodstuff (fronting for Pak ‘n Save) was refusing to talk to any of the communication you sent them. ?And – no ads.

As a result, I felt it was fair enough to call the block a deliberate stance.

Mere hours later, as if by magic, Pak ‘n Save ads started to appear on the web site. ? Read more »

The left’s economic sabotage of Whaleoil – progess report


As you may recall, the left, through their attack blogs, have been systematically targeting advertisers on Whaleoil.

Among those that knee-jerked some reactions based on a very one-sided complaint (and without consulting with us), were Powershop and Flight Centre.

I’m happy to report that both of those companies have recommenced their advertising. ? This isn’t a sign they support us. ?Instead, it’s a sign that they will advertise wherever their customers are. ?And with a quarter of a million of you, their customers are Whaleoil readers too.

Keep in mind that Whaleoil?never called for a customer boycott on these companies. ?In fact, we only revealed Powershop as one of the companies involved until?after?they reversed their decision to block advertising.

So, any of you who took your business away from Powershop and/or Flight Centre, please take these developments into account when you do your business in future.

(and let’s face it, $159 per person one way to Sydney or Brizzy is a good start when you easily pay double to get to Queenstown)

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Pak ‘n Save… an update, of sorts

You may recall that there is a consistent and persistent movement by some of the left blogs to approach advertisers and get them to block their adverts from appearing on this web site.

Pak ‘n Save through Foodstuffs, responded positively to that pressure and emailed to say they didn’t want anything to do with Whaleoil and had blocked the ads. ?The Daily Blog proudly displayed this as a ‘win’ on their site.

At the time, I didn’t ask you to act, although many of you did. ?Many of you wrote emails and letters of complaint to Pak ?’n Save and to Foodstuffs.

Nobody, to date, has reported a response from Pak ‘n Save to their communications.

This is odd.

Yesterday, I received the following:


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Did Draft FCB make the wrong call?


Yesterday, the Daily Blog published an email from Foodstuffs saying that, as they had raised?received a complaint about Foodstuff’s Pak ‘n Save advertising ?running on Whaleoil, they had taken the opportunity to explicitly turn that off.

Although I fully respect Pak ‘n Save’s rights to advertise anywhere they like, I do not appreciate companies that cave in to activists with an axe to grind.

So I wrote about it. ? Read more »

Why isn’t this the biggest privacy scandal of the year?

I’m sure we all remember the “outrage” about the GSCB bill legalising the spying on a dozen or so kiwis during a year.

I’m sure we all remember how this tore at the fabric of society and it was the beginning of the end.

Well, you might be right.

A Whaleoil investigation shows

A man who was told after a knock at the door that he was $22 million richer initially thought his visitors were real estate agents.

He now says he is “really, really chuffed” that he was tracked down – after not bothering to check his ticket because a workmate said the prize had been claimed.

Lotto NZ officials had tracked the Christchurch man down after he had failed to realise he was sitting on the winning Big Wednesday ticket.

Aww, that’s nice. ?How did they track him down? ? Read more »


Victimised? No…Mocked? You bet


It is the vegetarian’s turn to be “outraged”:

store in .

store in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pak n’ Save has been forced to pull an advertisement promoting “meat week” at its supermarkets after vegetarians complained it was offensive.

The ad first ran on television on Sunday, but it has been pulled from rotation and the company’s?Facebook page?and YouTube while it is reviewed.

Wellington vegetarian Tashee Smith, 24, said she was upset that the sarcastic advertisement made a mockery of her belief system.

It began with a warning to vegetarians to look away while they showed meat on a conveyor belt, which was “okay”, she said.

“Then the punch line of the ad says, ‘Alright vegetarians, you can look back now. It’s a carrot. Just kidding, it’s a sausage’.

“The whole tone of it I felt really was just quite offensive. It was made to offend.”

It was a high profile company that was often trying to promote organic, ethical and responsible trading, but it now came across as unwelcoming to thousands of vegetarians and vegans, she said.

Smith had emailed Foodstuffs to ask for an explanation and apology, but was yet to hear back.

Several people on Facebook also voiced their displeasure about the ad, claiming it was in “bad taste” and vegetarians did not need to be victimised.

Bloody fussy eaters, precious wee things too and can’t handle pictures of nice juicy meat. What a bunch of sooks.

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